Easy At Home Nail Art 15 - Half Moon with Polka Dots

April 09, 2013 Setu 28 Comments

Hi ladies, this simple nail art is again for the 30 Day Nail Art Challenge and the theme for today is Polka Dots. Its a very simple yet an ageless design. I have not come across a girl who doesn't go "Awwwww"  after seeing polka dots. My last polka dots design Retro With Polka Dot Nail Art   made me realize that. And I have never been away from my dotting tool since then. Its like some super natural power drawing my shaking hands towards the dotting tool every time I indulge in a nail art, like its assuring me that "Pick Me, I will never go wrong" :). Trust me, its only off late, after I my Chained in Pink Nail Art did I decide to make an attempt to stay away for overtly feminine and dotty nail arts :). Just for a change and some unexplored adventure :)

Anyways, following what I decided for my self, I am trying to refrain from using dots. Even for this polka dot challenge, I have tried in going for a non-feminine or cute kind of nail art. Lets see how much I succeeded.

The half moon with polka dot  Nail Art

Items Used

  • Avon Cranberry Nail paint

  • White Acrylic Paint/ Nail Paint

  • Dotting Tool/ Tooth Pick

  • Top Coat and Base Coat

The half moon with polka dot  Nail Art

How to get the Half Moon

  1. Clean, cut and file your nails. Do the top coat and allow them to dry.

  2. Paint all your nails with the Avon Cranberry Nail paint.

  3. Take up the white paint on your dotting tool and start drawing the half moon. You could get the half moon on any side of your nail, they would all look equally beautiful.

  4. Finish it with the top coat.

The half moon with polka dot  Nail Art

Well, didn't I say this nail art was very simple and easy? It took like a two minutes to finish both hands :). I think this is a classy nail art and very wearable to work. One could use a lighter color or beige to tone down. I am not sure how you feel about this nail art but I hope you would appreciate the non cute and feminine version of polka dots.

I have also included another version of this nail art. I just tried to go little far in the experiment. The half moon was good and complete in itself , I do not why did I attempt to do this. Well, I am not sure if this was good, but I got the entire thing off my nails. I did not like it.

Extended version of The half moon with polka dot  Nail Art


  1. this looks so simple yet pretty :) great work dear :)

  2. he he, thanks Swarnali. You can easily do this, right?

  3. Thanks a lot, I would love a see how does this turn out when a chef tries them :P

  4. This looks so neat.... yet very elegant... I am in sooo love with Polka dots now.. :)

  5. DPT u have no clue how much polka dots can do to you, they make me weak in knees...u can practically do anything them...flower, heart, bow, clouds and what not..... are u trying any these days?? u had an inclination towards nail art.

  6. I will... I think I'll do one in neon pink with blue dots :) But I am waiting for some pocket money to buy a remover first :P

  7. he he, I am sure it will turn out good and all the best with your remover :) I think I read on Swarnali's post that remover got over....is this the same story?? What do you do?

  8. It sure is the same story :P I completed my MSc last year and hoping to get into some university for a PhD, ASAP. At the moment, I do nothing except hunt for opportunities so that I can sponsor my nail art hobby on my own :3

  9. He he...I have been on that side girl, I guess we all have been there. Try entering some giveaway, I never had my luck with them but you may :)
    Other tip for nail art to be easy on pocket is use Acrylic Paint, they are way cheaper and easier to use. It hurts to see expensive polishes getting waste. Acrylic Paint is a relief. You will reduce nail paint wastage to a great extent. Read my post on Acrylic paints to know more. let me know if I could help you further.

    And most imp, all the best for Phd :)

  10. Aww... thank you so much! Isn't it sad though? I have all the time in the hand right now, bored to death, but so low on the pocket. I'll get into a PhD course and then I'll have the money to afford but no time to do anything :(

    And yeah, I use acrylic paints too and I did see your helpful post on it, it's a great summary for the versatile paint. In fact, my leopard print nail art is an acrylic paint version as well, :) I am head over heels in love with animal prints, TBH :P But I need the remover for the clear coat I put on top of it.

    And it will be very helpful if you could tell me where I can find the giveaways. Thanks again :D Love your blog!

  11. Thanks for the compliment dear.It is always the case, when u want to spend money u dont have time and when u have time u dont have money :)

    Ok, one more idea, try out few established blogs like followng, they pay you to write articles for you. IMBB wont pay if you are a blogger though.You can try with rest. This will be fun plus a boost to your income :)


    For giveaways dear, you will have to google and check for international giveaway or indian give away.

    Hope that helps!!! :) start eearning, wheh your kitty has something, i will suggest u places as per my knowledge to get nail art stuff cheaper :)

  12. Oh :') Can I ever thank you enough?! This is all so helpful! Thanks a lot for helping me out :D :D

  13. You dont have to, when I came here lovely people helped me and till date they help me, I am just passing on to you :). Inform me if you get some luck with them.

    Well, if you really feel like doing something, just spread the word about my blog. I need more beauties like u around :)

  14. You have my word for it :) I am really in love with your blog. I sit with my breakfast and your blog every morning :)

  15. Aww...you made me feel so good!! :)

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  17. Setu... This Nail art will be the very first thing I start after my shaadi shopping... well actually to be very frank..I already did some nail paint shopping in the name of "Marriage preps" :P grt going girl.... luv u ...

  18. Thanks DPT...love to see your comments yaar, it reminds me of our chit chat on these topics in airoli office :)
    Wow! shadi shopping, come to mumbai....v want to help like u helped in ours :) Let me know before u indulge in any nail art shopping. I will tell u places to buy and substitutes.
    Luv u too :P :P

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  23. Hello, Hola and Guten Tag dear! :)
    Glad to see you found your way to our weekly Friendly Bunch Blog Hop!
    I really hope you find some really cool new reads to enjoy!

    Stop by any time.
    Xoxo, Luchessa.

    ps: this is a really cute design.:)

  24. Hey, Thanks dear. i just changed it and was wondering if its good :P
    I am sure I will some thing interesting and inspiring :)