Easy at Home Nail Art 7 - Retro With Polka Dots

February 27, 2013 Setu 5 Comments

After lot of dazzles and glitters in my previous nail arts, I decided to tone down the hues of my nail art. Yes, a glittery jazzy nail art immediately draws attention and brightens up your hands instantly. But a sober look goes a long way and gives a feminine look. It is quite wearable to work also.

Easy At Home Nail Art - Retro with Polka Dots

Items Used

  • Street Wear Nude shade

  • Colorbar Black/ Black Acrylic Paint (Read about acrylic paint usage for nail art designs here )

  • Base Coat

  • Top Coat

  • Toothpick

How to go “Retro with Polka dots”

  • As usual begin with cleaning and filing your nails. Apply a base coat and allow it to dry.

  • Apply the nude shade on your nails. I did a double coat, you can choose for yourself depending on the nail paint. Allow it to dry.

  • Now, pour very little of your black nail paint on a palette. Hold your tooth pick like a pen and dip the non pointed end to the black paint.

  • Carefully, touch them lightly on your nails now and create even and well spaced dots throughout.

  • Repeat this simple step for all your nails (you can also try alternate nails).

  • Top it with a top coat and your dots aren't leaving your side for long. Also with matte shades like this, a little glossy touch brings the colors to life.

Easy At Home Nail Art - Retro with Polka Dots Image 1

Additional Information:

  1. Do not pour extra nail black nail paint on the palette thinking it will serve all 10 nails. It will thicken and stick around the toothpick.

  2. Thick old nail paint is not suggested here. Use a thinner to bring it to right consistency. The dots will be blobs otherwise.

  3. Draw your toothpick away from nail after 1-2 dots or you will end up making strings between each dot. Do not just drift along making dots continuously even if there is sufficient paint on your tooth pick.

  4. A bobby pin or the tip of non working ball point pen can easily replace the tooth pick, actually would be a better replacement.

  5. Does this nail art seem to be very serious for you? Hmmm, use a glitter top coat (the one which has silver glitters floating in a transparent polish).

  6. Too tired of making dots on each and every nail, do only half nails. Still too much? Try alternate nails :). Nail art isn't bound by rules but creativity. Do what suits you. :)

FYI : I am a polka dots fan because they are very cute and very easy to make and very feminine and very simple and........ . So basically this is a warning that  you would be seeing a lot of them in the coming nail arts. :D

Easy At Home Nail Art - Retro with Polka Dots

Do not forget to share your experiences and pour in your comments.


  1. Can't beat polka dot nails, just so cute........

  2. Really, do anything to them and with them, they are still CUTE

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