Easy at Home Nail Art 8 - The Dotty Lacy Purple

March 02, 2013 Setu 2 Comments

I am not sure but there is something with these dots, laces and hearts that soothe a girl’s eye. We are naturally attracted to them. And I am a victim of its charm: P. So I have for you a lacy effect nail art using dots. My tom boy sister suddenly asked for one (I swear she was the one who asked me and it was not the other way round like always). I did this for my sister and she is very happy with it (I wish I had a sister who could do nail art for me :P). I hope you this makes you happy too :D

The dotty lace on Purple

Items Needed

  • Base Coat

  • Purple Nail paint

  • White nail paint/Acrylic paint (Read on using acrylic paint for nail art here)

  • Tooth Pick/Dotting Tool

  • Top Coat

The dotty lace on Purple

How to ‘Lay’ those laces on your nails

  1. Cut, file and clean your nails. Apply a base coat so that your nails aren't stained purple.

  2. Once your base coat is dry, apply the purple paint.

  3. Simply put, there are three rows of dots used. The medium sized dot row is sandwiched between the two small dots row. Make the medium sized dots first. You can figure out the placement of small dots around them. But it cannot be the other way round. Pick up the white color on the blunt end of your toothpick. Want a bigger dot? Use a blunt pencil point (steal the pencil from your kid for a while!). Place the large dots in such a way that there is space for putting small dots on either side.

  4. Repeat this for all nails. Then make use of the sharp end of the toothpick or just sharpen the pencil for finer effect. Place each small dot between two medium sized dots and continue doing that till you reach the end of your nail.

  5. Do this for both sides the medium dots line and let the lace not leave you. So do the top coat.

The most important instruction: After you have done this, don’t forget to wear that ‘smile’ and lighten your darling face and pat your back. You just did a wonderful job. You just guaranteed a second look in the crowd. You just made the girl sitting next to you jealous!!!! But most important of all, you just enjoyed devoting some time to “You” so enjoy the art because I bet your nails are also looking awesome. :)

The dotty lace on Purple

Additional Info:

  • Now, you don’t think the lace best suits the end of your nails, so throw away the image of my nail art out of the window. You decide how you want to lay these laces. Should it be horizontal, vertical or diagonal? Not sure? It can be all on different nails :)

  • Yes, I am an Indian so I am writing this additional point because we use a lot of turmeric everywhere which stains our manicures :P. If this is your apprehension, feel free to shift your dot above to middle part, which will be of lesser reach to turmeric. But if you are using acrylic paints don’t worry, as far as my experience goes, they are stain proof for turmeric.

This is a simple and pretty nail art. So pour in your thoughts and comments and let me know if you enjoyed reading them.


  1. this one looks super prettty :D i will try this soon! :)

  2. Sure dear, share your pictures...or put it in your blog I would love to see it :)