Easy at Home Nail Art 1- The Royal Red

January 31, 2013 Setu 1 Comments

Hello ladies, the weather around is getting cold with temperature dropping every day (even in Mumbai :P). We are practically covered in full sleeves jackets and sweaters so nothing much to flaunt there. Hence, automatically the attention boils down to your hands. Yes! This is the time to grab them all.

It’s a good idea to combat the cold outside with some warm hues. So I turned to a simple design of some “Red’ and “Gold”. It makes my pale hands look bright and festive. :)

[caption id="attachment_209" align="alignnone" width="400"]Easy-At-Home-Royal-Red Nail-Art Easy-At-Home-Royal-Red Nail-Art[/caption]

Items Used

Bright Red Nail paint – Avon Born Pretty Royal Red

Golden Nail Paint-    Golden Glitter Avon Born Pretty

Base Coat (to protect your nail and strengthen them)

Top Coat/transparent coat (to make them last longer and impart an additional shine)

Cello tape/Scotch Tape


How to do the “Royal Red”

  • Clean & file your nails and prep them with a Base coat (I use Avon Peeling and Brittleness Solver). This will dry out quickly.

  • Apply the red nail paint covering all corners. Double coat if required (I did it).

  • Allow the nail paint to dry completely. When it is absolutely dry, grab on the cello tape and cut it into small pieces (1 inch).

  • Place it diagonally across each nail so that it leaves 1/4th of your nail bed open. This should be placed such that it is a boundary dividing your nail to two parts (1:4)

  • Royal Red Nail Art - The Making

  • Now, even out the cello tape well and press it well on your nail. Pick up the golden nail paint on your brush and start covering the 1/4th open part very neatly and patiently. Do not worry if you coat up the cello tape as well, it will go off.

  • Wait till it dries off well. Gently Peel out the cello tape in an organized fashion. Pull it away from the base color (red); towards the part you just colored (golden). There might be some paint (golden) on the cello tape which will spoil the base color (red), so keep them away.

  • Repeat this for all your nails.

  • Wash your hands properly now, since there might be some adhesive from the cello tape on your nail paint.

  • Dry out your hands completely and finish it with the Top coat to preserve it for long.

[caption id="attachment_208" align="alignnone" width="400"]Easy-At-Home-Royal-Red Nail-Art Easy-At-Home-Royal-Red-Nail-Art[/caption]


Additional Information:

  • You can choose the proportion of your nail to be covered in golden; I chose 1/4th only because I didn’t want to make my nail paint loud in office.

  • If you want extra shimmery golden, add some glitter powder left over from the Rangoli you made in Diwali to your golden nail paint.(you can those tiny bottle of glitters in Rs 5 and it can be used multiple times)

  • Try sticking out the cello tape on your finger first before your nails. It will finish off unnecessary adhesive from the tape.

  • DO NOT ignore the top coat especially with cello tape nail arts. The part of nail on which you stick cello tape will turn sticky after pulling it off. And all the dust and dirt around will cling to it if you don’t seal it with top coat.

Please let me know your views on it, also let me know of you have any questions. I would love to hear from you. :)


Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel – The Elixir

January 30, 2013 Setu 7 Comments

Leaf-of Aloe-Vera

Aloe Vera totally demystifies the myth that all things comes for a cost. This little powerhouse of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes etc is really inexpensive and absolutely easy to find. It is an unbelievable piece of miracle which is just capable of doing anything. The purest form can be enjoyed from the juicy leaves itself. It can be easily grown in your balcony or indoors and readily cut and applied.

Alternatively it can be bought in form of gel, juice, pills and creams. Personally, I would never go for an aloe Vera infused cream when I can easily procure the gel or the leaf itself which is more near to purity than these fancy creams. The following benefits are of Aloe Vera gel (both fresh and bottled) per say. I will be covering benefits of Aloe Vera juice in my next post.


  • Due to its soothing and cooling properties, it is a go to product to calm skin after sun burn or heavy sun exposure.

