Time To Celebrate! :D - Giveaway by Vanity Case Box

April 29, 2013 Setu 0 Comments

Congratulations to Heena from Vanity Case Box on completing 6 months. She has hosted a Giveaway worth Rs 4000 to celebrate this :) :) :) . This giveaway is open for Indian Residents only.

makeup giveaway 2013 open (1)

 The first winner will win:
1)    NY Citi Bow Bangle Bracelet

2)    Kryolan Perfect Matte Primer

3)    Maxfactor Nail Enamel “Angel Nails”

4)    Lakme True Wear Nail Enamel

5)    Inglot Freedom System Lisptick “26”

6)    Maybelline Vivid and Smooth Eyeliner “Peacock Green”

7)    Maybelline Vivid and Smooth Eyeliner “Blue”

8)    Avon Imari Seduction Purse Concentre
9)    Garnier Fructis Style Gel

The Second winner will win:

1)    Bourjois Paris Intense Extrait Eyeshadow

2)    A beautiful “Love” Bracelet.

Amazing, isn't it? Click here to participate.


Enter Nail Art Giveaway on Lindsey's Lacquer! $25 Voucher to the Born Pretty Store!

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Hi All,

Check out Lindsey's Lacquer to enter the giveaway. Who doesn't want a gift card to shop the world of Nail Art supplies from Bornprettystore ? I definitely want one (and many more :P ).  Good Luck to all :D


It is a $25 voucher give away offered to a lucky follower! This is open internationally and ends May 8, 2013. So Hurry!!!!!!


Nail Art Basics – What is a Dotting Tool? How to Use it ?

April 26, 2013 Setu 17 Comments

After a series of Easy at home nail art which do not require any tool, let me steer you the next level and introduce you to world of nail art tools and accessories. They exist to make your life easier and beautify your nails :).

What is a Dotting Tool?

A dotting tool is used for making very small details and spots on nail art designs. It is an essential tool especially, if you plan to use the free hand technique. They are my favorites due to the world of options they open up. You could make  polka dots, hearts, flowers, eyes,clouds, boundaries and what not from this tiny thing. You can browse through my blog to see nail art I did using dotting tool. It usually comes in a set of 5 or 3. Each dotting tool has a different size of sphere on both ends to give you choice for the size of dot you want. If I may suggest, this should be on the top list of your nail art tools.

Dotting Tool

Shopping Guide: These are nothing but sticks with two ends for dotting. All what matters is the size of the spheres. Because that will determine the size and detail of the dots created. So, if you are on a budget, I would suggest to not to invest a lot on this just for the brand name sake. Just look for a set which has 5/3 tools (to give you variety of sizes in spheres) rather than getting a single one. I have a set of 5 but actually I have same sized dots/spheres repeated for a couple of sticks. So even a set of 3 is good option. Some brands like Konad offer wooden dotting tool instead of plastic. I am not sure how the wood is going to impact the design? :P. But the final choice is yours :)

Dotting Tool

Price and Availability: In India, they are available on various online shopping portals. But they are all branded (Konad, Ranrara) so expensive (at least I find them expensive). Go for the cheapest dotting tool available (pref a set of 5) as it doesn't make a difference and will not impact your work. They won’t be branded but brand doesn't make a difference to the size of the dots :P.

You could read a number of articles online to make a dotting tool yourself, but honestly its not worth. Dotting Tool is not that expensive and they will be your side life long. So one must absolutely invest in them. And above all, a substitute is a substitute and will have its limitations :(. But the final choice is yours. You can go with either, in case you get stuck with any of them, I am there for rescue. Shoot me a question :D

One could get affordable dotting tool at Bornprettystore.com. It is very famous in the blogosphere and nail art lovers get most of their stuff from here. They have free international shipping so no worries there. It a heaven for at least people in India where is dearth of cheap nail art supplies :( In case you decide on making this purchase do not forget to enjoy a 10% discount at bornprettystore using coupon code HQBQ10 (See the banner on the blog sidebar).

Well, that’s all the information I could give you on dotting tool. Hope you get one soon and you are set on your nail art journey! Feel free to ask any question and share your experience. I hope this article is helpful to you and because I was drained out of energy finding out affordable nail art supplies in India :P .


Introduction to Nail Art Tool and Accessories for your Help!

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Hi everyone, I have been focusing on the Beginners – Easy at Home Nail Art Series for quite some time now. My aim to start this section was to get more and more people get amicable with nail art rather than scaring them away with tools and jargons.  My sole intention was to demystify the myth that nail art is expensive or nail art is time taking or nail art requires special skills. Nail Art is for each and everyone and you can have plenty on your plate even without investing a single penny on tools or moving out of your house.


