Why should we use Facial Toners? I will give you 8 Simple Reasons.

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CTM is the bible of skin care and it’s a crime to go wrong here. C is Cleansing, T is Toning and M is for Moisturizing. But have you ever wondered, what is the use of the T sandwiched between C and M? Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know because even I didn’t know much till now. But I was using it on and off. Only when I got the bug to dig deep into the skin care and beauty regime I reached here. Doing healthy research really helps and this is a tried and tested formula from the experience of my victory over hair loss.

Why should we use Facial Toners

To begin with toner is kind of a generic term . It is sold in market under various fancy names like astringents, tonics, balancers, skin purifiers, clarifying lotion, cleansing water, skin fresheners and so on.

Why should we use Facial Toners

Benfits of Facial Toners

  1. It reduces or shrinks the size of skin pores. When we cleanse our skin, our pores get opened up as a result. So a toner does the job well of shrinking these pores.

  1. It removes traces of dirt or grime that may be missed by our face wash. It’s like double check to ensure a clean skin :)

  1. It helps us to get rid of the stubborn makeup traces that remain on our skin even after cleansing. And I have seen this happen even with best of the face washes.

  1. Toners also help remove traces of the face wash/soap left behind after cleaning. And believe me there are a lot of chemicals in the face wash/soaps as well, so you wouldn’t want them rest on your skin for day long.

  1. It balances the pH of the skin. Most of the facial cleansers are alkaline in nature so the toners help restoring the normal pH of the skin which is around 5-6.

  1. It gives a fresh feeling and rejuvenates our tired skin.

7.    Depending on the content of the toner, some toners also add mild moisture back to the skin.

  1. Toner is particularly beneficial for people with oily and sensitive skin. Oils and pores help the dirt to settle. Toners regulate amount of oil produced and hence prevents acne.

Apart from the various benefits of toners, the best thing I like is about toners is that they can be very easily made at home to begin with. They are super simple and super cheap, the only thing you have to be sure is what you want in your toner. I have thoroughly enjoyed making and using the Cucumber Toner for Glowing Skin for over a month now. I am in love with homemade toners these days and would equally love to share them with you. I have also been using a homemade DIY Green Tea Toner, which I will be sharing in a few days :)

Even if you are not sure with toners now or not comfortable with investing much here till you are confident, you could just start with a rose water in form of a face spray or toner. It can never go wrong. Try procuring the purest form of rose water and let it do its job. And a rose water can never go waste even if you may later not much like it as a toner. It could be used instead of water in each face pack :)

Why should we use Facial Toners

I hope all you should be off your chairs by the end of this article looking for toners :)

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