  • It acts as a cure to insect bite, stinging, allergic reactions, small cuts, eczema, burns, inflammations, wounds, general itching etc. So apart from your vanity kit, it finds its well deserved place in First Aid box as well. :P

  • It is very beneficial for skin and helps restoration the natural glowing skin.

  • It relaxes tired and worn out skin. It refreshes skin like you a splash of water. It’s like an angel to skin in summers.

  • It is a boon to people with sensitive skin. Even with all the goodness packed, it doesn’t irritate skin at all :)

  • It is even better for oily skin because it regulates the production of sebum which is the cause of acne in first place.

  • It bends very well with skin and leaves your skin feeling light and hydrated.

  • Known to reduce acne scars, marks and redness due to acne. Many of my friends vouch by this.

  • It infuses oxygen to skin, which is absolutely loved by them and so the skin remains healthy by strengthened.

  • It has amazing anti-inflammatory properties which make it capable of treating pimples and acne.

  • It is rich in anti-oxidants which are our skin’s necessity.

  • It is good to apply aloe gel before make up since it prevents skin from drying out.

  • It is an excellent after shave for both men and women. It treats small cuts and rashes with its healing power.

  • It helps skin to regain elasticity and we all know loss of elasticity means more of fine lines and wrinkles. It also provides firmness to the skin making to much less susceptible to aging.

  • It does wonders for reducing stretch marks due to pregnancy or sudden weight loss etc.

  • It has a reputation of reducing pigmentation and uneven complexion.

  • How can I forget to mention that massaging aloe gel on your nails helps them regain their shine removing the dullness. :P

  •  Its anti bacterial characteristic makes it a good treatment for hair lice as well.

  • It promotes hair growth when applied on scalp.

  • It is an excellent conditioner for your hair. It will give a guaranteed bounce to your hair.

  • It also reduces dandruff by soothing and moisturizing scalp.

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Palmolive Thermal Spa Crushed Coconut and Jojoba butter Extract Body Wash Review

January 27, 2013 Setu 2 Comments

As an extension to my household responsibilities, I went to my ‘usual’ departmental store to get the ‘usual’ boring monthly grocery. While strolling through the aisles I was feeling intensely bored (I swear, till date I don’t know the names of pulses, I keep referring them by color and size, you see how my relation to colors helps me:P). So, I sneaked away to the other section which had face wash, body wash, deodorant, shampoos, lip balm, face pack etc and the whole world made sense again. :lol:

Anyways, this product looked like it had some rich butter inside it, so much so that I picked this up thinking it was a body lotion. But, even after finding out that it was a body wash and even though I had 2 new body wash resting in my bathroom, waiting to be tried, I DID NOT keep it back. :D (We all have done this!). I didn’t want to miss this one so I grabbed it. The lousy grocery shopping seemed interesting now and I was eagerly waiting for the next morning to try it.

[caption id="attachment_184" align="alignnone" width="400"]Palmolive thermal spa crushed coconut and jojoba butter extract body wash Palmolive thermal spa crushed coconut and jojoba butter extract body wash[/caption]

Product Claims: Enjoy the virtues of SPA – inspired treatment everyday in your shower with new Palmolive Thermal SPA Skin Renewal shower gel. It’s deliciously creamy formula with Jojoba butter and Crushed Coconut Extracts will help retain your natural moisture to reveal soft supple skin while gently renewing it. It helps your skin naturally renew by removing the dead skin cells with a gentle scrubbing action. Your skin is soft and beautifully radiant.  Dermatologically tested.