I will keep on posting on the ‘Easy at Home Nail Art- Beginners’ section to punch more ideas on nail arts with things lying around at home :P. But for others, who would want to take another step and would like to tame few nail art tools and accessory for your help; this post is what you need :). I have been posting nail arts using some of the mentioned tools lately and I got lots of questions like what did I use? Where did I get them from? So that kind of pushed me do posts on the tools/accessory/special polishes that I use or know about, to help my readers :)

Nail Art help

There are various nail art accessories and tools available and believe me I would die multiple times for each :(. I literally drool over each one of them :D. And if different types of nail art tools and accessories were not enough to drain my month’s salary, all these tools and accessories have different varieties and brands :(.

I am listing the Nail Art Tools /Accessories/ Spl Polishes, the details on which I will be covering over a period of time. The list includes almost all tools, special effects polish and accessories that I am aware of and are worth mentioning. There might still be items not listed, may be because I have never used them or I don't have them or they are not too important to be discussed or simply I don't know about them :P. I will keep updating the list as and when I come across something or you request for something :)

But feel free to let me know if there is any tool/accessory/ polish that I have missed or you would specifically want know about. I will try my best to help you out. So hold on to the strings of your purse tightly because you may actually want to invest in some.

Purse String


  1. Dotting Tool

  2. Stamping Plates

  3. Nail Art Pens

  4. Striping Tape

  5. Nail Art Brushes


  1. Fimo 

  2. Glitters

  3. Nail Art Stickers

  4. Rhinestones/Bullion

  5. Caviar(Beads)

  6. Flocking powder

  7. Foils

  8. Water Decals

  9. Feathers (I am very new to this, I will have to hunt info on this to update you :P )


  1. Top Coat

  2. Base Coat

  3. Mattyfing Nail Paint

  4. Magnetic Nail Paint

  5. Textured Nail Paint

  6. Stamping Nail Paints 

  7. Crackle Nail Paint

Image Source 2 , 3


Easy at Home Nail Art 18 - The Blooming Spring

April 23, 2013 Setu 22 Comments

With spring round the corner, I got inspired to use some bright fresh colors in my nail art. When thinking about spring, how can one forget the colorful flowers? They are like a breath of fresh air. I did something on the same line for my nail art. Every time I look at them, they are like splashing water to my eyes due to the freshness oozing out of them. There is a stark difference in the effort to make and the end result you get. Flower nail arts are my favorites and come to my rescue when I am out of ideas :P. Anyways, girls have an innate relationship with these flowers; we fall for them again and again and again. So this isn't a surprise for anyone I guess :P

Well, I did this Nail Art for an entry for the April Monthly Expo themed "Spring" in the famous blog Nail Art Addiction. I did this long back and I was pretty excited about my entry there. So excited that I forgot the last day of sending the entry inspite of doing this nail art long back :( :(. But I am definetly not going to miss the next one. Viviana from this blog is the sweetest person I have met.  Even though I initially contacted her the monthly expo participation (which I missed), it turned out to be a boon for me. She helped me a lot to revamp my blog, my social buttons and lots of other stuff. I can never thank her enough :)

Blooming Spring Nail Art

Items needed:

  • Base coat

  • Maybelline Orange Nail Paint

  • White Nail paint (can be any contrast color)

  • Bright colors for flowers (acrylic paint/nail paint)

  • Dotting Tool/Tooth Pick

  • Top Coat

Blooming Spring Nail Art

How bring “Spring” to your Nails:

  1. Wash, clean and file your nails. Apply the base coat and wait until dry.

  2. Apply the orange nail paint on all fingers except your ring finger.

  3. Use white nail paint for the ring finger.

  4. Now, let’s make those cute flowers. Read my article ‘How to Easily make Flower for Nail Art using Toothpick or Dotting tool’.

  5. Now when you learnt to make these flowers, let us proceed to the next step. Make one flower on each nail with white nail paint/acrylic paint except the ring finger. The positioning of the flower can be anywhere you please :D

  6. Dip the toothpick's end in yellow nail paint or acrylic paint and make a dot in the middle of the flower. This will make your flower look more real.

  7. Chose few random bright colors to make the bouquet of flowers on your ring finger. Start making random flowers placing them in organized fashion on your ring finger.

  8. Lastly, make some leaves if you wish on the ring finger using toothpick tip or nail art brush.

Blooming Spring Nail Art

Additional Info

  • You can use green instead of white for your ring finger. The reason being,  green would give a feeling of leaves around without actually drawing them :P

  • For the ring finger, place contrast flowers nearby to make them look vivid and ensure maximum attention to each flower.

  • If you don’t want to make so many flowers on one finger or are not comfortable with making so many flowers at all, chuck the idea!. You can only make like three flowers at the tip or even place them diagonally.

  • You can go with only one flower on each as well.

  • What?? One flower is all you can manage!!!! Well, never mind, just place one flower (try big one and contrast color to the base ) on your ring finger. Each of these options will look good and dainty in their own way, don’t bother about the looks :). Nail Art has a big heart and they cast spell with anything you do from your heart!!

