Easy at Home Nail Art 7 - Retro With Polka Dots

February 27, 2013 Setu 5 Comments

After lot of dazzles and glitters in my previous nail arts, I decided to tone down the hues of my nail art. Yes, a glittery jazzy nail art immediately draws attention and brightens up your hands instantly. But a sober look goes a long way and gives a feminine look. It is quite wearable to work also.

Easy At Home Nail Art - Retro with Polka Dots

Items Used

  • Street Wear Nude shade

  • Colorbar Black/ Black Acrylic Paint (Read about acrylic paint usage for nail art designs here )

  • Base Coat

  • Top Coat

  • Toothpick

How to go “Retro with Polka dots”

  • As usual begin with cleaning and filing your nails. Apply a base coat and allow it to dry.

  • Apply the nude shade on your nails. I did a double coat, you can choose for yourself depending on the nail paint. Allow it to dry.

  • Now, pour very little of your black nail paint on a palette. Hold your tooth pick like a pen and dip the non pointed end to the black paint.

  • Carefully, touch them lightly on your nails now and create even and well spaced dots throughout.

  • Repeat this simple step for all your nails (you can also try alternate nails).

  • Top it with a top coat and your dots aren't leaving your side for long. Also with matte shades like this, a little glossy touch brings the colors to life.

Easy At Home Nail Art - Retro with Polka Dots Image 1

Additional Information:

  1. Do not pour extra nail black nail paint on the palette thinking it will serve all 10 nails. It will thicken and stick around the toothpick.

  2. Thick old nail paint is not suggested here. Use a thinner to bring it to right consistency. The dots will be blobs otherwise.

  3. Draw your toothpick away from nail after 1-2 dots or you will end up making strings between each dot. Do not just drift along making dots continuously even if there is sufficient paint on your tooth pick.

  4. A bobby pin or the tip of non working ball point pen can easily replace the tooth pick, actually would be a better replacement.

  5. Does this nail art seem to be very serious for you? Hmmm, use a glitter top coat (the one which has silver glitters floating in a transparent polish).

  6. Too tired of making dots on each and every nail, do only half nails. Still too much? Try alternate nails :). Nail art isn't bound by rules but creativity. Do what suits you. :)

FYI : I am a polka dots fan because they are very cute and very easy to make and very feminine and very simple and........ . So basically this is a warning that  you would be seeing a lot of them in the coming nail arts. :D

Easy At Home Nail Art - Retro with Polka Dots

Do not forget to share your experiences and pour in your comments.


Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner (Shade - Blackest Black) - Review

February 27, 2013 Setu 8 Comments

My love and weakness for kohls cannot be put to words. One can read my post on “Finding the Perfect One” to understand its well deserved importance in my life. After trying out a lot of kohls also, I was not contempt either due to their staying power or value for money or pigmentation etc. I had been lately using Maybelline Colossal Kajal which was very good for its price but I wanted more. I had heard good reviews about the Maybelline gel liner from one of my friends Neetu, so I decided to pick one on my last trip to the ‘Beauty Centre, Khar’ the mecca of all beauty products in Mumbai. Ohh! That's a different world and I cant explain how my heart melts down seeing a three floor cosmetic center.

aybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner (Shade - Blackest Black)

Product Claims: (From Maybelline's Website)

  • Only our oil-free formula can hold highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base.

  • So color is more intense and lines resist wear for hours.

  • Smudge-proof and Water-proof.

  • The most intense line for lasting drama.

Usage Instruction(From Maybelline's Website) Use gel liner and begin at the inner eye. Extend along lash line, continuing up towards the brow.

