Marks & Spencer- Natures Extracts Pampering Cocoa Butter Moisturising Hand & Nail Cream Review

January 17, 2013 Setu 3 Comments

I had been always thinking of using a hand & nail cream instead of a generic moisturiser on my hands, but the hassle of managing so many different moisturisers always gave me jitters and held me back. Typically, as an after bath ritual, I use a cream for face, oil for body ,a foot cream for my heels and a lip balm for my lips. Now, I already juggle with this every morning plus it is a pain to carry so much every time I travel so I always took a pass on the hands and nail cream, often managing with the oils or body lotion on my hands and nails. Frankly, I thought they are almost the same thing. But then my sister (yes, the same lovely sister who gave me ( Natures Extracts Fruity Peach & Almond Moisturising Hand & Body Lotion ) gifted me this. I wonder how she always knows the missing links in my life :P

Anyways, when I started using this cream, it made me realize the difference between a body lotion and a hand & nail cream. But yes, it also added another component to my lengthy daily after bath ritual and one additional expense on my bill :(

M&S cocoa butter moisturising hand and nail cream 2

Product Claims:  Experience daily luxury with our Nature's Extracts collection. This moisturising hand and nail cream enriched with extract of cocoa butter and vanilla will help soothe even the busiest hands, leaving them soft and delicately scented.

Usage Instruction: Massage into hands paying particular attention to nails and cuticles

What it contains: Contains extract of cocoa butter and vanilla

[caption id="attachment_155" align="alignnone" width="450"]Marks & Spencer- Natures Extracts Pampering Cocoa Butter Moisturising Hand & Nail Cream Marks & Spencer- Natures Extracts Pampering Cocoa Butter Moisturising Hand & Nail Cream[/caption]

Price: Rs 199

Quantity: 50ml

My Experience with PRODUCT: I started using this product as an after bath ritual but quickly realized it should be a part of ‘every time I wash my hands ritual’ instead. And since we spend most of our awake-time in office, I decided to tuck in this tiny tube in my office drawer. It was a wise decision.

To begin with this cream is thick in consistency and cloudy white in color. It doesn’t have any pronounced fragrance, just a mild one which is good. An overpowering fragrance from hand is distracting while we are working in office. The best part of this cream which differentiates it from my previous alternative of body lotion is that it isn’t sticky at all. In spite of being on the thicker side, it blends so well on my hands that one can barely see the creamy shine. It doesn’t give any slipperiness or stickiness which is so important for a hand cream. You don’t want a shiny keyboard or sweaty handshake at work! It moisturizes the cuticle as well. My skin on my hand feels happy and moisturised in a very natural way, as if I never applied anything: D.

It didn’t do much for my nails though but good for hands and cuticles.


  • Moisturises my hands and cuticle

  • Non sticky

  • Non greasy

  • Flip Flop packaging makes it easy to carry

  • Blends very well with the skin


  • Didn’t do much for my nails

  • Contains Parabens

  • Bit expensive

Will I re-purchase again?

Yes. Although I would like to try other options as well. (I hope my sister is reading this :P)

Would I recommend it to others?


Overall Rating: 4/5

Availability: Marks & Spencer outlets

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