Finding The Perfect One!

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There are few things God fitted in my body that I am in love with (For a girl, it’s a very rare virtue to like something and to be satisfied with what she has :P ). They are my eyes and my nails :)

And because they are precious, I do not leave any stone unturned to beautify them. I simply and purely and wholeheartedly LOVE Kajals. They light up my face instantly, like a magic, like someone just swayed a magic wand across my face. Just glide on a piece of kohl on your under eye and see the amount of drama it brings to your face.

My rendezvous with Kajal dates back to my childhood when mom on very few occasions like weddings or diwali) used to rub some Kohl on my eyes (remember those Lakme kajals, which no matter how much you sharpen would always have some rough ends of wood encasing the kajal that hurt your eye).  My eyes then used to turn red and water for few minutes which used to upset my Dad and he disliked kajals. However, the after effects would often make me forget the 5 minutes of misery. And since then, my teeny meeny brain had come with the calculation that “Some things are definitely worth the pain

I was (I still am) crazy about Kajal, but we were not allowed use any kind of makeup till I was in school (Damn them!!). So my sheer reason of excitement and thrill to enter college was that “I will be allowed to kajal now…” (Sorry mom-dad!!). And since 2003, my first day of college, I and my Kajal have been inseparable. We are soul mates since then!

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Today, it has been 10 years of togetherness with my kohl, yet I have not found my perfect Kajal!  Yes, I fell in love with many kajals on several occasions but eventually figured out that each one was only infatuation and not true love. I have had few long and short relations with almost all of them but had to break off with each one of them explaining them some or the other reason like….. You are good but not made for me, you are perfect but maybe I am not (with my watery waterline); You are amazing in your place and no one would want to let you go but I am not good enough for you (for pricey ones), We are not made for each other, It’s fun to be with you but I don’t see our future together (for kohls which are perfect for couple of hours but later show their true colors by  fading or smudging) and the list is long…. My worst break up has been with a couple of kajals where I have pushed myself to the stage of “We need to talk…” and then threw away the unfinished kajal in my trash can so that I do not use them even accidentally.

I can somehow tolerate a kajal not staying long enough (even though I hate it) but I cannot tolerate it Smudging...Its a Sin that cannot be forgiven and I have fired all my Kajals which did so without notice...

Eventually, the time flew by and in last 10 years I managed to find a husband with whom I could spend rest of my life with but NOT the Perfect Kajal :(. What a misery!!Life can be so hard on us :(

Finding the Perfect One

There are ONLY few things that I ask from my Kajal.

•         Blackest Black (if I am buying a black color)

•         Smudge free

•         Stays for long hours without touch-ups don’t stain or irritate my contact lenses.

•         Close to Affordable

Is it too much to ask for ??? :(  :(

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