Introduction to Nail Art Tool and Accessories for your Help!

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Hi everyone, I have been focusing on the Beginners – Easy at Home Nail Art Series for quite some time now. My aim to start this section was to get more and more people get amicable with nail art rather than scaring them away with tools and jargons.  My sole intention was to demystify the myth that nail art is expensive or nail art is time taking or nail art requires special skills. Nail Art is for each and everyone and you can have plenty on your plate even without investing a single penny on tools or moving out of your house.


I will keep on posting on the ‘Easy at Home Nail Art- Beginners’ section to punch more ideas on nail arts with things lying around at home :P. But for others, who would want to take another step and would like to tame few nail art tools and accessory for your help; this post is what you need :). I have been posting nail arts using some of the mentioned tools lately and I got lots of questions like what did I use? Where did I get them from? So that kind of pushed me do posts on the tools/accessory/special polishes that I use or know about, to help my readers :)

Nail Art help

There are various nail art accessories and tools available and believe me I would die multiple times for each :(. I literally drool over each one of them :D. And if different types of nail art tools and accessories were not enough to drain my month’s salary, all these tools and accessories have different varieties and brands :(.

I am listing the Nail Art Tools /Accessories/ Spl Polishes, the details on which I will be covering over a period of time. The list includes almost all tools, special effects polish and accessories that I am aware of and are worth mentioning. There might still be items not listed, may be because I have never used them or I don't have them or they are not too important to be discussed or simply I don't know about them :P. I will keep updating the list as and when I come across something or you request for something :)

But feel free to let me know if there is any tool/accessory/ polish that I have missed or you would specifically want know about. I will try my best to help you out. So hold on to the strings of your purse tightly because you may actually want to invest in some.

Purse String


  1. Dotting Tool

  2. Stamping Plates

  3. Nail Art Pens

  4. Striping Tape

  5. Nail Art Brushes


  1. Fimo 

  2. Glitters

  3. Nail Art Stickers

  4. Rhinestones/Bullion

  5. Caviar(Beads)

  6. Flocking powder

  7. Foils

  8. Water Decals

  9. Feathers (I am very new to this, I will have to hunt info on this to update you :P )


  1. Top Coat

  2. Base Coat

  3. Mattyfing Nail Paint

  4. Magnetic Nail Paint

  5. Textured Nail Paint

  6. Stamping Nail Paints 

  7. Crackle Nail Paint

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  1. Thanks Puja. I m sure you will find a lot of answers here :)

  2. Nice post! There is a other nice product to create nice nail art: acryl crafting paint and paper tape. Mostly used by painters, but really helpfull when you want to do a taped mani. ;-)

  3. Thanks :)
    I also use acrylic paint for designing nail art, do u mean d same thing?
    Also what is paper tape?...I have scotch tape and striping tape.....

  4. Yes that's what I mean. Paper tape is the kind of tape white or purple paper tape proffesional (house painters) use to protect delicate spaces. You can find it probarly at a wholesale or hardware stores. It's much less sticky than scotch tape. ;-)
    You can see it at this blogpost I am holding it in my hand.

  5. Thanks a lot. I am gonna check this thing out. Btw I am not very neat with tape manis....but let me try my luck!!