Easy at Home Nail Art 20 – The Full Moon and Half Moon Dance with Straw

May 14, 2013 Setu 15 Comments

Hi lovely people, this is nail art for the post swap I did for Daniela from Why Only For Parties . She did the Striping Tape Nail Art for Beginners while I did this for her. She really liked my ‘Go Raw With Straw’ nail art , so I decided to recreate the same (actually this is better version than what I did for my blog :P ) and thank God for that!

Now, this is super easy and fun nail art. I am huge fan of nail art and even greater fan of nail art with household items. For this nail art all you need is straws (and of course nail paints). To be honest, I did not even use them :P. I had bought nail art brushes long back and I am very careful with their packing. I put the brushes back in the pack every time I use it :) To cover the bristles of the brushes, each brush has a cap/cover kind of thing which is open from both ends. They are like straws cut to 1 cm size and inserted on the top of each brush. So, I actually used one of them and didn't even waste a straw: P (see how smart I am – well that’s what I told my husband at least :D ). Now, I am big story teller so I am literally stopping myself coming to the nail art :)

The Full Moon and Half Moon Dance with Straw

Click here to read more. You could find many more fantastic nail art by Daniela at her blog :)


  1. This is pretty awesome nail art...:)

  2. This is so clever and I love the colors!

  3. That's so cute! I'll have to give that a try sometime :D

  4. i so loved this nailart :)
    will copy it :P hope you don't mind :)

  5. Absolutely, just share your version...I would love to see them :)
    I am glad you liked it!

  6. Sure....they are fun nail art. Thanks for the compliment.

  7. Love it!! BTW found you on the blog hop. Please check me out and follow me if you find my blog interesting. I am also doing a series on 'bloggers in focus' to help fellow bloggers get recognized. Here is the link if the idea interests you - http://beautyinformer.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/get-noticed-blogger-in-focus/

    Till later :)

  8. Wow!! Who would of thought to use that for nail art! I'm a new follower from the Blog Hop!

  9. Hi Tasha
    Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by :)
    I love finding out new inexpensive ways to do nail art...I am glad you liked it :D
    I am ur new follower too :P

  10. Welcome to my blog Patricia,
    I am glad you liked it. I have checked out the "Blogger in Focus" and its a nice initiative. I would send the word doc soon :)

  11. very cute! love the colors!

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  12. Thanks Dear!
    I did check your blog and it is quite good!