Usage Instruction and What it contains

[caption id="attachment_186" align="alignnone" width="400"]Palmolive thermal spa crushed coconut and jojoba butter extract body wash usage and instruction Palmolive thermal spa crushed coconut and jojoba butter extract body wash usage and instruction[/caption]

Price: Rs 125

Quantity: 250ml

My Experience with PRODUCT

As I mentioned above we (the body wash and me) met accidently. And it was such a pleasant surprise to find out a body lotion which looked so creamy and buttery. I quickly opened the flip flop cap and was delighted with the fragrance. It was very pleasant, on the sweeter side. It didn’t smell of coconuts although but who cares, the fragrance was really something. I could also see lots of crushed coconut extracts in it. I quickly slid it into my trolley. I used this immediately the next morning. It was soooooo Yummy, that I had to stop myself from eating it (this is a bit exaggeration :P ). Like warm molten butter it will slid on your body, spreading the spell like fragrance all over. The best thing is that bottle is so full of the beads (the crushed coconut extract) that it falls evenly each time you pour it out and is enough to cover your entire body. The consistency is so right that the beads don’t settle down (not at all) at the bottom but float evenly in the body wash. The body wash gives a very rich and warm feeling during the application. It actually moisturizes your body, not leaving it dry or itchy. The beads peel off your dead cells to an extent. The romance doesn’t end here. I feel a lingering fragrance from my body even after I reach office. It’s kind of pleasant and nice.

[caption id="attachment_188" align="alignnone" width="300"]Palmolive thermal spa crushed coconut and jojoba butter extract body wash Palmolive thermal spa crushed coconut and jojoba butter extract body wash[/caption]


  • Rich and creamy in texture

  • Moisturizes body well, doesn’t leave it dry

  • Amazing fragrance

  • The density of beads is very high

  • Helps to get rid of dead cells everyday

  • Very reasonably priced for the quality

  • Cleanses the body

  • Leaves the body soft and supple


  • Hmm hmm hmmm, can’t think of any.

Will I re-purchase again? Yes

Would I recommend it to others? Yes. It is the best for this price. Actually, I re-checked the price after a week of application, usually all good things come for a price but this one is an exception.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Availability: Almost all online stores, departmental store and cosmetic store

Have you tried Palmolive Thermal Spa Crushed Coconut and Jojoba butter Extract Body Wash?


Love your Nails to have them Love you (Manicure at Home)

January 17, 2013 Setu 4 Comments

Before taking a dive into the colors of nail art, let’s first make sure we have offered enough love to our nails. Let’s begin with a DIY manicure.

Manicure: The word "Manicure" derives its origin from Latin word “manus” for "hands," cura for "care." It is not a rocket science and most of us are aware of it but I wanted to make sure we begin the right way so bringing this up.

[caption id="attachment_167" align="alignnone" width="291"]manicure manicure[/caption]

Items Needed:

  • Warm water

  • Bowl to dip your Hand

  • Shampoo – any brand preferably mild (as I promised I will motivate you to use most of unused products, so pick up a shampoo which you impulsively purchased but didn’t like after use, we all have been through this girls :))

  • A mild scrub (if you don’t have mild scrub add some cream to the scrub before applying)

  • An enriching cream or body oil (Hand and nail cream preferably)

  • Nail cutter,Filer,Buffer

  • Cuticle oil or Cuticle Cream

  • Cotton bud/cuticle pusher/ Q Tip/ Orange Stick

Add Ons

  • Your favorite essential oil (Ex- Lavender oil, jojoba Oil, lemon essence oil etc) – Just drop in few drops in bowl (to nourish your nails)

  • Pinch of Baking Soda (for softening)


  1.  Begin with washing your hands thoroughly and try cleaning the underneath of your nail (the dead part after the attached skin) without hurting them.

  2.  Remove all traces of nail paint with the help of cotton and nail paint remover. Continue doing this till you see your nails back to its natural color. Use a Q Tip or cotton wrapped around orange stick or cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover to remove left out nail paints in the corners. If you still see a yellowish tint on your nails, the reason may be continuous usage of nail paints. If this is the case, I would suggest carrying out the entire process of manicure but omit the part of applying nail paint for a day or two. Let your nails breathe and regain its natural color on its own. Read “Fix My Nail- The Do’s” and “Fix My Nail- The Don’ts” for guidance.

  3.  Use a nail cutter to shorten the nails if required and then file your nails (always file in one direction) to give the desired shape.