Did you get a splash of freshness with this nail art? Do share your comments and feedback. I love them and they motivate me :)


How to Easily make Flower for Nail Art using Toothpick or Dotting tool

April 23, 2013 Setu 8 Comments

Hi girls, I am about to explain a very simple nail art pattern today. This comes as a savior when I am out ideas for nail art. A flower nail art is a safe and easy form of nail art that can possibly never go wrong. The beauty of flower and the ‘wow’ factor attached to it are immortal so it will never go out of fashion. Also, even if your flowers are not identical or all dots are not of same size don’t worry, who said they have to be? Look around you, isn’t each petal and each flower different? :D

Items Needed:

  • A toothpick/Dotting Tool

  • A base color

  • A contrast color to make flower (Nail paint/ Acrylic paint)

How make the flower bloom on your nails :)

  • Apply the base color which will be the canvas on which you make the flower.

  • Wait for the base color to dry. Now chose the color of the flower and dip your dotting tool or blunt side of tooth pick in the color (nail paint/acrylic paint)

  • Now, lets’ make those cute flowers. Really easy fellas, carefully place five next to each other forming a circle.

  • The radius of the circle should be as big as you want the flower to be. I would suggest a smaller circle where all dots are close by. This will be easy and will hide flaws of uneven dots. See the picture below.

How to Draw Flower for Nail Art Step By Step

  • While the dot is still wet, with the dotting tool or point of the toothpick touch the dots and pull them towards the centre of the circle. This way the petals will look connected to the centre of the flower.

  • After the flower has dried up (it will be a matter of seconds), put a dot in the centre of the flower using toothpick. The general color used is yellow, but you are free to use any contrast color you want to.

  • Liked the flower? Now preserve their timeless beauty on your nail by applying a top coat.

How to Draw Flower For Nail Art

Easy as I promised, isn’t it :D ? Please let me know if you get stuck anywhere or need to know more on this. I hope this article should make at least few flowers bloom around :)


Hot Oil Manicure or Treatment - Solution to Dry, Flaky and Brittle Nails

April 22, 2013 Setu 24 Comments

Hi Friends, I had been planning to do this post for long but kept forgetting (forgive me :( ). But today,I was reminded of this instantly when   Swarnali from Make it Up with Make Up asked me solution for her flaky and brittle nails. I can totally understand how frustrating this can be, so I did not waste time and decided to write this up today. I hope Swarnali as well as others will get benefited by this post today.

I love nail art (and this small sentence does no justice to explain my passion for it :D ) but keeping nails healthy and nourished is of prime importance. And no nail art or expensive polish will look good, if your nails and cuticles do not support them. Before asking the nail art or the fancy polish to make you nails look gorgeous , please ask your self did you do enough for your nails? No Nail Art can substitute the look of a healthy long and strong nail, trust me blindly on this. So here I am trying to ease out some of your worries on this front :P

hot-oil-manicure 1

What is a Hot Oil manicure or treatment?

It is a luxurious and relaxing treatment of not only pampering your hands but also imparting unparalleled nourishment to your nails and cuticles. It is best suited for dry and ribbed nails, damaged cuticles and brittle flaky nails. In simple words, it is a process of showering the goodness and moisture of oil to nourish you hands, nails and cuticles.

It is an expensive treatment in high end spas but is worth the cost. However  my regular readers would know that I never endorse expensive products or difficult treatments. I am more of a researcher who comes up with Do It Yourself substitutes. So, here is a DIY Hot Oil Manicure that everyone can easily do sitting in kitchen :P.

Hot Oil Manicure

How to do a Hot Oil Manicure/ Treatment for your Nails?

If you are indulging in a manicure (Read how to do manicure at home here), then all the prep of cleaning, cutting and filing your nails remain the same. But the point where you dip your hands in the soapy water is to be replaced with the warm oil.

Some of the oils used for this are Vitamin E oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil mixed with lower density oil, Almond Oil etc. All you have to do is warm the oil for a 30 sec or so in the microwave. The oil should not be too hot and bearable. Also, you could add a drop of essential oil like Tea Tree oil which has great anti-bacterial properties. You can also break in a Vitamin E capsule to pass on some Vitamin E goodness.

The reason of using warm the oil is that the density of the oil decreases (so oil thins down) when we heat them,hence they can now easily penetrate into the skin.

Now, dip your hands in the warm oil till the oil cools off. If you enjoyed this, do not hesitate in reheating the oil again for like a 20 sec and repeating it (Do not repeat more, chances are you will burn your hands) . Take out your hands from the oil and massage your hands and wrist. Pay special attention to the cuticle, nail bed and nail edges. Keep in mind that you are feeding the thirsty nails and hands with real good food. So don't stop too soon. Wash your hands with plain water after some massage and wipe them.

