Easy At Home Nail Art 25 - Shades of Grey Nail Art (Ombre without Sponge)

June 18, 2013 Setu 9 Comments

Hi, I was actually writing this nail art post when strong feelings embraced me and I ended up writing 'The Story behind The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries'. But I am so glad I actually wrote it and shared my story. It is lengthy but I am sure you will relate to it :)

Let me ask you a quick question before the nail art: Do you sometimes feel contempt and happy with what you have at present?? But immediately after this good feeling sinks in and you look towards future you think there is still so much left to achieve!!!You thought you will be able to complete this wish list by this age but there is still so much undone :( :(. I got similar feelings while drafting this post.

Shades Of Grey Nail Art

I had been wanting to this nail art even before I started blogging. And now I am thinking, although may have done a few nail arts in past months there is so much more that I want to and so many that I want to re-do. Gosh!! will I ever be able to do them all?? Well, the answer is I don't know but what I know is that I will keep cribbing for doing them and keep trying to do them. There is so much I want to do sponging, stamping, 3D, Ombre, Indies, Christmas, Winters, Indian traditional,lots of french, laces, butterfly,cartoons, Chinese scrolls, newspaper and so on and so forth.

Looks like I will have to make up a Nail Art Challenge for me to force me to do them.:) :). Not a bad idea indeed, I will think on it. Why not host/Co- host an alternate day participation challenge sort of thing with all these themes?? What say beauties?? I think I will ask for a list of all undone and pending nail art styles from nail art lovers and then compile them to a challenge. Any thought???

Anyways, back to the nail art. It is quite a simple nail art actually. I have just used 5 different nail paints of similar shades to get this look :) :). Isn't that damn easy and yet classy look??

Shades Of Grey Nail Art 2

But what if you do not similar shades of nail paints? Do you buy them? No, I never endorse overspending (although I always do it :P ). Follow the simple tutorial to get this or a better look. You don't even need a nail art tool :)

Shades Of Grey Nail Art

Items Required:

  1. Any Nail Paint

  2. Either White Nail Paint to make lighter shades

  3. Or a Black Nail Paint to make darker shades.


  1. Take a palette and and add a drop each of the chosen nail color on 5 places/sections.

  2. Now take the white paint and keep adding them in increasing quantity to the above sections of the palette. Which means the amount the white added increases with each section and so the colors get a shade lighter. Got it!!

  3. Just mix them with brush and apply each section on a nail respectively to get the look.

  4. Finish it with a top coat to preserve them.

Shades Of Grey Nail Art

And you are done!!! Isn't it fun to get so many classy shades from one nail paint?? But do not take so long to apply and mix, that the colors dry in the palette. And be careful and calculative of the amount of white added. Pay attention to the fact that we are looking for similar shades not same colors.

Let me know if you need to know more and also drop in comments to let me know you liked the tutorial and nail art :) :)


  1. This one is so sweet :) And the feeling you just talked about...I believe it's passion and that is what keeps us going despite all the bad things that world throws at us from time to time ^_^ somewhat like what kept Sachin playing so well without looking at how many accolades he waqs earning in the process. Your post made me rethink about it and I owe it to you :) I was feeling very down recently for not yet lnding a job or funding for my PhD offer...I feel a little better now :)

  2. Aww, I am so so so glad that my post could made you feel better. I hope and pray that you will get something very soon.If what I write can light up someones day, it means a lot to me :)
    Good wishes girl, as they say you will realize when its day if you have not seen the night!!

  3. So true. I am just having one of those cold, long, wintry nights I guess! Thanks a lot for the wishes, need them so badly!

  4. Just make the best of what you have, you don't have control over what happens to you, but you can control your reaction to it. So react in the most constructive way and everything will fall in place :) Let me know as soon as you have a good news!! :)

  5. Thanks hun, happy to get ur love :) :)

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