15 Benefits of Green Tea that No One Should Ignore

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Few months back, I felt like Green tea is more like a fashion or a in-thing these days. And due to the bad or good curiosity genes in me, I rather challenge a belief than joining the pack. So, I did decent amount of study on Green Tea and I was convinced by its countless benefits. It’s a boon :D. I have been consuming green tea every day twice since then. And it’s like five months of green tea consumption and the heap of benefits I enjoyed; I thought blowing the trumpet and sharing with the lovely people out there :)

hy gHealthy green tea cup with tea leaves

I will also be covering the uses of green tea as DIY beauty, in the coming posts. But for now, I thought you should be first introduced to this wonder tea, so here I am sharing brief info I gathered from articles I studied.

What is Green Tea: Although the origin of the Green Tea and the black tea is the same (Camellia Sinensis), the processing is what which makes them different. Green tea has its origin in China but it has gained great popularity lately and is being consumed worldwide now.It has a long list of never ending benefits. As opposed to other tea (black tea etc), green tea is harvested and preserved quickly to cut the oxidation process so is subject to minimum oxidation retaining most of the goodness. Being least processed it presrves maximum nutrients and health benefits.


Having said a “Hello” to the Green tea, let’s proceed to the innumerable benefits of it. Initially I had planned to cover only the beauty benefits of Green Tea but the article never seemed complete without including the amazing health benefits as well. So followinga are the 15 benefits of this magic leaf (this is not an exagerrration, belive me it does wonders) :D

Benefits of Green Tea

  1. Lowers Blood Pressure : Regular intake of green tea is known to lower the risk of blood pressure.

  2. Weight Loss: Green tea is said to increase metabolism rate and oxidation of fat leading to possible weight reduction.

  3. Reduces the risk of Heart Attack: It improves the health of body cells, relaxes the lining of the blood vessels allowing it to withstand changes in the blood pressure.

  4. Controls Diabetes: Green Tea regulates the glucose level in blood, controlling the risk of diabetes.

  5.  Regulates Cholesterol: It decreases the amount of bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol.

  6. Increases your Immunity: The Polyphenols and Flavonoids boost your immunity making your body stronger.

  7. Anti Allergy: The EGCG (polyphenol antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate) found in green tea helps to relieve one from allergies. It has helped me big time with my sneezing allergy :).

  8. Anti Aging: Due to free radicals present in green tea, it promotes longevity and slows down premature aging.

  9. Protects from harmful UV Rays: Both the researches on animals as well as humans have proved that green tea reduces sun damage due to the free radicals present it.

  10. Great for Skin: Having a very high content of anti-oxidants and free radical it is an amazing food for our skin. Being easily available is like a cherry on the top.

  11. Controls Acne: There is twofold reason why this works. Firstly, due to amino acids present in them, green tea brings down your stress level and anxiety which is one of the common causes of acne. Secondly, on topical application green tea skin is nourished with anti-oxidant and free radicals.

  12. Fights Tooth Decay: They kill bacteria causing tooth decay and control bad breathe as well.

  13. Revitalizes your skin: Just a splash of green tea (of course not the boiling hot but cold :P) helps to refresh the skin and soothes tired skin. It gets rid of toxins from your skin making it happy. Due to anti-septic properties it also known to treat minor rashes or cuts on skin.

  14. Soothes strained and puffy eyes: This no secret I guess, used cold green tea bag is known and experienced to relax eyes. They reduce swelling and puffiness from eyes.

  15. Combats Hair loss and dandruff: Green Tea is known to lower hair fall to high level of anti-oxidant EGCG. It reduces dandruff as well by soothing skin and reducing inflammation.

These are really few of the many benefits of green tea. To begin with just replace your milk tea with green tea and see the wonders. It may not taste great on your taste buds but your body will thank you for it :). It refreshes you and awakens your senses without the residual heaviness that normal milk tea gives us. They can be used in multiple ways, as toners, as tea, as hair rinse, as face pack, as cold compress for eyes and many more. I will try to cover alternate usage methods of green tea as much as possible in my coming posts. I can literally vouch for this magic leaf and it is just as amazing used in any form and way.

I hope you you experience and enjoy its greatness soon. Do let me know your experiences and variations in methods of consumption/usage. Let me know if you liked this posts and would want more on such wonderful things around in future.

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