You can do the regular pushing your cuticles and removing the dead skin as well. If you wish you can proceed with nail paint application step of the manicure after getting rid of the oiliness from your nails. But I would suggest to please let your nails enjoy the sheer joy of feeling nourished. Do not disturb them :).

I would suggest this as a before bed ritual so that you are touching around things interrupting the healing process.This is said to solve peeling and brittleness of nails if performed regularly. :) . You do not need to do the manicure process every time. Most of the times I just wash my hands and dip the clean hands in hot oil, massage, wipe off the excess oil with paper towel and sleep :D

I hope you enjoyed this post and would use this to pamper your nails and hands. I feel shattered each time my finger nails snap or peel, and would never want the same to happen to anyone else :(. And this feeling motivates me share nail care tricks and tips with you :). Please feel free to share your experiences and questions.


The Simple Girly Plaid Nail Art

April 22, 2013 Setu 18 Comments

Hi Friends, you remember my Plaid Nail Art I which I was embarrased about :(. Everytime I would look at them, I would want to turn to some other page on my blog :(. So I decided to do the damage control by re-creating a plaid nail art. Or I may say a touch of plaid nail art, but who cares if its a touch of plaid or a total plaid or a hint of plaid as long as it makes me feel better :). So after the not so good The  Plaid Nail Art I, I laid my hands on this one. I hope this is better. Well, this challenge is making me do things I would have never otherwise, so its constructive :).


The simple Girly Plaid Nail Art

I did this nail the very next morning I submitted the not so good Plaid Nail Art, but what took time is writing this post :(. Anyways, this nail art is simple yet pretty and girly.This nail art is not something out of the world but it sweet and sober. You can definitely wear them to work. If you find it too feminine, get a smarter look by using gray for the base color and black for striping. For me, you would see me doing less of plaids because I do not think its my cup of tea. But you never know, there are so many nail arts that I thought were unfriendly but turned out to be greatest friends once I tried them like the Fish tail Braid Nail Art. Didn't I say, the challenge is making me explore so many things. There are some days when I question my self and my abilities :(. While there are other days when I amaze myself :). I am enjoying this phase, its like putting myself to some pressure test or reality check. I come back from office everyday at like 8 in the night. I freshen up, check on what the maid is up to cooking and jump on to the nail art challenge theme. By the time I explore ideas and I do half the nail art, I am hungry :(. Then either my husband feeds me while I do the nail art or I wait to finish the nail art. After I have dinner,I am sleepy yet I write tutorial, edit it and post it. After which I submit my entry :(. Pheww!!! that's a hell lot of commitment. But its like churning and sometimes miraculous results justify all of these. And what is more satisfying is reading through comments and counting your 'Likes'. Each one of them mean so much :)

The Girly Plaid Nail Art

Well, I much of a talker and story teller so lets get back to the tutorail.

Items Used

  1. ColorBar Mauve Color Nail Paint

  2. Blue Nail Art pen

  3. Dotting tool for the pink dot and white dot

  4. Pink and white acrylic paint for creating dots


  • Clean , cut and file your nails. Apply the base coat and let it dry.

  • Polish your nails with the mauve color and let it dry.

  • Using the striping brush in the nail art pen, draw lines crossing each other the nail art.

  • Get some pink color on the dotting tool/toothpick and place small dots on the place where both lines cross each other.

  • Get some white color on the dotting tool/toothpick and place smaller dots on the pink dots. It would give a bit of fancy look to the nail art. If you have a rhinestone, go ahead and use it. They will definitely fab up your nail art.

  • Finish it with the top coat to add shine and life to your nail art.

The Simple Girly Plaid Nail Art

This nail art took under 5 minutes to complete. And I was happy to do something like plaid without being horrible at it. I hope this version of the Plaid Nail Art was more enjoyable than the last one. Let me know how did I fare in this one  :)

The Simple Girly Plaid Nail Art


The Leopard Print Nail Art with an Oomph!

April 19, 2013 Setu 17 Comments

Hi All, the theme for the nail art yesterday was Animal Print. Now I have already sent the ‘Easy at Home- Zebra Nail Art’ as entry. But since did not create anything I was having an itch. So I went ahead and did a nail art for animal print. I have never done a leopard print nail art but it’s sexy, trust me. I was never inclined towards them (by now you would know I am Pinky girlie girl, and I am more of flower and hearts than animal print) :P. But this is worth the try, I love it and I am sure I am going to come this way again. Colorful as I am, I created this leopard print imagine a sexy and stylish 'she' leopard. And that is how I justified the pink color for a leopard print to my dad :P. He was trying to relate it to the real leopard so I stopped him before he went too far :)

The Leopard Print Nail Art with an Oomph


Top 7 Fruits for Healthy Hair

April 19, 2013 Setu 6 Comments

No matter how many chemical treatments you get for your hair, there is really no compensation for natural remedies. Surprisingly, the easiest way to get long, lustrous and healthy hair is using fruits for hair nourishment.

