Patanjali Alovera Gel Review

March 20, 2013 Setu 8 Comments

This purchase was made by me a couple of months back when I was in all “Herbal and Natural” products phase. I still prefer basic household skin care routine, things which are easy to understand, easy on pocket and easily available. Now tell me something, why should I use a product which has a small extract of Aloevera gel to enjoy the goodness of aloe when I can use the pure aloe gel instead? :P. Also you don’t know what all chemicals will be loaded to the poor aloe by the time they reach us. I really don’t believe it when the product claims “extract of this herb” or “with the goodness of that oil”. I prefer hunting for the herb instead and making my way around it. And aloe gel is super easy to find and affordable also. Now the best thing may be to use the leaf to get the fresh gel but I don’t have an aloe plant at my place so settled for this with 90% W/V aloe vera gel. Read the benefits and uses of Aloe Vera gel here.

Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel

Product Claims and What it contains

Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel

What it contains:

Price: Rs 75

Quantity: 150ml

My Experience with PRODUCT

I was not sure of how I wanted to use the product, so I was experimenting with it. The consistency is that of a gel. It claims to be good for marks, so the first day I used it only over marks. It was very light, didn’t feel like I applied anything on skin, so the next day I thought I will apply like a pack on face after cleaning and wipe off in an hour or so. But it was again so light and my skin felt natural that I didn’t wipe it off and slept with it. Now, I have read that it may make skin dry if left overnight for some people, so I was cautious. But it was absolutely fine for me. So I zeroed to this method of usage. And quite frankly I was undergoing a breakout phase so wasn’t using a night cream at all, with the fear of breakouts. So, this one easily slipped into my daily night care regime. I did not feel any need for any cream or moisturizer after applying this. My skin felt very relaxed, light and refreshed. It gave my skin a natural cool as if I washed my face with some enriched water, just that this water like thing stays on my face and doesn’t drip down. Even when I woke up in morning the skin didn’t feel irritated or dry out.

Aloe Vera gel Blob

It did not much work on my acne scars, just a bit lighter may be. Not much work on the pigmentation part as well. But still I am happy with the natural moisturizer part.


  • Affordable

  • Good quantity and goes a long way

  • Flip Flop packing is good and travel friendly

  • Very light on skin, your skin will feel really hydrated

  • Natural moisturizer

  • Did not dry my skin or irritated it

  • Has a cooling effect which relaxes your skin

  • Soothes tired skin

  • Non sticky

  • Blends very well with skin


  • Did not reduce my spots much

  • Why to add fragrance to a natural product?

Will I re-purchase again? Yes. Apart from skin moisturizer, it’s a multipurpose product.

Would I recommend it to others? Yes. Even if you don’t use daily, it is advised to have this stocked. Aloe gel is multipurpose.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Availability: I have read people complain about availability but I have a Patanjali outlet 10 steps from my home :P. The store is well stocked with products and stays open till 10:30pm :) For all my readers who find it difficult to locate an outlet, here is a list of online stores which sell Patanjali Products.

Have you tried Patanjali Alovera Gel?


  1. Nice review.. I badly want to try their products but don't know where they are available.

  2. Hi
    i am struggling from acne problem on my face ,can you tell me shall i use patanjali aloe vera gel or any other gel or creams are available.please give me reply ASAP

  3. Honey, as much as I would like to help u, but I am not a dermatologist to give u correct advice.
    I apply lemon juice in evening fr sometime to control oiliness,but it cant b used on open wounds. I also use this gel before bed. What suits me may Not suit u. Mine are not teenage acne. Pls pls pls consult dermatologist n dont follow any regime as it may aggravate things.
    But yes aloe gel helped me.
    Let me know if u need more info.

  4. Hey. How do you store the gel? Do you refrigerate it?

  5. Hi, i used to store in my dressing table .

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