What it contains: Not mentioned anywhere

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner (Shade - Blackest Black)

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner (Shade - Blackest Black)

Quantity: 2.8 gms

My Experience with PRODUCT

Before making a purchase decision I decided on reading reviews. But almost all the reviews about it on various blogs were in context of usage as eyeliner but not as kajal on waterline. So my curiosity frankly wasn't satiated. Even when I visited the outlet, the SA told it is used as eyeliner and may not be used as kohl for waterline. I got disappointed but still thought of giving it a try. In the worst case it would solve the purpose of eyeliner at least were my last thoughts :P. After picking this up from beauty center I went to Shoppers Stop to get MAC/Chambor kohl. The SA there was wearing excellent pigmented black kohl on her water line. So I asked her the brand, and you cannot imagine the joy her answer gave me. She said it was not kohl per say, but was Maybelline Gel liner and I won’t need a separate kajal if I have this. That’s all my wallet wanted to hear that time: P. I left the store empty handed (so very rare :D)

This product had such a good timing in my life. I was about to leave to a vacation to Thailand in next few days. And to bother about a faded or smudged kajal or worry about touch ups was literally the last thing I wanted to do. Practically speaking, you can’t manage touch ups or re-do while you are out on vacation sightseeing, eating, shopping and running across streets.

And this little thing took off all the worries literally. It comes in a very cute small tub and an extremely comfortable to use brush. The length and make of the brush is such that it gives you good control allowing you to be creative. The color of the gel is absolute black, heavy pigmentation I must say. I use contact lenses so I was very careful and apprehensive but it did not sting my eye. The consistency is like a thick pressed gel and it dries after application in seconds. So there are less likely chances that if you apply lot and lot of gel then after drying tiny particles may tear off and fall into your eyes. Yes, that is a possibility but very remote and you can always get that gunk out of your eyes. What makes me take this lightly? Well, the staying power has made me biased I guess. It literally stays without touch ups for 5-6 hrs. After that it will fade a little but not smudge or bleed through corners of your eyes. My suggestion is to color your waterline in parts and move to next part only after coloring previous one to satisfaction. I would not suggest gliding the gel on entire eye again and again to get desired thickness or blackness. This will result to uneven application and the brush may wipe off the already applied gel in the course of thickening it.

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner (Shade - Blackest Black)


  • Extremely well pigmented, blacky black

  • Stays fresh like up to 5-6 hours on waterline

  • Stays even more if used as eyeliner

  • Doesn’t smudge

  • Waterproof

  • Doesn’t bleed out from corner of eye

  • The brush gives good control to give various shapes & looks to your eyes.

  • Can be used as Kajal and eyeliner as well

  • Dries out quickly unlike liquid eyeliner

  • Can easily control the thickness or quantity of gel you want to apply

  • Makes you go creative with your eye makeup

  • Very little is used so should go long way

  • Quantity is very good for the price.

  • Affordable

  • Cute tub packing


  • Not as easy to apply when compared with other twist up kajals (But frankly you will get used in few days)

  • Requires more care using and applying

  • The staying could be better (Yeh Dil Maange More!)

  • The dry particles can fall in your eyes and irritate them (less likely)


Will I re-purchase again?

Yes. I am in love with this one. By far, this is the best kajal I have used. May be I will purchase the black and silver swirl gel variant of this.

Would I recommend it to others?

Yes. I recommended (actually bought it) for my tom boy sister. Within few days of application she has become a fan of this one which is an aceivement in itself.(she was against it initially) :D

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Availability: Online stores and beauty stores

Have you tried Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner?


Maybelline Baby Lip (Rose Addict) - Review

February 23, 2013 Setu 4 Comments

It seems like the Maybelline brand is undergoing a revamp and unveiling fabulous products every day. Or it may be that I developed a little crush on this brand that I can see it all around :). Remember girls when back in India the only (as far as I know) brand which started selling these matte rainbow nail paints - red, blue, black, orange, yellow; in short all the nail paints to which your mom and grand mom would say “Yikkes” were sold by Maybelline :P. I have almost all colors of Maybelline nail paints (Yes, I am flaunting: P)

Anyways, due to long trusted relationship with Maybelline I decide to give this newly launched lip balm a try. This was a well advertised product and you cannot possibly help but notice it. So after seeing it stocked in display at a local shop just in front of my house for a month, I fell for the bait and made my way to the shop finally buying it.

Maybelline Baby Lip

Product Claims: See Image

Usage Instruction: See Image

What it contains: See Image

Maybelline Baby Lip Cover

Price: Rs 150

Quantity: 4 gms

My Experience with PRODUCT

For the price it comes for its easy to get someone to try this yet not expect much. I peeled off the lip balm from the cover with same feelings in my mind. I was curious to check the color so I first ran it to my fingers. The pigmentation and the fragrance were very mild which was up to my liking. I used it the next day at work and it was good till 4 hours approx. The battle of the lip balm with 2 two bottles of water & one tea during these 4 hours for its existence ended up in a victory:D . It was not all fresh but by lips were sufficiently hydrated. I reapplied it only after lunch.