Top 7 Fruits for Healthy Hair

We all know that fruits are good for the health and mostly associated with the nourishment of the skin to keep it supple. But, did you know that fruits are also important for the healthy growth of hair? Although having a balance diet and all kinds of fruit throughout the year is helpful, there are specific fruits that work better for hair , than others, and here are the  top 7:


Bananas are rich in potassium and vitamin A, C and E. These nutrients are essentially important when it comes to restoring dull and damaged hair. Each of these nutrients has a role to play. While Vitamin A restores the natural oils of the hair, Vitamin E repairs all the damage and split ends.


An apple a day can certainly keep the dandruff away. A natural way to deal with the problem of excessive dandruff is applying apple juice to the scalp, which removes and prevents the re occurrence of dandruff for a long span of time. You can also use it right after shampoo for natural conditioning and giving your hair a lustrous shine.

Top 7 Fruits for Healthy Hair


Pineapple is a great cleanser; it helps remove all the dirt and grime from the pores of the scalp, keeping it clean, and allowing other nourishing elements to be soaked properly. Apply its juice over the scalp and give it some steam, once the pores open up, apply some oil and let it soak. Wash hair after an hour, and feel the difference.


Lemon is another great natural cleanser. All you need to do is, cut the lemon into half, and scrub it over your scalp. It effectively removes all the dandruff and also prevents it from reoccurring for at least a week. If you feel lemon makes your hair dry, use it in combination with some olive oil.


Papaya is the best natural exfoliator. It is rich in Vitamin A, and restores the oils and moisture of the hair. If you are fighting with dry hair problems, the best way is to mash papaya, mix it with some olive oil, and apply the mask to your hair for an hour. Wash and you will certainly feel the softness.


Another anecdote for dry hair is peaches. The best way to use peaches is the take the ripest ones, mash them and mix them with some yogurt. Apply the mask over your scalp and hair, covering especially the tips. Wash your hair after an hour. If done on a weekly basis this will certainly help you get rid of split ends and dry hair.


Avocado is the powerhouse for the healthy hair. It is a rich source of vitamin A, antioxidants and natural moisturizers. Using avocado extract as a deep conditioner make the hair stronger, shiner and healthier.

Top 7 Fruits for Healthy Hair

In order to learn more about the most effective way of using fruits for your hair, it is advisable to visit a hair salon in Melbourne and ask them about your hair type. Once that is known using the right fruits will benefit more.

Author: Claire is a professional beautician & owner of beauty salon in Melbourne. They provide a high quality, professional & efficient service to both male & female clients with a focus on Hair Salon Melbourne.

I hope you find this article useful and enjoy the goodness of all these fruits. Happy Weekend :)

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Image Source 1 , 2 ,3,


DIY Anti-Oxidant Packed Green Tea Toner

April 18, 2013 Setu 9 Comments

Hi dolls, didn't I tell you in my last post ‘DIY Cucumber Tonerabout my small crush on toners these days? Yes, I am enjoying all versions of homemade toners these days and you know what I love even more; to share it with gorgeous people here :)

I have been using this toner for around 7-8 months now but I do not know why I am posting so late :P. I guess I always wanted to do an introductory post on 'Benefits of green tea' and then jump to this and other green tea beauty recipes. If you want to brush up what a toner is and why should we use it, read this.

Green Tea Toner


  • Green tea bags 3-4 or two spoon of loose green tea

  • Juice of 1 Lemon (optional) – Lemon brightens skin tone, lighten scars and helps in controlling oil production

  • 3-4 drops of Tea Tree oil (optional) - Tea tree oil is an excellent antiseptic helps keeping acne at bay.

  • Teaspoon Honey (optional) - Honey is a disinfectant and natural bleach. It acts as a natural moisturizer and its antiseptic properties help to prevent skin problems.



  1. Take a 50 ml of fresh drinking water and put it to boil. After you see bubbles popping out the surface, knowing that the water has sufficiently boiled just turn off the flame.

  2. Quickly add the green tea (tea bag/loose) but not the other ingredients. Now close the lid of the container so that the steam doesn't escape and the green tea seeps into the liquid transferring all its goodness.

  3. Allow this liquid to cool for around 4 hours. I leave it overnight many a times.

  4. Now, strain and pour the potent liquid in your spray bottle.

  5. Squeeze in a fresh lemon juice through a strainer so that the pulp and seeds do not slip into the magic toner. Top it up with the honey and tea tree oil. You can refrigerate it and start using.

DIY Green Tea Toner

How to use:

I use it twice a day, each time I was my face I use this toner to prep my face for the moisturizer. Spray or pour some of this toner on clean cotton ball and apply it evenly all over your face closing your eyes. Give special attention to the places where you have spots and places which are susceptible to ageing like corner of your eye and lips.

