Fix My Nail- The Do’s

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While we shower all the attention to hair, teeth, skin etc to promote their health and looks; our nails too deserve their due attention. There is no argument that a good diet strengthens you and your body from the inside and there is no substitute to it.

But, there are nail care tips which you can do at home and are definitely worth paying attention to.

Nail Care

  1. Take care of your cuticles by applying cuticle oil or cuticle cream to maintain their health. In no case should your cuticle be dry.

  1. Give some hot oil treatment to your nails. Take warm oil and dip your nails including the cuticle in it for 5-7 minutes. Olive oil and coconut oil is good for this purpose. Pull out your hands now; get rid of the extra dripping oil without wiping them off. Massage the oil on your hands nicely, taking special care of nail ends which are most susceptible to chipping and cuticles. I bet your nails will thank you for this.

  1. Cut out the Vitamin E capsule and rub it on your nails and cuticles.  It is a very good moisturizer for brittle nails.

  1. If you are falling short of vegetable oils, Vitamin E capsules some day, do not hesitate in using petroleum jelly or lip balm on your nails (I am sure you will lip balm lying around which you bought but it wasn't a hit)

vitamin E

  1. Nourish your nails with few drops of castor oil. Rub it your nail edges and cuticles every night before going to bed.

  1. Do not let yellow nails embarrass you.  Light buffing will throw off slight surface yellowness or discoloration. Squeeze in a lemon in a bowl and dip your nails in it for 5 minutes or directly rub lemon on each nail and let it rest for 5 minutes. Wash your hands with warm water later. Follow this routine regularly.

Rub Lemon to solve yellow nails

  1. Use a soft brush to lightly brush your nail with toothpaste. It helps to whiten your nails.

  1. Dip your hands in a bowl of warm water with 2 spoon of baking soda for 5-10 minutes. This will soften and cleanse your nails. It will also help to whiten them. Do this once in a week.

Dip your Hands in Bakking Soda

  1. To fight nail fungus rub some tea tree oil to it after bath. It has great anti septic properties.

  1. Keep your nails clean at all times and there is no exception to this.

  1. Keep your hands moisturized at all times. Every time you wash your hands, top it up with a splash of hand cream.

  1. Make it a point to leave your nails without polish for a day every week. Just rub some oil on it and go with the natural shine.

  1. Always apply a good base coat before applying nail paint. It will avoid staining your nails with the rainbow colors we splash on our nails. Also the chemicals in the nail paint will not harm your nails.

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