Sparkling Loud Red Nail Art

April 01, 2013 Setu 11 Comments

Hi All, I have participated in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge organized by Julie from Short and Sweet in Texas. So I am all excited and nervous. Its a 31 day long challenge with different theme every day.I will try my best to do something everyday after office :(. I don't think I may be able to provide full concentration for work the next 30 days :P. I hope my boss doesn't read this and fire me :(. Today's theme is Red and I tried out this loud and glittery mani and now I am wondering did I go too far? Is it too flashy? Is it too loud? :(

The Glittery Loud Red Nail Art

Anyways, I hope to better with next theme :). So I have to be quick because I have to finish my nail art, take pictures, post it in my blog and then upload the link. Phewww!!! Too much work , so no lengthy tutorials with this challenge but feel free ask questions if you feel disconnected.

The Glittery Loud Red Nail Art

Items Needed:

  • Red Nail Paint

  • White Acrylic Paint

  • Pink Acrylic Paint

  • Yellow Acrylic Paint

  • Glittery Silver Top Coat

  • Base Coat

  • Nail art brush

  • Toothpick/dotting tool

  • Silver color nail art pen for drawing boundary.

The Glittery Loud Red Nail Art


  1. Do the base coat and after it dries, apply two coats of red nail paint.

  2. Pour out some white acrylic nail paint and using your fine nail art brush or any other random fine brush try making a V. And then add a longer line in between the V. Sorry could not get a picture to explain better. Now, taking  these as the middle lines for each petal, draw out petals around them starting from one end. If there is enough space left and your nail bed is big, do another three petal flower from the other end so that flowers face each other.

  3. Similarly, take a little pink on your brush and give gentle strokes to the white petals.

  4. Now, pick up some yellow color on your dotting tool/toothpick and make the center of the flower.

  5. Take the silver nail art pen (easily available at beauty stores for Rs 40) and outline the petals. It gives a neat finish and hide flaws.

  6. Finally, finish it with the glittery top coat.

The Glittery Loud Red Nail Art

I hope you enjoyed this nail art. It may seem difficult but if you clearly read instructions and follow a systematic approach this will be fun and easy. Please share your thoughts on this and let me know if you have any questions.


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  3. such a pretty nail art , dear! :)

  4. Thanks a lot again.....this is again one with acrylic paints :)
    It will go very well with the traditional bengali saree (d white with red border), try that :)

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