The Cookie Monster Nail Art

May 10, 2013 Setu 15 Comments

Hi Lovely Ladies, I am going to share a simple and cute nail art today. I chipped my nails last week so had to reduce the length of my nails :(. And I find this length apt for such cute and half painted nail arts.

I do not know why I am loving this nail art so much, is it because it is cute or its the first time I am like satisfied with the picture clarity (Courtesy: My New Nokia Lumia 720) or because I am sending this as an entry to the Nail Art Competition hosted by NailArtisan ?. I am not sure and for others who are also unsure about what I am feeling, just sit back and enjoy the nail art. :P And please pray and vote for me here. :) The voting will be open for public on Saturday (11th May 2013).

The Cookie Monster Nail Art


Well, for all those are wondering why I am sending THIS nail art for entry when I have better and more complicated designs that I can send? Even I thought the same, I was wondering which is my prettiest, most complicated and intricate design that I could boast about in the competition. But then I thought one can only enjoy a nail art if it seems real to achieve, simple to understand , easy to do and yet very pleasing to look at :). So I zeroed down to this one.

All those who like and wish to do this nail art will not have to rush to store to get nail art supplies since it doesn't require special/expensive nail art tools. All those who have short nails should not lament thinking had I been blessed with longer nail I could have done this or wait for a month to grow their nails to do this :(. And above all, as soon one sees these they will have a sweet small smile on the face. Well that's all I need :). I hope now you would agree why this nail art was my pick. :)

The Cookie Monster Nail Art The Cookie Monster Nail Art

Items Needed :

  • Base Coat and Top Coat

  • Beige or Light brown  Polish to Paint the Cookies

  • Dark Brown polish to paint the dots on Cookies (I used Acrylic Paint)

  • Dark Blue polish to make face of the monster

  • Black and white polish to get the googly eyes of the monster (I used Acrylic Paint)

The Cookie Monster Nail Art


Since this is a free hand painting, there is not much of tutorial as the nail art is self explanatory. Still, for all those who still feel like going through one, here it is.

  1. Clean, Cut and File your nails. Apply a clear base coat and let it dry.

  2. Color half of your nails (such that it looks like a circle) with the beige for cookie except the ring finger which needs to be painted blue (for monster)

  3. Take a toothpick/dotting tool and make well spaced dots to give cookies a real look.

  4. Use black color to make large dots on the periphery of the blue circle.

  5. Make smaller dots on white within the larger black dots.

  6. Now, using black color again draw even smaller dots inside the white dots to get the googly eyes of the monster :P

  7. Use a fine brush to draw a wicked smile using black color on the monster's face.

  8. Finally, let the cookie monster stay sparkling and long, so applying a top coat :)

The Cookie Monster Nail Art

Although I narrated the nail art in 8 steps trust me its a lot easier. And you do not need any nail art tool, so these are open to anyone and everyone to try :). Please let me know if you liked the nail art as much as I do? Is it worthy of entry in a Nail Art Competition? Do you agree with my reasons? Well, I am confused and may be I feel I can do better. But that's how it is, I guess no one is ever satisfied. What do you say guys?


  1. They look so cute :) all the best :) will Vote soon :D

  2. they are really funny! take a look at my blog.. hopefully i can inspire you!

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  5. Thanks a lot Rajani.
    Voting is now open at . The dead line is 15th May. :)

  6. These are super cute! Your cookie monsters look good and I like the other nails as well. Good luck on the competition that I see you entered these into!! :)

  7. Thanks Nicole. All the other entries seems equally deserving as well :)

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