  4.  With a Nail Buffer, buff your nails and smoothen the nail surface. You will see your nail regain the natural shine if you buff well.

  5.  Now to the bowl of warm water add few drops of essential oil + some shampoo + baking Soda. Dip your fingers into it and let it relax there for 10-15 min. (Decide the nail paint or nail art in your mind during this time :) ).

  6.  Take out your soaked hands and pat it try with a clean towel. Try to take out all the loose hanging dead skin around the nail and clean up your nail bed.

  7.  Apply just about a dot of cuticle cream (I use Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener- Click here to read review) or cuticle oil on each nail and gently massage it on the nail bed. Use an orange stick to push back cuticle. You can also use a cotton bud instead of an Orange stick. You can also use a Cuticle Pusher.

  8.  Now, gently exfoliate your hands by applying a scrub (to get rid of dead cells). Wash your hands after scrubbing with warm water.

  9.  Nourish your hands with a moisturizer or your favorite oil. Just remember to wipe off extra oiliness (I use Marks & Spencer- Natures Extracts Pampering Cocoa Butter Moisturising Hand & Nail Cream - Click here to Read review).  By now you must have already fallen in love with your hands.

  10.  Pick up your base coat and apply it generously on your nails especially covering the tips of nails. Let it dry for a minute or two.

  11. Now, grab your nail paint and apply it to your just pampered nails. The number of coats will depend on the pigmentation of the nail paint. Allow the nail paint to dry completely.

  12. Apply a top coat to Seal the Deal. It will not only give an unparallel shine to your nails but also increases the life of nail paint. Believe me Girls, as they say “All is well that ends well” so a top coat is important.

And you are done :D


Marks & Spencer- Natures Extracts Pampering Cocoa Butter Moisturising Hand & Nail Cream Review

January 17, 2013 Setu 3 Comments

I had been always thinking of using a hand & nail cream instead of a generic moisturiser on my hands, but the hassle of managing so many different moisturisers always gave me jitters and held me back. Typically, as an after bath ritual, I use a cream for face, oil for body ,a foot cream for my heels and a lip balm for my lips. Now, I already juggle with this every morning plus it is a pain to carry so much every time I travel so I always took a pass on the hands and nail cream, often managing with the oils or body lotion on my hands and nails. Frankly, I thought they are almost the same thing. But then my sister (yes, the same lovely sister who gave me ( Natures Extracts Fruity Peach & Almond Moisturising Hand & Body Lotion ) gifted me this. I wonder how she always knows the missing links in my life :P

Anyways, when I started using this cream, it made me realize the difference between a body lotion and a hand & nail cream. But yes, it also added another component to my lengthy daily after bath ritual and one additional expense on my bill :(

M&S cocoa butter moisturising hand and nail cream 2

Product Claims:  Experience daily luxury with our Nature's Extracts collection. This moisturising hand and nail cream enriched with extract of cocoa butter and vanilla will help soothe even the busiest hands, leaving them soft and delicately scented.

Usage Instruction: Massage into hands paying particular attention to nails and cuticles

What it contains: Contains extract of cocoa butter and vanilla

[caption id="attachment_155" align="alignnone" width="450"]Marks & Spencer- Natures Extracts Pampering Cocoa Butter Moisturising Hand & Nail Cream Marks & Spencer- Natures Extracts Pampering Cocoa Butter Moisturising Hand & Nail Cream[/caption]

Price: Rs 199

Quantity: 50ml

My Experience with PRODUCT: I started using this product as an after bath ritual but quickly realized it should be a part of ‘every time I wash my hands ritual’ instead. And since we spend most of our awake-time in office, I decided to tuck in this tiny tube in my office drawer. It was a wise decision.