But it is not like other lip balms which give kind of glossy feeling. It gives a healthy hydrated lip look with a little hue of the pink color. Overall the lips look healthy and natural. It is not heavy and waxy on lips. But I would suggest gliding it on a couple of times on your lips to get desired look. Just once is not enough to love it. The first day I wore it, it didn’t actually make me happy. I felt it was very ordinary and predictable. But the next day when I applied it firmly for a couple of times, I found it to be better. Let me tell you the pigment or color it gives to your lips is very natural and not in a patchy way.

Maybelline Baby Lip swatch


  • Inexpensive

  • Easily Available

  • Available in 7 variants giving ample choice

  • Very cute packaging

  • Light on lips

  • Doesn’t give greasy or waxy feeling to lips

  • Hydrates lips to some extent

  • Provides a well calculated  tint of color to lips making it look natural

  • Stays for approx 4 hours

  • Has SPF 16

  • Doesn’t give you a feeling like a layer has been put to your lips, your lips can still breathe

  • Doesn’t have strong fragrance or taste, resisting the urge to eat it :P


  • Doesn’t come very well in just one glide

  • Could be more hydrating and richer

  • I wish it was little more thicker

Will I re-purchase again?

Yes. But maybe I will try other shades.

Would I recommend it to others?

Yes. It is excellent product at this price.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Availability: All beauty shops, medical stores, malls, online shopping etc.

Have you tried Maybelline Baby Lip?


Easy At Home Nail Art 6 - Go Raw with a Straw

February 23, 2013 Setu 2 Comments

Hello beauties, I hope you tried some  nail art mentioned in my previous posts or out of your imagination. Today, I am in all creative mood where I am not bothered of what the outcome is. Fear of outcome worries me and I often end up doing something which is safer but not very innovative or creative. But now all I hoping is fun and the joy of creating something. Today’s is a very raw and asymmetrical kind of nail art .But very easy and creative. I would be attempting today to make you fall in love with another random item in your kitchen (no it’s not scotch tape or toothpick) :)

It’s a straw. I often look at things (esp. which have pretty shapes or moulds) from the perspective of how could use this for my nail art?? (Yes, very narrow thought indeed, but so much is my obsession with nail art).Few days back, I came across a pack of straws which I had picked up a long time ago; it was a part of the grocery I purchased the first time after marriage, yes it was about 2 yrs back :P. Then I had thought this is “must” item in my kitchen and I am gonna use this every day, as I love sipping juices and colas in fancy glasses with straws. But I never used them till date :(. So, while I was looking at it and blaming myself for the impulsive decision; I saw the beautiful round/ring shape at its end. I could do something with this was my first thought. I rushed with the straw and scissor to my bed room to give the straw handshake with nail paintsJ. And they liked each other. :D

So here is what I did and how I did

Go Raw with Straw Nail Art

Items Used

  • Avon Serene Nail paint (the purple color)- You can use white for better contrast but they get turmeric stains so I avoid them.

  • Bright Yellow acrylic color (Read benefits of acrylic color here, you can very well use nail paints instead)

  • Bright Green Acrylic Color

  • Straw

  • Scissor

  • Base Coat

  • Top Coat

Go Raw With Straw Nail Art

How to “Go Raw with Straw”

  1. Wash your hands to remove oils and grease which will not allow nail paint to stick to your nails. Dry your nails and apply base coat. Allow it to dry completely.

  2. Color your nails with the Avon purple color (you can use any light color or white) and allow them to dry. Try not to use a loud color because the base color will then steal the show instead of the rings/crescents.

  3. Pick up the straw and cut them to size you have maximum control on. This has to be used like a pen, so the best size would be the average size of a pen.

  4. Chose any bright color, I chose only two (green and yellow) but go as far as you can. I used two colors so that it is neat, simple and above all easy for beginners.

