Easy at Home Nail Art 2- These Simple Flowers are Ours

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In the process of discovering real simple nail art for you, I feel like a student where I am challenged to dig out new ways to do nail art with items lying around in house although I have a full fledged collection of nail art tools and accessories. And you cannot imagine the control and urge its takes of not using them, and go hunting for other things that can be used as tools. Anyways, this is fun as I have learnt a few things in the process like using acrylic paints, straw ,ear bud etc.

These Simple flowers are Ours

I found an ear bud in my medical kit and it got me thinking if I dip this in some color wont it create some big rounds easily? I tried it and I was correct. The only thing is we cannot attain is too much symmetry because the cotton absorbs different amount of color every time and doesn’t transfer the same every time. It’s neater with a dotting tool, but believe me this was so easy that even though I own a dotting tool I will use this in future for larger dots. I tried with both nail paint and acrylic paint, the results were almost same but acrylic paint was easier and cheaper (Read using acrylic paint for nail art here). Don’t have an ear bud either? No worries, grab a toothpick or anything with pointed end and wrap some cotton around it :P. Now gather the items needed and you could start as you read.

These Simple flowers are Ours

Items Needed

  • Base Coat

  • Top Coat

  • Colorbar coffee color (Use any light shade for base)

  • Coloroma Indigo blue color/ Can use acrylic paints instead

  • Ear bud/Q Tip/cotton wrapped around toothpick or any pointed item

How to ‘Own these Flowers’

  1. As usual wash your hands, dry them and apply a top coat.

  2. After the top coat is dry, apply the polish you have chosen as a base color. Allow it to dry.

  3. Pick up the ear bud and dip the top end in the color you want your petals to be. I have used a bright blue color.

  4. Calmly land the tip of ear bud on your nail such that when you place four such dots they touch each other forming kind of circle. You can make a three or five petal flower instead, depending on your comfort and size of nail bed. I used acrylic paints for this. Read the benefits of using Acrylic paints here.

  5. Repeat this for all your nails. And give it some time to rest. Do not bother if each dot is not identical, they will never be :)

  6. Use the other unused end of ear bud and dip it in the yellow color to create the centre of the flower.

  7. Apply a top coat when dry and there, you own the flower now :D

These Simple flowers are Ours

Tips and Tricks

  • You can use bright color as base and light color for flower petals instead to give it a soft look.

  • Change your ear bud as soon you see cotton thrashes coming out of it or hanging loose, they will spoil the shape of petals.

  • If your petals are neat and round, a small dot in centre will do but if this is not the case a larger dot in the centre is a good idea. It will cover up large part of your petal hiding the flaw yet giving a graceful look.

  • Suggestion: Use white/light yellow for base and Red/pink for petals to make it look more flowery and girly. I will try this the nest time.

  • You can use the centre color for flower and petal color for centre in your ring finger to give it a complex look. Just flip the colors and enjoy the look :P

Please feel free to share your questions or experiences with this nail art.  Let us learn by doing.

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