To begin with this cream is thick in consistency and cloudy white in color. It doesn’t have any pronounced fragrance, just a mild one which is good. An overpowering fragrance from hand is distracting while we are working in office. The best part of this cream which differentiates it from my previous alternative of body lotion is that it isn’t sticky at all. In spite of being on the thicker side, it blends so well on my hands that one can barely see the creamy shine. It doesn’t give any slipperiness or stickiness which is so important for a hand cream. You don’t want a shiny keyboard or sweaty handshake at work! It moisturizes the cuticle as well. My skin on my hand feels happy and moisturised in a very natural way, as if I never applied anything: D.

It didn’t do much for my nails though but good for hands and cuticles.


  • Moisturises my hands and cuticle

  • Non sticky

  • Non greasy

  • Flip Flop packaging makes it easy to carry

  • Blends very well with the skin


  • Didn’t do much for my nails

  • Contains Parabens

  • Bit expensive

Will I re-purchase again?

Yes. Although I would like to try other options as well. (I hope my sister is reading this :P)

Would I recommend it to others?


Overall Rating: 4/5

Availability: Marks & Spencer outlets

Have you tried Natures Extracts Pampering Cocoa Butter Moisturising Hand & Nail Cream?


Marks and Spencer’s- Natures Extracts Fruity Peach & Almond Moisturising Hand & Body Lotion Review

January 16, 2013 Setu 1 Comments

Hi Girls, since the country is being rocked by winters, I am all in winter mood (although there is practically no winter in Mumbai) ;-). So I decided on trying new warm body lotions and to pamper me. :)

While I was thinking on these lines my younger sister gave me this body lotion as a gift. It’s so lovely to receive a gift especially if it was something already playing in your mind. :D

[caption id="attachment_138" align="alignnone" width="500"]Marks and Spencer Fruity Peach and Almond Hand and Body Lotion 1 Marks and Spencer’s- Natures Extracts Fruity Peach & Almond Moisturising Hand & Body Lotion[/caption]

Product claims: Experience daily luxury with our Nature's Extracts collection. This light, easily absorbed hand and body lotion enriched with extracts of white peach and almond will help leave your skin soft and delicately scented.

Usage Instruction: Massage gently all over your hands and body to help maintain soft and smooth skin.

What it contains: peach and almond extracts.

[caption id="attachment_139" align="alignnone" width="500"]Marks and Spencer Fruity Peach and Almond Hand and Body Lotion Usage Marks and Spencer’s- Natures Extracts Fruity Peach & Almond Moisturising Hand & Body Lotion[/caption]

Price: Rs 299

Quantity : 300ml

My Experience with “Natures Extracts Fruity Peach & Almond Moisturising Hand & Body Lotion

It comes in a very cute packing with a pump dispenser. The bottle looks very girly with cloud like baby pink body lotion inside. I pumped out some of it apply it on my hand before going to bed. And I was amazed by the fragrance. It is on sweet floral fruity side, I can’t explain exactly but one will love it. I gently applied it on my hands and it felt good. It is not vey greasy and doesn’t give a shine after you apply it. It quickly seeps into your skin leaving your skin nourished. The fragrance lingers around for quite some time and the skin feels soft. The next morning I applied it on my legs as well after bath. It again felt amazing however it is not thick enough for your foot. One won’t feel the feel the same richness on feet since they are drier and harder than rest of the body. So I applied some other oil there and I was good to go. The fragrance faded away after some time but the hands smelled sweet longer.

But I wouldn’t recommend it for winter protection purpose, it is good for daily use under ideal condition. If you are in Mumbai then round the year is goodJ. It moisturizes well enough for the day. I didn’t feel itchy or dried up later. Since it is not very rich, creamy and thick types, someone with a very dry skin may feel somewhat under hydrated especially during dry winters. Also, the product is not recommended for facial use.

Marks and Spencer Fruity Peach and Almond Hand and Body Lotion On hand

After massaging lighly on hand it vanished leaving my skin smooth.

Marks and Spencer Fruity Peach and Almond Hand and Body Lotion after massaging


  • Very pleasant fragrance

  • Moisturizes body enough for the day

  • Non greasy

  • Non sticky

  • Blends quickly with skin

  • Good packing with pump dispenser


  • May not hydrate enough for dry weather conditions

  • I wish it was more thick and rich.