  5. Dip one end of the straw in one of the paints (lets pick up green first). You will see the green color wrapped on the periphery circle boundary of the straw looking like a ring. If you have dipped the straw in lot of color, it may so happen that the end of the straw is completely covered with color with a thin film of color joining the ring, forming a full circle. Do not worry, just prick the circle in between with a toothpick and you will get back your ring J

  6. Now, just patiently touch the straw on your nails at random places making circles or semi circles or crescents. Do not worry much on what it makes, just be happy with the effect. Do this for all your nails.

  7. Repeat the same process with the second color (which is yellow). Do not worry or calculate the placement of circles. But a good idea would be to try and find some empty space on nails between already placed rings and put them there so that they have some visibility.

  8. You can use many more colors to create more circles, the choice is yours.

  9. After our color splashed nails are dry, cover them with a top coat. If you have used acrylic colors it is all the more important otherwise all the paint will drip off the moment you wash hands. It is a good idea to brush a top coat every 2-3 days when using acrylic nail paint to avoid colors to bleed out.

Additional Information

  • Clean off the ends of the straw with acetone after few uses. The paints will form lump on ends, making it difficult to get clear rings on nails.

  • Use contrast colors for bright results; where as using similar colors of different tone (peach and orange) will give a shadow effect.

  • You can also use a loud color for base, with lighter colors for rings if you intend a softer look. (Imagine black base coat with rings of gray and white).

Girls try out this real simple nail art and share your experiences and pics here. :)


Easy At Home Nail Art 5 - Got My Eyes on You

February 20, 2013 Setu 13 Comments

Few days back I gave away my long nails to cover some nail art for short nail. The people who know me,can vouch about the big sacrifice I made. For a nail obsessed as I am, this was like chopping off my finger but I wanted to be just to people with short nails.

I am not used to doing nail art on a short nail so its challenge for me. Now, I have this picture in mind that nail art on long nails are usually more on the stylish side while short nails are more on the cute side. So I tried to cash on the ‘cute side' here by doing an easy and quick nail art.


Items Needed:

  • Base Coat

  • Top Coat

  • Black Nail Paint

  • While Nail paint /Acrylic paint (Read about using acrylic paints here)

  • Toothpick/Dotting tool

How to get those “eyes” on You:

  1. Cut, file and wash your hands. Apply a base coat and allow it to dry.

  1. Polish the nails black now. Since this is a dark color any flaws will be more visible, so be careful.

  1. Keep your toothpick and white nail paint/acrylic paint handy. Let the black nail paint dry completely.

  1. With the flat end of the tooth pick the white color and make a white dot at any random place of your nail.

  1. Add another dot near (horizontally) the first dot. These will be the eyes so position them accordingly.

  1. Repeat this for all your nails and allow them to dry.

  1. Now, pick up the black color with the pointed end of toothpick and place it carefully on the white dot. These black dots depict the eye balls. So plan the placement that way. You can be absolutely be creative here. It can be a squint eye, glaring eye, rolling eye and what not. It depends on your mood and creativity. The fun part is that there are no rules.


  1. After your ‘eye balls’ dry up, cover them with a top coat so that they stay awake :)

Real Easy and Fun….Isn’t it? Let me know your views and it. Do not forget to share your nail art with me.


Additional Info

  • If you put the black dot anywhere in the half of the circle towards you, the eyes will be looking towards you.

  • If you place the black dot (eye ball) to the half of the circle away from you, the eyes will be glaring at someone else. So take a pick. Can’t decide? You can keep them assortedJ. Didn’t I say, there are no rules :D


Easy at Home Nail Art 4-Dont Phunk with my Heart

February 15, 2013 Setu 6 Comments

I have a very cute and easy nail art for you today. :D

Easy at Home Nail Art - Dont Phunk with my Heart

Few months back my younger sister came to my home. She was wearing gorgeous bright pink nail paint on her long square nails. It was eye catching and as a nail art enthusiast although her nails looked awesome, all I could see was a potential ‘canvas’. So I insisted (actually much more than insisted..kinna begged her :( ) to allow me do some nail art on her nails. Those days mine wasn’t an established hand in nail art and I had no nail art tools eitherL. My sister is a tom boy (can you believe it, she is 26 and knows nothing about makeup: Grin), so her apprehension and lack of interest didn’t surprise me. But stubborn as I as am, I forced her and came up with a very quick idea, grabbing her hand to demonstrate my newly acquired form of art.

