The Plaid Nail Art I

April 10, 2013 Setu 5 Comments

Hi, I wouldn't do much talking today because frankly speaking, I am not quite happy with my nail art. This for the 30 Day Nail Art Challenge and the theme today is Plaid. Now, I have never done a plaid :(. And now I know why, because I suck at it. Yes, sorry to spread the negativity but I am feeling low!! :(. I am not sending any great entries these days I feel. Okay, now before I begin shedding tears lets quickly go to the nail art :( :( :(

My husband just read this and he is convincing me that I do not suck at it, I am quite good and if I am not happy I should give another try. Let me see if I have energy left, I may update with another plaid. But till then, this is my Plaid entry.

Plaid Nail Art

Items Used

  1. Avon pink nail Paint

  2. Nail art pens of black, blue, purple , pink and silver color (You could use a striping brush for drawing line)

  3. Star shaped nail art accessory

  4. Top Coat/ Base Coat

Plaid Nail Art


  1. Do the cleaning, cutting and filing of nails. Apply top coat and allow it to try.

  2. Paint the nails with the pink color.

  3. Using nail art pen or nail art brush draw stripes in your desired pattern.

  4. Cross over the stripes for the plaid look.

  5. At the crossing of the lines, apply a star on wet nail paint or nail glue.

  6. Finish it with a top Coat.

Plaid Nail Art

Well, that's that and the nail art is done. I hope its not as bad as I think it to be. Well, but please share your thoughts on this. Only your comments and likes could make me feel better I guess. :) And by the end of this post after uploading the pictures and all I am kind of lenient on myself and I am wondering, this is not as bad maybe and maybe I am just being too hard on myself. Well, I would only know that after I hit the publish button :)


  1. Prapti Ryan RajputApril 11, 2013 at 3:43 AM

    " To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment".
    so don't let one design bog down your spirit. what you are doing everyday counts in a big way . just keep up the spirit girl you are doing an awesome job.
    Talking of the design, its not that bad at all, stop pestering yourself. with my limited knowleddge of art i could only suggest to replace the vertical lines with a same combination of magenta and turquoise. maybe some closely placed alternate stripes starting from the other side of the nail.

  2. Thanks a lot Prapti. Feeling better :P

  3. Love the design. U really tried it well :)
    Thanx for visiting my blog :)

  4. Hye Megha, you must be v generous to say that the Plaid is good!! its a let down :(. I m updating a Plaid II since Plaid I had given me sleepless nights :(.
    Hope to see you around more :)

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