The Bright Sunny Day Nail Art

April 05, 2013 Setu 12 Comments

Hi, today is the day 5 of the 30 Days Nail Art Challenge and I have survived to post nail art entries everyday till now :). Thanks to the lovely readers who encourage me by their views,likes and comments to do more and achieve more. Also, this challenge has given me opportunity to meet so many fellow bloggers who are seasoned in nail art and I can draw inspiration from them. And I am not kidding, I am enjoying.

the bright sunny day naila art

Since summers are on their way, I decided to throw some bright sunlight and clear sky through my nail art today. This is the first time I tried something in this genre. I am more of flowers and dots and hearts girl. My husband constantly pushes me to come out of this pink girl world and try new kinds of nail art. So here I am, I hope this nail art both makes you and my husband happy!!! :)

the bright sunny day naila art

Items Used

  • Turquoise Nail Paint from colorbar

  • White Acrylic Paint

  • Orange Acrylic Paint for Sun

  • Yellow Acrylic Paint for Rays

  • Some golden dust to glorify the blaring sun

  • Nail art brushes to paint sun rays

  • Dotting tools for clouds

  • Silver nail art pen for outlining the cloud

How to bring on the Sunshine

  1. Clean, cut and file your nails. Cover them with base coat and allow them to dry.

  2. Polish all your nails blue and let it dry.

  3. Pick up white acrylic paint/nail paint in your dotting tool and try to place dots in such a way that the cluster of dots resembles cloud. The inner dots can be ugly but the outer dots which will form the outline of the cloud should be neater. Do this at random places on your nails depending on your nail bed's size on all fingers (except your ring finger).

  4. Now,on both your ring fingers draw a semicircle of orange color or a darker shade of yellow color so that it resembles the sun.

  5. Outline the orange sun with yellow and also draw rays of sun with this color using a fine brush. Do not worry if they are uneven, they are just fine :)

  6. Now, if you have a golden color or some golden dust just sprinkle a little on the sun to make it sparkle and bright.

  7. Using the silver nail art pen or any other fancy color (believe me art has nothing to do with reality, do what you feel) to outline the cloud.

  8. Apply the topcoat to let your sun shine for long. The top coat also will smooth-en your work out.

the bright sunny day naila artthe bright sunny day naila art

And that's it. I really had fun while doing this nail art and I was pleased with the results :). Experiments like these push you to the next level and keep you alive. I hope you enjoy my nail art as well. Also, I want to thank  Lucie from Lucy' Stash . I was not feeling very confident this day and not feeling the best of what I am. I was low doubting my blog and nail art altogether :(. We exchanged few emails and she motivated me somehow to get up again. And that's when I did this :). So thanks again to each and everyone who made me run each time I felt tired enough to stop. Thanks  :)


  1. That is so pretty :) you really have a talent for nail art!

  2. Thankyou so much...To be honest,I am just learning :)!!!

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