The results were amazing (at least I was amazed) and she got lots of compliments in her office for a nail art that took barely 5-10 minutes to complete. Yesterday, it just occurred to me of sharing this simple and non demanding nail art with you. So here it is.

Easy at Home Nail Art - Dont Phunk with my Heart                   Easy at Home Nail Art - Dont Phunk with my Heart

Items Used

  • Avon Serene Nail paint (the purple color)

  • Base Coat

  • Top coat

  • Black nail Paint/ Black acrylic color (Read about using Acrylic paints for nail art designs here)

  • Toothpick


  • Do the mise-en-place by shaping, washing and drying your hands. Don’t forget the base coat.

  • Pick up the base color (anything that comes to your mind) and color your nails and allow it to dry.

  • Take hold of a tooth pick and touch the tip of the blunt end to a contrast color (I used black). Now place a dot on your nail (where ever you want to place the heart).

  • Place another dot just next to it placed horizontally across. Add another dot just below the middle of both the dots. Simply put, try making a triangle using 3 dots.

Dont Phunk with My Heart- One dot        Dont Phunk with My Heart- Two dot

Dont Phunk with My Heart- Three dot         Dont Phunk with my Heart- Heart

  • While the paint is wet, join the dots with the pointed edge of toothpick (pointed edge gives more precision to your work) to form the ‘heart’ shape.

  • Repeat for all nails and to preserve the heart do not forget the top coat.

Easy at Home Nail Art - Dont Phunk with my Heart

Additional Information

  • You can throw away as many hearts as you wish (actually as many you can draw J ) on each nail.

  • The number of heart need not be same on each nail, just let it be random or make a pattern by alternating.

  • You can make it different by using the black color on your middle finger and make the heart using the purple color for contrast and complex effect.

  • If you are looking for a small heart, place the dots closer. If you are looking for a slightly bigger heart you can space the dots a bit.

Please let me know your views on it, also let me know of you have any questions. I would love to hear from you. :)


Easy at Home Nail Art 3- The Chevron is 'On'

February 14, 2013 Setu 2 Comments

From ages the combination of pink and blue have been used to cast spell on us. They melt heart together yet they are so different. A ‘pink’ is used to denote a ‘girl’ while a ‘blue’ denotes a ‘boy’. But as is correctly said ‘Opposites Attract’ and maybe that’s the secret to their super hit Jodi (couple).

So I thought of milking the combination for my simple Chevron nail art for all my gorgeous readers. It is very ‘in’ these days. Chevrons can be put on your multiple easy and complex ways. However, I have particularly chosen the easier version because it is more doable and will not scare away a non-nail art pro due to high effort. It’s not that I do not trust my readers of reproducing a difficult one but personally I am not a fan of difficult complex nail arts which heart melting to look at but herculean task to do. J

What is Chevron:  A line or stripe in the shape of a V or an inverted V.

The Chevron Is OnThe Chevron Is On

Items Used

  • Colorbar Pink color- Cocktail collection

  • A random brand blue

  • Maybelline silver nail paint

  • Scotch tape

  • Scissor

  • Base coat

How to Switch ‘On’ the ‘Chevron’

  • Begin well by washing your hands, letting them dry and applying the goodness of a top coat.

  • Choose a version of pink color (or any other color you wish) for the base. This will be the color of the chevron (the v shape area of your nail), so decide accordingly.

  • Apply the pink color (or any color of your choice) evenly to all your nails. If the color is thick enough stick to single coat only. Anyways the second color will cover the non chevron area, making a thick coat of paints on your nails (remember when I said here, thick coats peel off easily).

  •  After your nail paint is completely dry, cut squares pieces (rectangles will also do) of your scotch tape. I suggest you to cut pieces and keep, maybe stick one end somewhere to keep them hanging.

  • Apply them very patiently, with one of their edges pointing to the centre of your nail. This will cover a ‘V’ area of your nail. Stick them well on your nails so that no paint can dare to seep under the cello tape to the ‘No-Entry’ zone spoiling the whole chevron effect.

