Easy at Home Nail Art 3- The Chevron is 'On'

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From ages the combination of pink and blue have been used to cast spell on us. They melt heart together yet they are so different. A ‘pink’ is used to denote a ‘girl’ while a ‘blue’ denotes a ‘boy’. But as is correctly said ‘Opposites Attract’ and maybe that’s the secret to their super hit Jodi (couple).

So I thought of milking the combination for my simple Chevron nail art for all my gorgeous readers. It is very ‘in’ these days. Chevrons can be put on your multiple easy and complex ways. However, I have particularly chosen the easier version because it is more doable and will not scare away a non-nail art pro due to high effort. It’s not that I do not trust my readers of reproducing a difficult one but personally I am not a fan of difficult complex nail arts which heart melting to look at but herculean task to do. J

What is Chevron:  A line or stripe in the shape of a V or an inverted V.

The Chevron Is OnThe Chevron Is On

Items Used

  • Colorbar Pink color- Cocktail collection

  • A random brand blue

  • Maybelline silver nail paint

  • Scotch tape

  • Scissor

  • Base coat

How to Switch ‘On’ the ‘Chevron’

  • Begin well by washing your hands, letting them dry and applying the goodness of a top coat.

  • Choose a version of pink color (or any other color you wish) for the base. This will be the color of the chevron (the v shape area of your nail), so decide accordingly.

  • Apply the pink color (or any color of your choice) evenly to all your nails. If the color is thick enough stick to single coat only. Anyways the second color will cover the non chevron area, making a thick coat of paints on your nails (remember when I said here, thick coats peel off easily).

  •  After your nail paint is completely dry, cut squares pieces (rectangles will also do) of your scotch tape. I suggest you to cut pieces and keep, maybe stick one end somewhere to keep them hanging.

  • Apply them very patiently, with one of their edges pointing to the centre of your nail. This will cover a ‘V’ area of your nail. Stick them well on your nails so that no paint can dare to seep under the cello tape to the ‘No-Entry’ zone spoiling the whole chevron effect.

Chevron is On - The Making

  • More than half the battle is won by now. Now, paint the uncovered part of your nail with blue (or any other color you want).

  • Carefully, peel the scotch tape off in a direction away from the pink part to avoid spillage of blue over pink. Every time I am pulling off the scotch tape, my heart starts beating faster to see the end result, just like unveiling a new bride :P .

  • I used a glittery top coat of Maybelline to add ‘bling’ and also for reasons explained here. I have not used a top coat as a glittery top coat is a good enough substitute. Frankly, the nail art did not come out as neat as I expected so the glitter top coat was a damage control.

  •  Play your Chevron ‘On’ now.  :D

The Chevron Is On

Additional Information:

  1. I would suggest using a scotch tape instead of cello tape. Scotch tape comes with a tape cutter attached, so you don’t need to do juggle holding tape with one hand and scissor in the other to cut the tape. Also, the scotch tape is thicker and heavier than the light cello tape so it doesn’t sticks to itself easily while you are holding it to apply on your nails.

  2. The Chevron can be done in the following ways as well to name a few. One can go to higher level from the basic chevron based on interest and expertise. Do not worry if you mess up, NO ONE does a perfect nail art, believe me NO ONE. It’s an art; the happiness lies in creation not perfection (because perfection is subjective).  :)

chevron Idea 1chevron Idea 3chevron Idea 2

Feel free to ask any question and share your version of Chevron :)


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