DIY : Cucumber Toner for Glowing Skin

March 15, 2013 Setu 28 Comments

Hi friends, summer is round the corner. In this cruel weather we all rack our brains to retain the fresh feeing. Personally, as soon as I think of ‘summer’ I naturally connect it to mangoes, ice creams, citrus fruits and chilled cucumber :D. The last time I thought of this something constructive and amazing happened :P. I came up with an excellent DIY Cucumber toner. It’s not like I invented it or something, there are people around already using it but summers reminded me of this.

DIY Cucumber Toner for Glowing Skin

I have used lot of cucumber face packs a couple years back. Just before my wedding my skin was looking all dull and gloomy. It was in the month of May and the heat also had taken toll on my skin. But cucumber didn’t disappoint me at all. I literally didn’t believe in it much when others said but I had to bow down in front of this as I saw the results. Anyways, knowing cucumber suited my skin and it is super cheap and easily available, I decided to plunge into this toner :D. To know the benefit of toners read this.

Before we get into this, let us first do a quick recap of the benefits of Cucumber for our skin

  • Helps a great deal to whiten and brighten your skin if you use it regularly.

  • A boon to the sun burnt skin. It sooths, calms and revitalizes sun-damaged skin.

  • Helps you to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles.

  • Very beneficial to keep acne at bay and remove post acne scars as well.

  • Hydrates your skin and nourishes it.

  • Closes the pores and reduces oiliness

  • It is natural coolant to your skin.

Believe me you can simply Google and 100 other benefits of cucumber but I am stopping here :P

DIY Cucumber Toner for Glowing Skin


  • Cucumber – 1 in number

  • Lemon – 1 or 2 (optional) - Lemon is suggested for oily skin. Lemon juice mixed with cucumber juice helps to lighten scars of the face.

  • Honey – a teaspoon (optional) - Honey is a disinfectant and natural bleach. It acts as a natural moisturizer and its antiseptic properties help to prevent skin problems.


  1. Peel the cucumber and cut into rough pieces.

  2. Grind it in your mixer to make a paste out of it. Run this paste through a strainer or a sieve or an old but clean handkerchief (I scarified my husband’s hanky for this :P).

  3. Collect the liquid in a container. There are lots of fancy spray bottles available in market these days. Try to use one of them. It will be easier to pump twice to get it out without wasting the toner. Opening the bottle and pouring down toner to your cotton every day can result into lot wastage and incontinence.

  4. Now, add lemon or honey or both depending on the skin type and what your skin loves. The toner should be refrigerated and is good to be used for a week. So you could also experiment the recipe and ingredients with each batch.

My Cucumber Toner for Glowing Skin

My Experience:

As I write this post I have already been using this toner for 10 days as an after face wash ritual. My last batch did go bad after like 7 daysL. So please make only as much as you require. I cannot sufficiently describe the freshness my skin feels as soon as I apply this toner. Refrigerating the toner increases its life and makes it all the more cooling to my skin. You cannot imagine how refreshing the cold cucumber toner is to my skin. It is like saying ‘Good Morning’ to my skin and waking it up to look pretty. You can definitely check the pores closing and shrinking after you apply this. Just check your face before and after this fro proof. Heat opens up the pores and cold closes it, so that explains it. I have a sensitive skin which is acne prone. I didn’t break out with this; in fact I find my skin better with a glow :)

Additional Info:

  • You could use the cucumber pulp left on the sieve as face pack or as an eye mask. I even hate the thought of flushing this wonderful thing down the sink. You can refrigerate it and use for a couple of days.

  • If you have miscalculated and made some extra toner, don’t worry. Use this magic liquid to replace water for lubricating any face pack. It will definitely enhance the effectiveness of your beauty mask and add to its inherent goodness also.

  • You can also use as a face spray or dab your skin with it whenever your skin feels tired.

  • I have many more optional ingredients in my mind to add to the benefit and goodness of this dear toner. But I would like to experiment first and based on the success I will share with all my readers out here.

Well, I do not see any reason why one would not try it. It is effective, easy and very cheap. Share your experience with this toner. Also, share recipe of any homemade toner that you tried and was a hit. Tell me if you would like more of similar DIY posts. Let us all get beautiful together :P.

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  1. I love cucumber and it is cheap too, i'm gonna follow it.

  2. Sure, tell me how it turned out to be :)

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  5. worth a try in this weather however ... I love the statement "Let us all get beautiful together"

  6. Thanks Sneha. I literally feel so very refreshed each time use it. Its like saying good morning to you skin!!

  7. hiiii.....great article thanks for sharing ...i was refered to your blog by sneha who is awe with your writing skills...but must say you are indeed doing a great job.

  8. Hey, Thanks a lot:) :) :). I am glad Sneha said that :P

  9. I've never used a toner before but I have the strongest desire to try this out for myself. :)

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  11. Does using cucumber on your face have any dangers like using Lemon on your face?
    I'm just asking because I read an online forum that using Lemon juice to brighten your skin can make skin photosensitive and I was wondering does using Cucumber pose the same threat?

  12. Hi Daniel, i don't think cucumber has ny such problems..lemon yes is photosensitive so it should b used at night.

  13. do we have to wash our face after applying it for a certain time or not?

  14. No dear,
    Use it as a toner, clean ur face, tone it with toner n den moisturise it.
    Lemme know if dis clarifies.

  15. can we add lemon and honey together in this bottle and save it in fridge for one week

  16. I've added lemon and honey beforehand,does that make a difference? And exactly when should I apply it?

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  18. Did not understand your question dear.

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  20. I really like this...will make one in summers coz for now I have my green tea toner!

  21. Woah this site is very useful i really like examining your content. Keep on the excellent paintings! You know, many are searching for this data, you could possibly assist all of them greatly fast acne.

  22. my skin is so oily pls suggest lemon and honey with cucumber is good for my skin and after how much time I have to wash my face.

  23. my skin is so oily pls suggest lemon and honey with cucumber is good for my skin and after how much time I have to wash my face and also its s good for boys skin??

  24. its great dear but can I use pimple cream after appling this toner?

  25. It was really useful for me! But I read somewhere that we can't restore it for more than 24hours because it will lost most of its benefits
    Also we can add some rosewater and apply it for eye circle darknesses
    Anyway, thank you so much for your wonderfull recommendation^___^