Chevron is On - The Making

  • More than half the battle is won by now. Now, paint the uncovered part of your nail with blue (or any other color you want).

  • Carefully, peel the scotch tape off in a direction away from the pink part to avoid spillage of blue over pink. Every time I am pulling off the scotch tape, my heart starts beating faster to see the end result, just like unveiling a new bride :P .

  • I used a glittery top coat of Maybelline to add ‘bling’ and also for reasons explained here. I have not used a top coat as a glittery top coat is a good enough substitute. Frankly, the nail art did not come out as neat as I expected so the glitter top coat was a damage control.

  •  Play your Chevron ‘On’ now.  :D

The Chevron Is On

Additional Information:

  1. I would suggest using a scotch tape instead of cello tape. Scotch tape comes with a tape cutter attached, so you don’t need to do juggle holding tape with one hand and scissor in the other to cut the tape. Also, the scotch tape is thicker and heavier than the light cello tape so it doesn’t sticks to itself easily while you are holding it to apply on your nails.

  2. The Chevron can be done in the following ways as well to name a few. One can go to higher level from the basic chevron based on interest and expertise. Do not worry if you mess up, NO ONE does a perfect nail art, believe me NO ONE. It’s an art; the happiness lies in creation not perfection (because perfection is subjective).  :)

chevron Idea 1chevron Idea 3chevron Idea 2

Feel free to ask any question and share your version of Chevron :)


Use Acrylic Paints for designing your Nail Art

February 13, 2013 Setu 47 Comments

There is this one thought that crosses my minds every time I do nail art or think of it. The thought of wasting or drying out the nail paint I use for creating designs (free hand design using brushes, using a dotting tool, toothpick, straw etc) on my painted nails. Really, nail paints are very precious to me, so much so that even seeing fancy images of nail paints spilled over or flowing out of bottle for effects makes my heart sinkL. Now imagine when I have to actually pour our nail paint on a palette to use them for designing my solo color painted nails. Each drop of nail paint flowing out weakens me as if they were drops of blood trickling down my veins (I feel sad even as I write this :( ).

The grief of wasting nail paint each time pushed me to do an experiment. I substituted the nail paint I used to create designs with acrylic paints. Now these are very common acrylic paints that had been lying around my house for long. My mom used to do a lot of fabric painting earlier, so I gifted her a new set of acrylic paint with the intention of reviving her dormant hobby. Unfortunately it didn’t work so the box came back to me (I don’t know I should be happy or sad here). After seeing those brilliant colors sitting on my rack everyday for months, I decided to use them.

Read my nail art tutorials (this, this and this) to see what they look like. Now the major two concerns were:

  • Will the consistency be right, will it be easy to work with?

  • Will it stay or I would see the designs fading as soon as I dip my hand in water?

Few of my friends also wanted me an answer to these questions so with very low hope to success I decided to take this on. And it was not a ‘Hit’ but ‘Super Hit’ :D :D :D

This is my set of Acrylic Paint. You can choose yours.

Nail Art with Acylic Paint

Following are the benefits of acrylic paint over nail paints for designing:

  1. Acrylic paints are much cheaper.

  2. The quantity is way more even for a lesser price.

  3. The consistency of the acrylic paint makes it easier to work with than nail paints. It gives you more flexibility to create designs which is restricted by nail paints (Nail Paints are thicker).

  4. The best thing is you don’t have to worry of your nail paint drying off your palette. Nail Paints get thick and coagulated in seconds making it extremely unworkable. Now you either keep pouring fresh nail paint on palette every minute which will result into huge wastage. Or draw up your designs quickly to avoid wastage. Both the options are recipe for disaster.

  5. The nail paint dries on your brush so many times in midst of painting and create ugly patchy designs. Now even if you touch brush to fresh paint, it will still wrap around the older frozen paint, making the brush thicker and incapable of creating finer designs.

