Easy at Home Nail Art 18 - The Blooming Spring

April 23, 2013 Setu 22 Comments

With spring round the corner, I got inspired to use some bright fresh colors in my nail art. When thinking about spring, how can one forget the colorful flowers? They are like a breath of fresh air. I did something on the same line for my nail art. Every time I look at them, they are like splashing water to my eyes due to the freshness oozing out of them. There is a stark difference in the effort to make and the end result you get. Flower nail arts are my favorites and come to my rescue when I am out of ideas :P. Anyways, girls have an innate relationship with these flowers; we fall for them again and again and again. So this isn't a surprise for anyone I guess :P

Well, I did this Nail Art for an entry for the April Monthly Expo themed "Spring" in the famous blog Nail Art Addiction. I did this long back and I was pretty excited about my entry there. So excited that I forgot the last day of sending the entry inspite of doing this nail art long back :( :(. But I am definetly not going to miss the next one. Viviana from this blog is the sweetest person I have met.  Even though I initially contacted her the monthly expo participation (which I missed), it turned out to be a boon for me. She helped me a lot to revamp my blog, my social buttons and lots of other stuff. I can never thank her enough :)

Blooming Spring Nail Art

Items needed:

  • Base coat

  • Maybelline Orange Nail Paint

  • White Nail paint (can be any contrast color)

  • Bright colors for flowers (acrylic paint/nail paint)

  • Dotting Tool/Tooth Pick

  • Top Coat

Blooming Spring Nail Art

How bring “Spring” to your Nails:

  1. Wash, clean and file your nails. Apply the base coat and wait until dry.

  2. Apply the orange nail paint on all fingers except your ring finger.

  3. Use white nail paint for the ring finger.

  4. Now, let’s make those cute flowers. Read my article ‘How to Easily make Flower for Nail Art using Toothpick or Dotting tool’.

  5. Now when you learnt to make these flowers, let us proceed to the next step. Make one flower on each nail with white nail paint/acrylic paint except the ring finger. The positioning of the flower can be anywhere you please :D

  6. Dip the toothpick's end in yellow nail paint or acrylic paint and make a dot in the middle of the flower. This will make your flower look more real.

  7. Chose few random bright colors to make the bouquet of flowers on your ring finger. Start making random flowers placing them in organized fashion on your ring finger.

  8. Lastly, make some leaves if you wish on the ring finger using toothpick tip or nail art brush.

Blooming Spring Nail Art

Additional Info

  • You can use green instead of white for your ring finger. The reason being,  green would give a feeling of leaves around without actually drawing them :P

  • For the ring finger, place contrast flowers nearby to make them look vivid and ensure maximum attention to each flower.

  • If you don’t want to make so many flowers on one finger or are not comfortable with making so many flowers at all, chuck the idea!. You can only make like three flowers at the tip or even place them diagonally.

  • You can go with only one flower on each as well.

  • What?? One flower is all you can manage!!!! Well, never mind, just place one flower (try big one and contrast color to the base ) on your ring finger. Each of these options will look good and dainty in their own way, don’t bother about the looks :). Nail Art has a big heart and they cast spell with anything you do from your heart!!

Did you get a splash of freshness with this nail art? Do share your comments and feedback. I love them and they motivate me :)


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  2. wow .. you are amazing !!

  3. [...] Easy at Home Nail Art 18 – The Blooming Spring (thenailartandbeautydiaries.wordpress.com) [...]

  4. That's really cute, I love it :)

  5. Thanks :)
    Its pro spring and girly so no wonder we will like it :P

  6. Aaahhwww you are sooo kind! I love to help! What a gorgeous spring mani! Remember this date... May 2, 2013 ;-)

  7. Yes, I just checked. I love the theme. I have never done a beach nail art but I guess this will make me try it (although I may end up ruining it all) :(

  8. woww is the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats an understatement actually!

  9. Thanks Swarnali. Welcome Back!!!!!
    how r u now?
    U must try dem, dey r very easy....they will uplift ur mood everytime u see dem :)

  10. thankk u setu.. ur posts just leave me speechless .. i am recovering now :)

  11. Don't get speechless dear...I love you chirping around like a happy bird!! :P LOL

    what happened btw? Viral?

  12. Hey this looks cool :)


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