Love your Nails to have them Love you (Manicure at Home)

January 17, 2013 Setu 4 Comments

Before taking a dive into the colors of nail art, let’s first make sure we have offered enough love to our nails. Let’s begin with a DIY manicure.

Manicure: The word "Manicure" derives its origin from Latin word “manus” for "hands," cura for "care." It is not a rocket science and most of us are aware of it but I wanted to make sure we begin the right way so bringing this up.

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Items Needed:

  • Warm water

  • Bowl to dip your Hand

  • Shampoo – any brand preferably mild (as I promised I will motivate you to use most of unused products, so pick up a shampoo which you impulsively purchased but didn’t like after use, we all have been through this girls :))

  • A mild scrub (if you don’t have mild scrub add some cream to the scrub before applying)

  • An enriching cream or body oil (Hand and nail cream preferably)

  • Nail cutter,Filer,Buffer

  • Cuticle oil or Cuticle Cream

  • Cotton bud/cuticle pusher/ Q Tip/ Orange Stick

Add Ons

  • Your favorite essential oil (Ex- Lavender oil, jojoba Oil, lemon essence oil etc) – Just drop in few drops in bowl (to nourish your nails)

  • Pinch of Baking Soda (for softening)


  1.  Begin with washing your hands thoroughly and try cleaning the underneath of your nail (the dead part after the attached skin) without hurting them.

  2.  Remove all traces of nail paint with the help of cotton and nail paint remover. Continue doing this till you see your nails back to its natural color. Use a Q Tip or cotton wrapped around orange stick or cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover to remove left out nail paints in the corners. If you still see a yellowish tint on your nails, the reason may be continuous usage of nail paints. If this is the case, I would suggest carrying out the entire process of manicure but omit the part of applying nail paint for a day or two. Let your nails breathe and regain its natural color on its own. Read “Fix My Nail- The Do’s” and “Fix My Nail- The Don’ts” for guidance.

  3.  Use a nail cutter to shorten the nails if required and then file your nails (always file in one direction) to give the desired shape.

  4.  With a Nail Buffer, buff your nails and smoothen the nail surface. You will see your nail regain the natural shine if you buff well.

  5.  Now to the bowl of warm water add few drops of essential oil + some shampoo + baking Soda. Dip your fingers into it and let it relax there for 10-15 min. (Decide the nail paint or nail art in your mind during this time :) ).

  6.  Take out your soaked hands and pat it try with a clean towel. Try to take out all the loose hanging dead skin around the nail and clean up your nail bed.

  7.  Apply just about a dot of cuticle cream (I use Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener- Click here to read review) or cuticle oil on each nail and gently massage it on the nail bed. Use an orange stick to push back cuticle. You can also use a cotton bud instead of an Orange stick. You can also use a Cuticle Pusher.

  8.  Now, gently exfoliate your hands by applying a scrub (to get rid of dead cells). Wash your hands after scrubbing with warm water.

  9.  Nourish your hands with a moisturizer or your favorite oil. Just remember to wipe off extra oiliness (I use Marks & Spencer- Natures Extracts Pampering Cocoa Butter Moisturising Hand & Nail Cream - Click here to Read review).  By now you must have already fallen in love with your hands.

  10.  Pick up your base coat and apply it generously on your nails especially covering the tips of nails. Let it dry for a minute or two.

  11. Now, grab your nail paint and apply it to your just pampered nails. The number of coats will depend on the pigmentation of the nail paint. Allow the nail paint to dry completely.

  12. Apply a top coat to Seal the Deal. It will not only give an unparallel shine to your nails but also increases the life of nail paint. Believe me Girls, as they say “All is well that ends well” so a top coat is important.

And you are done :D


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