Will I re-purchase again?

May Be. There are better options available in market. I am more comfortable with oils on my body which are thicker and more nourishing since my skin is dry. But this is good for change and fragrance.

Would I recommend it to others?

Yes for the fragrance and as a daily moisturizer for a normal skin.

Overall Rating:  3.5/5

Availability: It was a gift so I have not bought it but its available in all Marks and Spencer store.

 Have you tried Natures Extracts Fruity Peach & Almond Moisturising Hand & Body Lotion?


Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener Review

January 15, 2013 Setu 5 Comments

A couple of month back, while strolling through the Beauty Centre, Ghatkoper outlet  I came across the Aroma Magic counter where this small tube with violet flower caught my attention. I bumped into it exactly at a time I was looking for some cuticle and nail nourishment :) . Within the blink of an eye I grabbed this and headed towards the payment counter where I got 20% off on it. It made the deal even sweeter. :D

[caption id="attachment_134" align="alignnone" width="400"]Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener 1 Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener[/caption]

Usage Instruction: Massage onto cuticles & nails at night & before doing manicure.

Product Claims: Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener helps to keep nails & cuticles in proper shape. Excellent remedy for brittle & ribbed nails.

What it contains: Extracts of Lemon, Clove, Garlic & Jojoba oil and pure essential oils of Carrotseed, Clove and Lemon

Price: Rs 100

Quantity: 20gm

Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener 2

My Experience with Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener

I have been using this for 3 months now. I use it at least once a week especially after every change of paint. Yes, the usage instruction says to use it every night but I have not been practicing this so religiously ;-). But the results are still amazing for me. The consistency is of a slightly thick white cream. A little dot is enough for each nail. The fragrance isn’t a very expected one because it predominantly smells of a clove which is good for me. It doesn’t have any of the typical floral sweet smell. Frankly, I do not care for the smell as long as the product does its job well.

And yes, this one passes out in flying colors. :P I massage tiny drops of this on my nails (when they are bare) paying special attention to the cuticles. I wish I could show you the before and after photograph of my cuticles (on removing nail paint and after applying the cream).  The nail and the cuticle tends to dry out after I remove the nail paint (I guess the same is true for everyone). And it is important to bring them back to normal. This cream does good job here. My nails and esp. cuticles feel nourished after I apply this. Even if you have nail paints on your nails you could always use this on cuticle whenever you want to.

It doesn’t bring a major change to your nails except some healthy shine. It can be very well used while doing manicure to massage on nail bed and push up the cuticles with a cuticle pusher or an orange stick.


  • Softens your cuticles within a short span of usage

  • Moisturizes my nails

  • Non greasy

  • Imparts instant healthy glow to nails

  • Free from harmful chemicals

  • Affordable

  • Goes a long way since very little is required

  • Quick absorption

  • Neat and hygienic packaging


  • Doesn’t help splitting of nails or brittleness

Will I re-purchase again?

Yes. Till I come across something better.

Would I recommend it to others?

Yes. Consider it to be a cuticle softener and nail nourishment only. Not a perfect solution for brittle nails.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Availability: Available at cosmetics store or online stores.

Have you tried Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener?


Fix My Nail- The Don’ts

January 11, 2013 Setu 11 Comments

When we love someone, we happen to take it for granted, and it’s only human to do so. And the same attitude percolates to how we treat our nails also. In my previous post  Fix My Nail-  The Do's , our focus was on habits to incorporate in life resulting to healthy nails. Likewise, there is a list of things we practice in our daily life but are worth getting rid of.

As is correctly said “When you are not sure of what to do, at least be sure of what not do!”

Fix My Nails- The Dont's

  1. Do not use your nails as a tool to unscrew caps or get off stapler pins (It’s a sin!). Have some pity on them and take help of a tool kit.