My Experience:

The green tea toner helps cleansing, revitalizing, and calming the skin. It is suitable for all skin types. It contains antioxidants that your skin will absorb and love. It also helps to restore your skin’s vital pH balance. Packed with antioxidants, as well as vitamins C and E, green tea is an excellent skin toner and anti-irritant. The toner is good to use for 7- 8 days at room temperature and around 15 days if refrigerated. I prefer the refrigerated version way better since has very soothing effect and also it effectively closes pores opened up while cleaning the face. My skin feels absolutely fresh and awake after I use this. Using this toner is a motivation these days to wash my face on lazy days :P. On freshness parameter, I would rank cucumber toner above this. You cannot beat cucumber on this. But goodness wise both have different purposed to fulfill.

Additional Info:

  • As mentioned in my previous post on DIY Cucumber Toner, lemon is photosensitive so regulate the amount of usage immediately before stepping out in the sun.

  • It is suggested to do a patch test on the inner side of your elbow as a normal practice before using anything on your skin.

  • Tea tree oil is a potent and highly concentrated  which should not be used directly on skin.

I hope you enjoyed this easy and mighty packed with goodness of antioxidant toner. Do not hesitate to leave your comments, compliments and queries. I love to hear them :)

Image Source 1 , 2

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The Tribal Nail Art

April 16, 2013 Setu 13 Comments

Hi all, the theme for today's nail art challenge is Tribal. This is the second time I did a tribal nail art. The first time I did this , I was not even aware  that it is called a Tribal Nail Art :P :P. But frankly, its better this time. When I started with the nail art my husband was making faces seeing the untidy work but I tried convincing him that it would better once finished. And when he saw the completed the nail art he was very happy. He was looking for words to explain the look when he just said :" You know, it kind of looks Tribal". Bingo!! that's what the theme is and he did not know about it at all (I Swear). That's when I got confident that the nail art definitely complies by the theme :D. If he could guess it, I am sure others can. But you can not underestimate his knowledge on nail art these days. He is a quick learner and seeing me going head over heals over nail art, he has learnt a lot seeing me  doing nail artssssssssssssss and browsing hundreds of nail arts pics/blogsssss :D

Now these are colorful nail arts can be done primarily with the help of nail art pens or fine brush. I used a nail art pen.There is not much like a tutorial that I could write, you just have to go with your heart. You can chose any pattern and any color, I guarantee you that if you feel good about the design then it will look good on your nails :)

So following pictures will help you understand the route I took. But feel free to ask me if you get stuck. I would love to be bothered so let me know. I also love your comments and likes so don't be a miser and pour them :P :P. Ya, Ya I am in fun mood so I am just blabbering :).

Tribal Nail Art Tutorial

Liked it?? If you liked it here are few more . And if you did not like it?? well you don't have a choice, still go through them :P :P.

The Tribal Nail Art

Tribal Nail Art


Easy at Home Nail Art 17 - The Marble Nail Art without Water

April 15, 2013 Setu 16 Comments

Hi girls, the theme for today's challenge is Water Marble Nail Art .But for those of you who have known me by now, can bet that I can just not waste paint. I simply can't, my heart pains to see every drop slipping by :(. I tried doing the water marble nail art but as soon as I tried for one finger, I started feeling weak, like it was not nail paint dripping off and getting wasted but blood dripping off my body :( :(

So I tried finding a substitute to the water marble nail art. This gives similar effects as water marble nail art. Since, I have done this the very first time, the results are not very impressive. But they are not bad either :). I bet, I would come back with a better marble effect nail art than this. There are techniques that one can only learn after doing and not by reading piles of paper.

Marble Effect Nail Art without water

The tutorial isn't worth explaining so here are pictures showing how I did the easy nail art. It took less than five minutes so its definitely doable. It has no hard and fast rules and moves so ideal for a beginner to practice hands on :P

Following are the series of pictures to explain it as simply as I could.

Step 1 : Chose a base color and apply it. Allow it to dry.

Marble Effect Nail Art without water

Step 2 : Pick up another contrast color and make random dots.

Marble Effect Nail Art without water

Step 3 -  While the drops are still wet, you have to use a toothpick or a pointed thing to just spread the color in random fashion.

Marble Effect Nail Art without water

Step 4 : This is an optional step where you can either do a transparent top coat or throw in a bit of glitter for the nail art to bling :)

Marble Effect Nail Art without water

I hope you enjoyed the very easy nail art tutorial. Although this gives effect near to marbling , doesn't waste half of the paint also :). Depending on one's comfort you could use different  colors for the dots and hence a colorful nail art. Let me know if this nail art appealed to your creativity.


