Easy at Home Nail Art 24 – The Caribbean Ice Berg

June 09, 2013 Setu 20 Comments

Hi All, I have another cute and easy nail art to share today. I did this nail art for my younger sister again; she is my canvas when I am short of mine :). I was getting late for movie and she was too tired after work but we managed to get a pretty nail art. I went to her place and she was wearing only solo colored nail paint. How could she? The base color was so pretty that I could not resist splashing some designs on it. Now my sister isn't very comfortable with loud colors and noticeable nail arts so I tried my best to use colors of similar hues to keep the tone down.

The Caribbean Ice Berg Nail Art

This nail art does make me ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ as well, at the same time. The nail art was cute and refreshing, my sister was happy and her colleagues at work did shower a lot of compliments, so I was happy :) :). But the pictures did not turn out so well. I guess because I have used similar colors, the overall picture wasn't very sharp so that made me ‘sad’. I swear this nail art looked much better and delicate in actual, pinky promise!

The Caribbbean Island Nail Art

Anyway, with my bitter sweet nail art, here I am with the tutorial :P. It is very easy and quick nail art which anyone could lay hands on.

Items Used

  • Teal nail paint

  • Blue nail paint

  • White nail paint/Acrylic Paint

  • Dotting tool/toothpick

  • A Fine nail art/random brush or nail art pen

  • Darker shade of blue

  • Top Coat/ Base Coat

Tutorial to get Chilled with the Iceberg

  1. Clean, cut and file your nails. Apply base coat and let it dry.

  2. Apply the teal color to all nails and leave it to dry.

  3. Draw two parallel lines of the darker shade of blue with the help of a nail art pen or a fine brush. The placement of the lines could be anywhere as I have done.

  4. Pick up some white color on a dotting tool/toothpick and draw well spaced dots between those lines.

  5. Finish it with a top coat to keep it chilling for long :D

The Caribbbean Island Nail Art

Additional Info

  • I was bounded by my sisters instruction (obviously because I was using her hands) but you are free to use any bright and contrast nail paint for design. If I was not restricted I would have gone with pink to give it a soft and feminine look. But the choice is yours.

  • I used only sets of horizontal lines, but you could very well use a mix of vertical and horizontal line on different nails.

  • If a striping brush or nail art pen horrifies you, you could get similar results with a scotch tape. Use the blue as a base coat and take a thin strip of scotch tape (2mm) and apply it on the part of the nail you wanted those parallel lines. Now apply the teal color on top covering your nails. Pull out the scotch tape after all this is done. You will have lovely stripes on each nail. Create the dots on this line to get similar effect.

I hope you did enjoy the original nail art tutorial while many of you may have a relief in the alternative (mentioned in Additional Info). Please feel free to share your thoughts and views on this one.


  1. I love the colors you've chosen. Really pretty mani!

  2. this looks so simple yet pretty :)

  3. yes, indeed it is simple. You could try it sometime. Good to see you around Swarnali :)
    All the best for your exams

  4. Thanks. Even I love the colors. Not contrast yet different.

  5. Aw sweetie! Your pictures are just fine! I love the ton-sur-ton effect on this nailart. Let me explain ... it's perrrrfect. ;-)

  6. That's so pretty! I wish I had a sister to do nail art on :D

  7. Ha ha, You dont know...I have to request her a zillion times to get her hand to do a nail art. She is Sr Credit Analyst in a financial rating company so she says nail art doesn't go with her profile :( :( :(. BUt yes, sometimes she is extra kind and lends me her nails for the art work without asking :) :)

  8. Thanks a lot Viviana. That is really sweet of you. I liked the new word "Tor-sur-ton" :)
    PS : I was actually thinking of you when you dropped in this comment yesterday. I needed some help with dutch to English translation :(

  9. Whaha oops a slip of the fingers... ofcourse I ment ton-sur-ton
    What help do you need sweetheart? Just drop me an email. ;-)

  10. Its my hand!!! And yeah, i like it, nailart looking pretty..I wish I was little less lazy and little more sporty for nail arts :( , But nevertheless, My sis rocks!!!!!

  11. he he never mind!!!
    I have mailed you :)

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