Fix My Nail- The Don’ts

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When we love someone, we happen to take it for granted, and it’s only human to do so. And the same attitude percolates to how we treat our nails also. In my previous post  Fix My Nail-  The Do's , our focus was on habits to incorporate in life resulting to healthy nails. Likewise, there is a list of things we practice in our daily life but are worth getting rid of.

As is correctly said “When you are not sure of what to do, at least be sure of what not do!”

Fix My Nails- The Dont's

  1. Do not use your nails as a tool to unscrew caps or get off stapler pins (It’s a sin!). Have some pity on them and take help of a tool kit.

  1. Do not expose your nails to water or detergent or chemicals for prolonged hours. It is ‘Slow Killing’ for poor nails. Please use household gloves while doing chores. The importance of this can’t be put in words.

  1. Be careful using turmeric if you are wearing light-colored nail paint or God forbid if you have pampered your nails with a French manicure. I love French manicure, but in India even if you don’t cook, the turmeric floating around in food is potent enough to do the damage (use fork or spoon for rescue).  The color on your right hand’s nail will fail to match the left hand nails with ugly yellow patches/stains on it and it won’t go even after washing. Apart from food, we add turmeric to a lot of Indian face packs as well and they are equally damaging for the self-respect of your nail color. Please use plastic gloves while dealing with turmeric.

  1. Do not file your nails back and forth and go easy in one direction only or you will have a heart-break seeing your nails cracking.

  1. Do not file your nails after bathing or when your nails are wet. I have seen in many salons, the beauticians jump into filing your wet nails once they are out of the warm water tub. Please say ‘No’ to this. Filing should be done before your nails are dipped in the bowl. Your nail is the weakest when it is wet and very prone to breaking.

  1. Use emery boards for filing rather than metallic filers. The metallic filers are hard and they generate more heat due to friction with your nails which isn’t good. Heat will create dryness in your nails.

Filing Nails

  1. Do not use synthetic socks for everyday use. They fail to absorb dampness of your feet, doesn’t allow them to breathe and make them sweaty. This promotes fungal infection which is the last thing you want to happen to your nails.

  1. Don’t overuse any kind of nail polish remover, they are full of chemicals. Once in a week is acceptable.

  1. Do not allow the manicurist or a beautician to use any unsterilized tools on your hands/nails. It may sound very strict but you don’t want someone else’s infection and fungus to seep to your hands.

  1. Do not to tear off or pull your hangnail (we are so tempted to do this). They will result in pain and infection. Cut them off neatly.

  1. Do not buff your nails very often. I know the natural pearl pink glow on your nails as a result of buffing is very tempting and we want to have it again and again. But restrain yourself or it will result to thinning of nails. Once or twice a month is good.

  1. Do not stick to any shape or length of your fingernails just because they are attractive. Stick to what is workable and manageable for you. We are trying to focus on long-term health of your nails, so think what is comfortable in the long run.

Different Shapes of Nails

  1. Do not compare your nails with anyone else’s nails and feel low , they are beautiful in their own sweet and above all they are “Your” puppets, so let them loose to play.

Let me know if there are any "Dont's" that you want to add to the list. :)

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