The Bride's Veil in Blue Nail art

April 14, 2013 Setu 19 Comments

You know, how it feels when you create something and you are actually pleased with it; rather than cribbing about your work and being your own critique. Yes, I felt this after long after I created this nail art. Usually, I always over examine my work and I mostly feel ‘I could have done better’ and stuff :(. But this one and a very few others were pleasant surprises :) :)

This is my entry for the 30 Day Nail Art Challenge for the theme ‘French With A Twist’. I personally find it cute and feminine but I would be more than happy if you feel the same way about it :D

The Bride's Veil in Blue Nail Art


Easy at Home Nail Art 16- Fish Tail Braid

April 12, 2013 Setu 22 Comments

Hi, I did a Fish tail braid nail art today for the 30 Day Nail Art for the first time. I am kind of happy that I tried something new. I am not very fond of them although. But yes, I needed do this once and here is my trail. After doing this, I was wondering this is not half as bad I thought so why didn't I try this earlier? And I am gonna try this again. May be I would end up with a better one next time :).

The Fish Tail Braid Nail Art

So all you need is three pretty nail paints and nail art tools. Isn't it cool? Yes, it is because anyone can do it. You can do it on all nails or just one. But to be honest, I messed up a couple of times with which stripe to put in which sequence. It was like decoding some tech stuff. Me and my friend Pratibha, starched our head a lot but goofed up endless number of times (not endless but like twice, ya ya girls exaggerate; big deal :P ). I was planning to do this nail art for her but screwed her nails with endless (by endless I mean two, you know me now :P ) experiments that we both did. Eventually, it was late night and she went home with each nail looking unique in its own way and the nail paints screaming of nail paint remover. I guess they were too embarrassed to be noticed! :(  . Yes, that happens many a times, just like we have Bad Hair Day,  I guess we do have Bad Nail Day as well :D. And I am like literally having bad nail days for last couple of days, don't know why ???? :(

Yes, Eureka, I know the reason :) .I think my nails are angry because I did not buy nail paints for a while. Yes that's it, now I know where it all went wrong, my nails are feeling neglected and ignored and that's the reason they are not responding positively to any of my experiments. This is an emergency and I need to buy nail paints :P. What do you all say?

The Fish Tail Braid Nail Art

The Fish Tail Braid Nail Art

Now I really could not write the tutorial of this nail art because words will only confuse you and lead to a wrong direction. So I am using the wonderful and self explanatory pictorial from Lucy's Stash. Its a heaven of nail art let me tell you.

Fishtail manicure tutorial

Image Source is Lucy's Stash

Let me know how you feel about this. I think its not a total failure for the first time. What do you think? Did they impress you or would a take a pass rather :(


The Plaid Nail Art I

April 10, 2013 Setu 5 Comments

Hi, I wouldn't do much talking today because frankly speaking, I am not quite happy with my nail art. This for the 30 Day Nail Art Challenge and the theme today is Plaid. Now, I have never done a plaid :(. And now I know why, because I suck at it. Yes, sorry to spread the negativity but I am feeling low!! :(. I am not sending any great entries these days I feel. Okay, now before I begin shedding tears lets quickly go to the nail art :( :( :(

My husband just read this and he is convincing me that I do not suck at it, I am quite good and if I am not happy I should give another try. Let me see if I have energy left, I may update with another plaid. But till then, this is my Plaid entry.

Plaid Nail Art

Items Used

  1. Avon pink nail Paint

  2. Nail art pens of black, blue, purple , pink and silver color (You could use a striping brush for drawing line)

  3. Star shaped nail art accessory

  4. Top Coat/ Base Coat

Plaid Nail Art


  1. Do the cleaning, cutting and filing of nails. Apply top coat and allow it to try.

  2. Paint the nails with the pink color.

  3. Using nail art pen or nail art brush draw stripes in your desired pattern.

  4. Cross over the stripes for the plaid look.

  5. At the crossing of the lines, apply a star on wet nail paint or nail glue.

  6. Finish it with a top Coat.

Plaid Nail Art

Well, that's that and the nail art is done. I hope its not as bad as I think it to be. Well, but please share your thoughts on this. Only your comments and likes could make me feel better I guess. :) And by the end of this post after uploading the pictures and all I am kind of lenient on myself and I am wondering, this is not as bad maybe and maybe I am just being too hard on myself. Well, I would only know that after I hit the publish button :)


Easy At Home Nail Art 15 - Half Moon with Polka Dots

April 09, 2013 Setu 28 Comments

Hi ladies, this simple nail art is again for the 30 Day Nail Art Challenge and the theme for today is Polka Dots. Its a very simple yet an ageless design. I have not come across a girl who doesn't go "Awwwww"  after seeing polka dots. My last polka dots design Retro With Polka Dot Nail Art   made me realize that. And I have never been away from my dotting tool since then. Its like some super natural power drawing my shaking hands towards the dotting tool every time I indulge in a nail art, like its assuring me that "Pick Me, I will never go wrong" :). Trust me, its only off late, after I my Chained in Pink Nail Art did I decide to make an attempt to stay away for overtly feminine and dotty nail arts :). Just for a change and some unexplored adventure :)

Anyways, following what I decided for my self, I am trying to refrain from using dots. Even for this polka dot challenge, I have tried in going for a non-feminine or cute kind of nail art. Lets see how much I succeeded.

