Nail Art Basics – What is a Nail Art Pen? How to use them and where to buy them?

May 03, 2013 Setu 10 Comments

Hi, today I am going to introduce you to a nail art pen. They were the first nail tool I ever had. But they are not the first one’s I used :P. That’s confusing, let me clarify. I bought two nail art pens about 4 years back. But due to lack of knowledge to use them and idea, I never used them. Finally, they dried up and I had to dispose them :(.

What is a Nail Art Pen?

These are bottles of nail polish (or long pen like thing) which open up two ways. One end opens up to a fine striping brush used to do detailing in nail art. The other end opens a pin like thing, with very fine opening from where polish is dispensed when the container is pressed. There are various brands and varieties.

They are used to stripe, dot and draw lines. Click here (Tribal Nail Art, Vintage Nail Art, The Bride's Veil in Blue, The High and  Low Crest Nail ArtSparkling Loud Red Nail Art) to see what all nail arts I used the nail art pen for :)

Nail Art PenNail Art Pen

Shopping Guide

  • While purchasing a nail art pen pay more attention to the striping brush and the pin to dispense out paint than the quality of nail paint. Let me tell you in a stupid way, even if the paint isn’t a long lasting one, you always have a top coat ensure longevity :P. I have nail art pens with striping brush too thick to do the striping or too short to create an impact. Yes, I did not check before purchasing :(

  • Check for consistency of the paint. If it is too thick it will refuse coming out. And if it is too thin it will just pour out without asking for it.

  • Verify the pigmentation because we do not have double coat while striping. It is just one shot thing, so the colors must show up with one stripe. I have a brilliant pink nail art pen which has thin consistency and when I squeeze out the pigmentation is low to create an impact.

  • Always test the pin. With time the polish gets dried up in the passage area of the pin or right at the tip of the pin. Most of the nail art pens have very fine pin attached to their bottoms. You could try passing that through the pin to open it up.

Following are the longer versions of Nail Art Pen that I have. And I like them more. But they are bit more pricier than the bottle ones :( . Let me tell you their striping brushes are fantastic.

Nail Art Pen Long OneNail Art Pen Long OneNail Art Pen Long One

Price and Availability:  This is one thing which is easily available in India. I could find it at one 4 yrs back and I am sure things have changed for better now. The shop in front of my house also sells them :) . The bottle like nail art pens are priced like Rs 30-40. The long ones are priced at Rs 90 at Beauty Centre in Mumbai. The quality of the long ones is better and the striping brush is actually like a striping brush. But the decision is yours, what are you purchasing the pen for? Only for squeezing out fine lines out of paint? Or for the striping purpose as well?

I would not suggest an online purchase for this unless you are getting a Konad (available online in India) which costs around Rs 250 or you are getting it very cheap.Try out near by beauty stores, I am sure you should be able to find them.It is better to check for the points mentioned above before purchasing.  This is the easiest nail art tool to find (at least compared to others).If you are buying a non branded stuff, you better check the pigment and consistency for yourself!

For those who can't find it at beauty shops,my friend bought few long ones from Bornprettystore and she is in love with them. So yes, you could just browse online bornprettystore for nail art pens and you would not fall short of options. Its a good idea to invest in a set since they are cheaper, if you do a lot of nail art:) .Otherwise, just stick to white, black and other basic colors. Use the coupon code HQBQ10 to enjoy a 10% discount.

I hope this article helps you to know more about nail art pens and their utility. Let me know if you have any doubt or questions. You could also just drop comments to share your experience with Nail Art Pens.


  1. I also have the hong xing nailart pens and I am very happy with them. ;-)

  2. Yes. they are good. And they are better than what I expected before purchasing them. Pleasant Surprise :)

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  4. I have been trying my hand at nail art quite often these days. My sunday special and I have a couple of ladies waiting to see my nails on monday. Thanks Setu for the lovely info I know now what to buy and from where.

  5. Hey, thanks a lot Sneha. I am glad that I am spreading the virus...share your nail arts with me too (on whatsapp maybe). Waiting for your Sunday special :)

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  7. […] Nail Art Basics – What is a Nail Art Pen? How to use them and where to buy them? ( […]

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