DIY Anti-Oxidant Packed Green Tea Toner

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Hi dolls, didn't I tell you in my last post ‘DIY Cucumber Tonerabout my small crush on toners these days? Yes, I am enjoying all versions of homemade toners these days and you know what I love even more; to share it with gorgeous people here :)

I have been using this toner for around 7-8 months now but I do not know why I am posting so late :P. I guess I always wanted to do an introductory post on 'Benefits of green tea' and then jump to this and other green tea beauty recipes. If you want to brush up what a toner is and why should we use it, read this.

Green Tea Toner


  • Green tea bags 3-4 or two spoon of loose green tea

  • Juice of 1 Lemon (optional) – Lemon brightens skin tone, lighten scars and helps in controlling oil production

  • 3-4 drops of Tea Tree oil (optional) - Tea tree oil is an excellent antiseptic helps keeping acne at bay.

  • Teaspoon Honey (optional) - Honey is a disinfectant and natural bleach. It acts as a natural moisturizer and its antiseptic properties help to prevent skin problems.



  1. Take a 50 ml of fresh drinking water and put it to boil. After you see bubbles popping out the surface, knowing that the water has sufficiently boiled just turn off the flame.

  2. Quickly add the green tea (tea bag/loose) but not the other ingredients. Now close the lid of the container so that the steam doesn't escape and the green tea seeps into the liquid transferring all its goodness.

  3. Allow this liquid to cool for around 4 hours. I leave it overnight many a times.

  4. Now, strain and pour the potent liquid in your spray bottle.

  5. Squeeze in a fresh lemon juice through a strainer so that the pulp and seeds do not slip into the magic toner. Top it up with the honey and tea tree oil. You can refrigerate it and start using.

DIY Green Tea Toner

How to use:

I use it twice a day, each time I was my face I use this toner to prep my face for the moisturizer. Spray or pour some of this toner on clean cotton ball and apply it evenly all over your face closing your eyes. Give special attention to the places where you have spots and places which are susceptible to ageing like corner of your eye and lips.

My Experience:

The green tea toner helps cleansing, revitalizing, and calming the skin. It is suitable for all skin types. It contains antioxidants that your skin will absorb and love. It also helps to restore your skin’s vital pH balance. Packed with antioxidants, as well as vitamins C and E, green tea is an excellent skin toner and anti-irritant. The toner is good to use for 7- 8 days at room temperature and around 15 days if refrigerated. I prefer the refrigerated version way better since has very soothing effect and also it effectively closes pores opened up while cleaning the face. My skin feels absolutely fresh and awake after I use this. Using this toner is a motivation these days to wash my face on lazy days :P. On freshness parameter, I would rank cucumber toner above this. You cannot beat cucumber on this. But goodness wise both have different purposed to fulfill.

Additional Info:

  • As mentioned in my previous post on DIY Cucumber Toner, lemon is photosensitive so regulate the amount of usage immediately before stepping out in the sun.

  • It is suggested to do a patch test on the inner side of your elbow as a normal practice before using anything on your skin.

  • Tea tree oil is a potent and highly concentrated  which should not be used directly on skin.

I hope you enjoyed this easy and mighty packed with goodness of antioxidant toner. Do not hesitate to leave your comments, compliments and queries. I love to hear them :)

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  3. Thank you so much for the recipe. I just need to ask something. Would the honey feel sticky on the skin? Another thing, could this be used just before going out or I need to wait for a while before going out in the sun?? Thanks again!

  4. Hi Dina, Honey doesnt feel sticky bcz the concentration is less, i just feel moisturised instead of dry when I use honey. Lemon is photosensitive, so I do not go out immedeatly after applying it...i wash my face in morning and do the CTM which is like before 1 hour from leaving home from office. Also, the impact depends on the concentrayion of lemon you have used. if you have put more than a spoon of lemon in your toner, use it at night. I use barely a tea spoon so I apply it in morning as well. However, I do not hold any professional qualification for any suggestion, but I am saying this based on my experince and what i have read. Hope this helps..lemme know if you need to know more.

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