Easy At Home Nail Art 6 - Go Raw with a Straw

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Hello beauties, I hope you tried some  nail art mentioned in my previous posts or out of your imagination. Today, I am in all creative mood where I am not bothered of what the outcome is. Fear of outcome worries me and I often end up doing something which is safer but not very innovative or creative. But now all I hoping is fun and the joy of creating something. Today’s is a very raw and asymmetrical kind of nail art .But very easy and creative. I would be attempting today to make you fall in love with another random item in your kitchen (no it’s not scotch tape or toothpick) :)

It’s a straw. I often look at things (esp. which have pretty shapes or moulds) from the perspective of how could use this for my nail art?? (Yes, very narrow thought indeed, but so much is my obsession with nail art).Few days back, I came across a pack of straws which I had picked up a long time ago; it was a part of the grocery I purchased the first time after marriage, yes it was about 2 yrs back :P. Then I had thought this is “must” item in my kitchen and I am gonna use this every day, as I love sipping juices and colas in fancy glasses with straws. But I never used them till date :(. So, while I was looking at it and blaming myself for the impulsive decision; I saw the beautiful round/ring shape at its end. I could do something with this was my first thought. I rushed with the straw and scissor to my bed room to give the straw handshake with nail paintsJ. And they liked each other. :D

So here is what I did and how I did

Go Raw with Straw Nail Art

Items Used

  • Avon Serene Nail paint (the purple color)- You can use white for better contrast but they get turmeric stains so I avoid them.

  • Bright Yellow acrylic color (Read benefits of acrylic color here, you can very well use nail paints instead)

  • Bright Green Acrylic Color

  • Straw

  • Scissor

  • Base Coat

  • Top Coat

Go Raw With Straw Nail Art

How to “Go Raw with Straw”

  1. Wash your hands to remove oils and grease which will not allow nail paint to stick to your nails. Dry your nails and apply base coat. Allow it to dry completely.

  2. Color your nails with the Avon purple color (you can use any light color or white) and allow them to dry. Try not to use a loud color because the base color will then steal the show instead of the rings/crescents.

  3. Pick up the straw and cut them to size you have maximum control on. This has to be used like a pen, so the best size would be the average size of a pen.

  4. Chose any bright color, I chose only two (green and yellow) but go as far as you can. I used two colors so that it is neat, simple and above all easy for beginners.

  5. Dip one end of the straw in one of the paints (lets pick up green first). You will see the green color wrapped on the periphery circle boundary of the straw looking like a ring. If you have dipped the straw in lot of color, it may so happen that the end of the straw is completely covered with color with a thin film of color joining the ring, forming a full circle. Do not worry, just prick the circle in between with a toothpick and you will get back your ring J

  6. Now, just patiently touch the straw on your nails at random places making circles or semi circles or crescents. Do not worry much on what it makes, just be happy with the effect. Do this for all your nails.

  7. Repeat the same process with the second color (which is yellow). Do not worry or calculate the placement of circles. But a good idea would be to try and find some empty space on nails between already placed rings and put them there so that they have some visibility.

  8. You can use many more colors to create more circles, the choice is yours.

  9. After our color splashed nails are dry, cover them with a top coat. If you have used acrylic colors it is all the more important otherwise all the paint will drip off the moment you wash hands. It is a good idea to brush a top coat every 2-3 days when using acrylic nail paint to avoid colors to bleed out.

Additional Information

  • Clean off the ends of the straw with acetone after few uses. The paints will form lump on ends, making it difficult to get clear rings on nails.

  • Use contrast colors for bright results; where as using similar colors of different tone (peach and orange) will give a shadow effect.

  • You can also use a loud color for base, with lighter colors for rings if you intend a softer look. (Imagine black base coat with rings of gray and white).

Girls try out this real simple nail art and share your experiences and pics here. :)


  1. Easy At Home Nail Art 6 – Go Raw with a Straw – Nail Art and Beauty

  2. Easy At Home Nail Art 6 – Go Raw with a Straw – Nail Art and Beauty
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