  1. Do not expose your nails to water or detergent or chemicals for prolonged hours. It is ‘Slow Killing’ for poor nails. Please use household gloves while doing chores. The importance of this can’t be put in words.

  1. Be careful using turmeric if you are wearing light-colored nail paint or God forbid if you have pampered your nails with a French manicure. I love French manicure, but in India even if you don’t cook, the turmeric floating around in food is potent enough to do the damage (use fork or spoon for rescue).  The color on your right hand’s nail will fail to match the left hand nails with ugly yellow patches/stains on it and it won’t go even after washing. Apart from food, we add turmeric to a lot of Indian face packs as well and they are equally damaging for the self-respect of your nail color. Please use plastic gloves while dealing with turmeric.

  1. Do not file your nails back and forth and go easy in one direction only or you will have a heart-break seeing your nails cracking.

  1. Do not file your nails after bathing or when your nails are wet. I have seen in many salons, the beauticians jump into filing your wet nails once they are out of the warm water tub. Please say ‘No’ to this. Filing should be done before your nails are dipped in the bowl. Your nail is the weakest when it is wet and very prone to breaking.

  1. Use emery boards for filing rather than metallic filers. The metallic filers are hard and they generate more heat due to friction with your nails which isn’t good. Heat will create dryness in your nails.

Filing Nails

  1. Do not use synthetic socks for everyday use. They fail to absorb dampness of your feet, doesn’t allow them to breathe and make them sweaty. This promotes fungal infection which is the last thing you want to happen to your nails.

  1. Don’t overuse any kind of nail polish remover, they are full of chemicals. Once in a week is acceptable.

  1. Do not allow the manicurist or a beautician to use any unsterilized tools on your hands/nails. It may sound very strict but you don’t want someone else’s infection and fungus to seep to your hands.

  1. Do not to tear off or pull your hangnail (we are so tempted to do this). They will result in pain and infection. Cut them off neatly.

  1. Do not buff your nails very often. I know the natural pearl pink glow on your nails as a result of buffing is very tempting and we want to have it again and again. But restrain yourself or it will result to thinning of nails. Once or twice a month is good.

  1. Do not stick to any shape or length of your fingernails just because they are attractive. Stick to what is workable and manageable for you. We are trying to focus on long-term health of your nails, so think what is comfortable in the long run.

Different Shapes of Nails

  1. Do not compare your nails with anyone else’s nails and feel low , they are beautiful in their own sweet and above all they are “Your” puppets, so let them loose to play.

Let me know if there are any "Dont's" that you want to add to the list. :)

Image Source 2 , 3

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Fix My Nail- The Do’s

January 10, 2013 Setu 4 Comments

While we shower all the attention to hair, teeth, skin etc to promote their health and looks; our nails too deserve their due attention. There is no argument that a good diet strengthens you and your body from the inside and there is no substitute to it.

But, there are nail care tips which you can do at home and are definitely worth paying attention to.

Nail Care

  1. Take care of your cuticles by applying cuticle oil or cuticle cream to maintain their health. In no case should your cuticle be dry.

  1. Give some hot oil treatment to your nails. Take warm oil and dip your nails including the cuticle in it for 5-7 minutes. Olive oil and coconut oil is good for this purpose. Pull out your hands now; get rid of the extra dripping oil without wiping them off. Massage the oil on your hands nicely, taking special care of nail ends which are most susceptible to chipping and cuticles. I bet your nails will thank you for this.

  1. Cut out the Vitamin E capsule and rub it on your nails and cuticles.  It is a very good moisturizer for brittle nails.

  1. If you are falling short of vegetable oils, Vitamin E capsules some day, do not hesitate in using petroleum jelly or lip balm on your nails (I am sure you will lip balm lying around which you bought but it wasn't a hit)

vitamin E

  1. Nourish your nails with few drops of castor oil. Rub it your nail edges and cuticles every night before going to bed.

  1. Do not let yellow nails embarrass you.  Light buffing will throw off slight surface yellowness or discoloration. Squeeze in a lemon in a bowl and dip your nails in it for 5 minutes or directly rub lemon on each nail and let it rest for 5 minutes. Wash your hands with warm water later. Follow this routine regularly.