The half moon with polka dot  Nail Art

Items Used

  • Avon Cranberry Nail paint

  • White Acrylic Paint/ Nail Paint

  • Dotting Tool/ Tooth Pick

  • Top Coat and Base Coat

The half moon with polka dot  Nail Art

How to get the Half Moon

  1. Clean, cut and file your nails. Do the top coat and allow them to dry.

  2. Paint all your nails with the Avon Cranberry Nail paint.

  3. Take up the white paint on your dotting tool and start drawing the half moon. You could get the half moon on any side of your nail, they would all look equally beautiful.

  4. Finish it with the top coat.

The half moon with polka dot  Nail Art

Well, didn't I say this nail art was very simple and easy? It took like a two minutes to finish both hands :). I think this is a classy nail art and very wearable to work. One could use a lighter color or beige to tone down. I am not sure how you feel about this nail art but I hope you would appreciate the non cute and feminine version of polka dots.

I have also included another version of this nail art. I just tried to go little far in the experiment. The half moon was good and complete in itself , I do not why did I attempt to do this. Well, I am not sure if this was good, but I got the entire thing off my nails. I did not like it.

Extended version of The half moon with polka dot  Nail Art


The High and Low Crest Nail Art

April 08, 2013 Setu 11 Comments

Hello lovely people, the theme for the 30 Day Nail Art Challenge is Zig Zag. Very simple and common right? Yes, that's what I thought, till the time I actually sat down with my nail art kit and ran out of ideas. There were so many that I blacked out :P. This is so embarrassing :(

So I decided to fix the colors and later some idea for the nail art will just flow in :). So I zeroed in with golden and black. And the rest is for you to decide if I failed or Passed. :)

High and Low Crests nail Art

High and Low Crests nail Art

Items Used

  • Golden Nail Paint

  • Black Nail Paint

  • Black Nail Art Pen or fine brush to draw zig zag

  • Pink Nail Art Pen or fine brush to draw zig zag

  • Dotting Tool/ Toothpick

  • Top Coat/Base Coat

High and Low Crests nail Art

How to go high and low

  1. Clean, cut and file your nails. Apply the base coat and let it dry.

  2. Apply the golden nail paint on all your nails except the ring fingers. Apply,

  3. Take the nail art pen/fine brush with black color and do a zig zag line across each golden colored nail. Apply black color on the ring finger,

  4. Take the nail art pen/fine brush with pink color and try do another zig zag layer over the black zig zag. The trick to get almost correct pink zig zag is to make pink dots on tips of black crests so that they guide you while drawing the pink crests.

  5. Now make polka dots with golden nail paint on the black colored nail.

  6. With finer side of the dotting tool or toothpick make finer dots with pink on the golden dots.

  7. Apply the top coat now to guard the crests.

High and Low Crests nail Art

This is good nail art for parties and bright dresses.


Easy At Home Nail Art 14 - The Splashes of Colors

April 07, 2013 Setu 16 Comments

Hi, the theme for the  30 day nail art challenge is Rainbow today. The more the days of this challenge pass by and I write these posts on my blog, the more I feel like I am writing a diary of my experience with nail art. And I feel more connected, its like talking to myself and re-living by experience by sharing :). Yes, and as a little promise made to myself I am trying something new everyday :P. And I am enjoying the suspense of the outcome each day :)

I did a very simple and fun nail art today and I am amazed, yet again of the possibilities that are unexplored, of the roads that are yet not taken and of the joys yet not experienced. Yes, I am getting a little philosophical today but that's what I am feeling. :)Easy Splash Colors Nail art

Items Used

  • White Nail paint

  • An old Toothbrush to sprinkle colors

  • Acrylic Paints/Nail Paints of various colors

  • Top Coat/Base Coat

Easy At Home Nail Art- The Splashes of Colors

How to have Fun Splashing Colors

  1. Clean, Cut and file your nails. Paint them white and allow them to dry.

  2. Consider using a newspaper on the area you work because there may be little splashes around. :)

  3. Put some acrylic paint/nail paint (the colors you decide to use) on a plate. Touch the bristles of the tooth brush onto the color.

  4. Run your fingers through it, placing them over your nail and see the colors sprinkle in tiny dots.

  5. Do this with various colors to get the rainbow effect. Clean your nail area and finger.

  6. Finish it with a top Coat.

Easy At Home Nail Art- The Splashes of Colors- Process

Easy At Home Nail Art- The Splashes of Colors

Woah!! I thoroughly enjoyed this mess. I hope you did too. This so easy and quick that there is practically no excuse not to try it. Share your experiences and feel free to drop in comments and compliments :)