  6. It saves the life of your brush since acrylic will go off just by washing with water. You can just dip your brush in a small pot of water and use same brush for creating designs using different colors. This saves on acetone also which you would otherwise use to wash off the brush :(

  7. I am using the one which comes in bottle with wide mouth so I don’t even have to pour out on palette. I can just dip brush or dotting tool to the bottle and I am good to go. Even the little on the lid also is of great help :(

  8. You know the greatest thing about using them is that they make much more creative and experimental. Why? Because you can wash off a design that doesn’t picture as neat on your nails as what you had conceived in mind. Unlike while working with nail paint I have to remove the entire design plus two coats of nail paint plus the base coat offL. So I am no longer scared of making mistakes and this gives me so much mental piece to just paint anything and see how it looks like :D

But be careful if the base coat is light color and you are designing using a dark one.

My Acrylic Paint bottle


  • You MUST seal it with top coat. My top coat was just over the day I designed my nails with acrylic .Arggg…It was just a few drops left not enough for entire nail but enough to just cover my design . I did that and then the    next day when I bought a new top coat and covered all my nails. It saved my nail art. And yesterday (after 6 days) when I removed the nail paint the design was the last thing to go off. :P

  • It’s also a good idea to cover your base color with transparent coat and then work with acrylic paints. In case of mistake, the paint can be washed off easily without staining your base color J


Now all the best girls for next nail art with acrylic paints. Be innovative and experimental now with a cushion of mental peace and ease. I wish someone had told me this earlier :(

Please let me know if this article helped you or if you have any questions. Stay Creative!!


Easy at Home Nail Art 2- These Simple Flowers are Ours

February 13, 2013 Setu 1 Comments

In the process of discovering real simple nail art for you, I feel like a student where I am challenged to dig out new ways to do nail art with items lying around in house although I have a full fledged collection of nail art tools and accessories. And you cannot imagine the control and urge its takes of not using them, and go hunting for other things that can be used as tools. Anyways, this is fun as I have learnt a few things in the process like using acrylic paints, straw ,ear bud etc.

These Simple flowers are Ours

I found an ear bud in my medical kit and it got me thinking if I dip this in some color wont it create some big rounds easily? I tried it and I was correct. The only thing is we cannot attain is too much symmetry because the cotton absorbs different amount of color every time and doesn’t transfer the same every time. It’s neater with a dotting tool, but believe me this was so easy that even though I own a dotting tool I will use this in future for larger dots. I tried with both nail paint and acrylic paint, the results were almost same but acrylic paint was easier and cheaper (Read using acrylic paint for nail art here). Don’t have an ear bud either? No worries, grab a toothpick or anything with pointed end and wrap some cotton around it :P. Now gather the items needed and you could start as you read.

These Simple flowers are Ours

Items Needed

  • Base Coat

  • Top Coat

  • Colorbar coffee color (Use any light shade for base)

  • Coloroma Indigo blue color/ Can use acrylic paints instead

  • Ear bud/Q Tip/cotton wrapped around toothpick or any pointed item

How to ‘Own these Flowers’

  1. As usual wash your hands, dry them and apply a top coat.

  2. After the top coat is dry, apply the polish you have chosen as a base color. Allow it to dry.

  3. Pick up the ear bud and dip the top end in the color you want your petals to be. I have used a bright blue color.

  4. Calmly land the tip of ear bud on your nail such that when you place four such dots they touch each other forming kind of circle. You can make a three or five petal flower instead, depending on your comfort and size of nail bed. I used acrylic paints for this. Read the benefits of using Acrylic paints here.

  5. Repeat this for all your nails. And give it some time to rest. Do not bother if each dot is not identical, they will never be :)

  6. Use the other unused end of ear bud and dip it in the yellow color to create the centre of the flower.

  7. Apply a top coat when dry and there, you own the flower now :D

These Simple flowers are Ours

Tips and Tricks

  • You can use bright color as base and light color for flower petals instead to give it a soft look.

  • Change your ear bud as soon you see cotton thrashes coming out of it or hanging loose, they will spoil the shape of petals.

  • If your petals are neat and round, a small dot in centre will do but if this is not the case a larger dot in the centre is a good idea. It will cover up large part of your petal hiding the flaw yet giving a graceful look.

  • Suggestion: Use white/light yellow for base and Red/pink for petals to make it look more flowery and girly. I will try this the nest time.

  • You can use the centre color for flower and petal color for centre in your ring finger to give it a complex look. Just flip the colors and enjoy the look :P

Please feel free to share your questions or experiences with this nail art.  Let us learn by doing.