Rub Lemon to solve yellow nails

  1. Use a soft brush to lightly brush your nail with toothpaste. It helps to whiten your nails.

  1. Dip your hands in a bowl of warm water with 2 spoon of baking soda for 5-10 minutes. This will soften and cleanse your nails. It will also help to whiten them. Do this once in a week.

Dip your Hands in Bakking Soda

  1. To fight nail fungus rub some tea tree oil to it after bath. It has great anti septic properties.

  1. Keep your nails clean at all times and there is no exception to this.

  1. Keep your hands moisturized at all times. Every time you wash your hands, top it up with a splash of hand cream.

  1. Make it a point to leave your nails without polish for a day every week. Just rub some oil on it and go with the natural shine.

  1. Always apply a good base coat before applying nail paint. It will avoid staining your nails with the rainbow colors we splash on our nails. Also the chemicals in the nail paint will not harm your nails.

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Finding The Perfect One!

January 09, 2013 Setu 4 Comments

There are few things God fitted in my body that I am in love with (For a girl, it’s a very rare virtue to like something and to be satisfied with what she has :P ). They are my eyes and my nails :)

And because they are precious, I do not leave any stone unturned to beautify them. I simply and purely and wholeheartedly LOVE Kajals. They light up my face instantly, like a magic, like someone just swayed a magic wand across my face. Just glide on a piece of kohl on your under eye and see the amount of drama it brings to your face.

My rendezvous with Kajal dates back to my childhood when mom on very few occasions like weddings or diwali) used to rub some Kohl on my eyes (remember those Lakme kajals, which no matter how much you sharpen would always have some rough ends of wood encasing the kajal that hurt your eye).  My eyes then used to turn red and water for few minutes which used to upset my Dad and he disliked kajals. However, the after effects would often make me forget the 5 minutes of misery. And since then, my teeny meeny brain had come with the calculation that “Some things are definitely worth the pain

I was (I still am) crazy about Kajal, but we were not allowed use any kind of makeup till I was in school (Damn them!!). So my sheer reason of excitement and thrill to enter college was that “I will be allowed to kajal now…” (Sorry mom-dad!!). And since 2003, my first day of college, I and my Kajal have been inseparable. We are soul mates since then!

[caption id="attachment_952" align="alignnone" width="300"]Finding the Perfect One Finding the Perfect One[/caption]

Today, it has been 10 years of togetherness with my kohl, yet I have not found my perfect Kajal!  Yes, I fell in love with many kajals on several occasions but eventually figured out that each one was only infatuation and not true love. I have had few long and short relations with almost all of them but had to break off with each one of them explaining them some or the other reason like….. You are good but not made for me, you are perfect but maybe I am not (with my watery waterline); You are amazing in your place and no one would want to let you go but I am not good enough for you (for pricey ones), We are not made for each other, It’s fun to be with you but I don’t see our future together (for kohls which are perfect for couple of hours but later show their true colors by  fading or smudging) and the list is long…. My worst break up has been with a couple of kajals where I have pushed myself to the stage of “We need to talk…” and then threw away the unfinished kajal in my trash can so that I do not use them even accidentally.

I can somehow tolerate a kajal not staying long enough (even though I hate it) but I cannot tolerate it Smudging...Its a Sin that cannot be forgiven and I have fired all my Kajals which did so without notice...

Eventually, the time flew by and in last 10 years I managed to find a husband with whom I could spend rest of my life with but NOT the Perfect Kajal :(. What a misery!!Life can be so hard on us :(

Finding the Perfect One

There are ONLY few things that I ask from my Kajal.

•         Blackest Black (if I am buying a black color)

•         Smudge free

•         Stays for long hours without touch-ups don’t stain or irritate my contact lenses.

•         Close to Affordable

Is it too much to ask for ??? :(  :(

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