Easy at Home Nail Art 13- The Not So Angry Owl Looks

April 04, 2013 Setu 4 Comments

Hi, friends this is again a post for the 3o Day Nail Art Challenge but I had been planning to share this nail art with you for long. This is again one of those nail arts which do not require any nail art tools, a toothpick or a ball point pen is good enough. I did this nail art for on of my friends Mamta on a lunch get together I had organized at my place. I did this simple nail art and she was happy with it (I hope she was happy :P ).

The theme today is Green and although I have 4 shades of green in my drawer but this one is my favorite green. Its actually more of Teal but still the family it belongs to is green. This color has never disappointed me and supported all the nail art experiments I did with it :) Its a Teal color from faces cosmetics.I am not very sure that I was actually trying to make an owl or something but more than half the people who saw it, said it resembles an owl or its face ( this was not what I was creating although :( ). Later, even I felt that it was connected to owl in someway but I don't know how. The name of the nail art is given my husband and I am quite convinced by it :) (btw my husband helps with names of most of nail arts, he is good with creative stuff).

The Not So Angry Owl Looks Nail Art

Items Used

  • Teal color Nail Paint

  • White Acrylic Paint

  • Black Acrylic Paint

  • Top Coat/Base Coat

  • Toothpick/Dotting Tool

The Not So Angry Owl Looks Nail Art


  1. Clean, cut and file your nails. Apply the base coat and leave it to dry.

  2. Polish your nails with the teal color. I swear even if you don't do a nail art this color is good on its own (I say that for a very few nail paints as I hate one nail paint stealing the show :P )

  3. Pick up some white paint on your toothpick/dotting tool and paint two bigger dots at the end of each nail and dots should lie close to each other in a straight line.

  4. Now, carefully pick up black color in a similar way and make dot exactly at the center of the white dots. Further pick up white color on dotting tool and place smallest dots on the black dots you just made.

  5. Make the eyebrow kind of a thing again with white dots to give a staring look:).

  6. Finish with a top coat and you are done.

The Not So Angry Owl Looks Nail Art

I hope you found this nail art easy and doable. Do you also feel this nail art is connected to an owl face in some way? I don't know I keep hearing that. Let me know if you if you are able to solve the mystry of 'How is it related to an owl' ??

I am glad that I finally posted this after long, thanks to this challenge it is literally making me WORK and THINK. I am Loving it!!!! :)