Easy at Home Nail Art 1- The Royal Red

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Hello ladies, the weather around is getting cold with temperature dropping every day (even in Mumbai :P). We are practically covered in full sleeves jackets and sweaters so nothing much to flaunt there. Hence, automatically the attention boils down to your hands. Yes! This is the time to grab them all.

It’s a good idea to combat the cold outside with some warm hues. So I turned to a simple design of some “Red’ and “Gold”. It makes my pale hands look bright and festive. :)

[caption id="attachment_209" align="alignnone" width="400"]Easy-At-Home-Royal-Red Nail-Art Easy-At-Home-Royal-Red Nail-Art[/caption]

Items Used

Bright Red Nail paint – Avon Born Pretty Royal Red

Golden Nail Paint-    Golden Glitter Avon Born Pretty

Base Coat (to protect your nail and strengthen them)

Top Coat/transparent coat (to make them last longer and impart an additional shine)

Cello tape/Scotch Tape


How to do the “Royal Red”

  • Clean & file your nails and prep them with a Base coat (I use Avon Peeling and Brittleness Solver). This will dry out quickly.

  • Apply the red nail paint covering all corners. Double coat if required (I did it).

  • Allow the nail paint to dry completely. When it is absolutely dry, grab on the cello tape and cut it into small pieces (1 inch).

  • Place it diagonally across each nail so that it leaves 1/4th of your nail bed open. This should be placed such that it is a boundary dividing your nail to two parts (1:4)

  • Royal Red Nail Art - The Making

  • Now, even out the cello tape well and press it well on your nail. Pick up the golden nail paint on your brush and start covering the 1/4th open part very neatly and patiently. Do not worry if you coat up the cello tape as well, it will go off.

  • Wait till it dries off well. Gently Peel out the cello tape in an organized fashion. Pull it away from the base color (red); towards the part you just colored (golden). There might be some paint (golden) on the cello tape which will spoil the base color (red), so keep them away.

  • Repeat this for all your nails.

  • Wash your hands properly now, since there might be some adhesive from the cello tape on your nail paint.

  • Dry out your hands completely and finish it with the Top coat to preserve it for long.

[caption id="attachment_208" align="alignnone" width="400"]Easy-At-Home-Royal-Red Nail-Art Easy-At-Home-Royal-Red-Nail-Art[/caption]


Additional Information:

  • You can choose the proportion of your nail to be covered in golden; I chose 1/4th only because I didn’t want to make my nail paint loud in office.

  • If you want extra shimmery golden, add some glitter powder left over from the Rangoli you made in Diwali to your golden nail paint.(you can those tiny bottle of glitters in Rs 5 and it can be used multiple times)

  • Try sticking out the cello tape on your finger first before your nails. It will finish off unnecessary adhesive from the tape.

  • DO NOT ignore the top coat especially with cello tape nail arts. The part of nail on which you stick cello tape will turn sticky after pulling it off. And all the dust and dirt around will cling to it if you don’t seal it with top coat.

Please let me know your views on it, also let me know of you have any questions. I would love to hear from you. :)

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