How to Easily make Flower for Nail Art using Toothpick or Dotting tool

April 23, 2013 Setu 8 Comments

Hi girls, I am about to explain a very simple nail art pattern today. This comes as a savior when I am out ideas for nail art. A flower nail art is a safe and easy form of nail art that can possibly never go wrong. The beauty of flower and the ‘wow’ factor attached to it are immortal so it will never go out of fashion. Also, even if your flowers are not identical or all dots are not of same size don’t worry, who said they have to be? Look around you, isn’t each petal and each flower different? :D

Items Needed:

  • A toothpick/Dotting Tool

  • A base color

  • A contrast color to make flower (Nail paint/ Acrylic paint)

How make the flower bloom on your nails :)

  • Apply the base color which will be the canvas on which you make the flower.

  • Wait for the base color to dry. Now chose the color of the flower and dip your dotting tool or blunt side of tooth pick in the color (nail paint/acrylic paint)

  • Now, lets’ make those cute flowers. Really easy fellas, carefully place five next to each other forming a circle.

  • The radius of the circle should be as big as you want the flower to be. I would suggest a smaller circle where all dots are close by. This will be easy and will hide flaws of uneven dots. See the picture below.

How to Draw Flower for Nail Art Step By Step

  • While the dot is still wet, with the dotting tool or point of the toothpick touch the dots and pull them towards the centre of the circle. This way the petals will look connected to the centre of the flower.

  • After the flower has dried up (it will be a matter of seconds), put a dot in the centre of the flower using toothpick. The general color used is yellow, but you are free to use any contrast color you want to.

  • Liked the flower? Now preserve their timeless beauty on your nail by applying a top coat.

How to Draw Flower For Nail Art

Easy as I promised, isn’t it :D ? Please let me know if you get stuck anywhere or need to know more on this. I hope this article should make at least few flowers bloom around :)


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  2. Everything looks so easy and simple the way u put it across

  3. He he
    Thanks a lot Sneha, that's the intention with which I created the blog. It is actually easy, if I can do it, anybody can do it. All you need is WILL,nthg else :)

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  8. Looks great will give them a try for sure