Top 7 Fruits for Healthy Hair

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No matter how many chemical treatments you get for your hair, there is really no compensation for natural remedies. Surprisingly, the easiest way to get long, lustrous and healthy hair is using fruits for hair nourishment.

Top 7 Fruits for Healthy Hair

We all know that fruits are good for the health and mostly associated with the nourishment of the skin to keep it supple. But, did you know that fruits are also important for the healthy growth of hair? Although having a balance diet and all kinds of fruit throughout the year is helpful, there are specific fruits that work better for hair , than others, and here are the  top 7:


Bananas are rich in potassium and vitamin A, C and E. These nutrients are essentially important when it comes to restoring dull and damaged hair. Each of these nutrients has a role to play. While Vitamin A restores the natural oils of the hair, Vitamin E repairs all the damage and split ends.


An apple a day can certainly keep the dandruff away. A natural way to deal with the problem of excessive dandruff is applying apple juice to the scalp, which removes and prevents the re occurrence of dandruff for a long span of time. You can also use it right after shampoo for natural conditioning and giving your hair a lustrous shine.

Top 7 Fruits for Healthy Hair


Pineapple is a great cleanser; it helps remove all the dirt and grime from the pores of the scalp, keeping it clean, and allowing other nourishing elements to be soaked properly. Apply its juice over the scalp and give it some steam, once the pores open up, apply some oil and let it soak. Wash hair after an hour, and feel the difference.


Lemon is another great natural cleanser. All you need to do is, cut the lemon into half, and scrub it over your scalp. It effectively removes all the dandruff and also prevents it from reoccurring for at least a week. If you feel lemon makes your hair dry, use it in combination with some olive oil.


Papaya is the best natural exfoliator. It is rich in Vitamin A, and restores the oils and moisture of the hair. If you are fighting with dry hair problems, the best way is to mash papaya, mix it with some olive oil, and apply the mask to your hair for an hour. Wash and you will certainly feel the softness.


Another anecdote for dry hair is peaches. The best way to use peaches is the take the ripest ones, mash them and mix them with some yogurt. Apply the mask over your scalp and hair, covering especially the tips. Wash your hair after an hour. If done on a weekly basis this will certainly help you get rid of split ends and dry hair.


Avocado is the powerhouse for the healthy hair. It is a rich source of vitamin A, antioxidants and natural moisturizers. Using avocado extract as a deep conditioner make the hair stronger, shiner and healthier.

Top 7 Fruits for Healthy Hair

In order to learn more about the most effective way of using fruits for your hair, it is advisable to visit a hair salon in Melbourne and ask them about your hair type. Once that is known using the right fruits will benefit more.

Author: Claire is a professional beautician & owner of beauty salon in Melbourne. They provide a high quality, professional & efficient service to both male & female clients with a focus on Hair Salon Melbourne.

I hope you find this article useful and enjoy the goodness of all these fruits. Happy Weekend :)

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