I WON the Nail Art Remake Challenge !!!!!!

June 06, 2013 Setu 19 Comments

Hi All,

I guess these days either I am getting lucky or I am working hard :D. First I won  the Nail Art Competition hosted my Nail Artisan where I submitted my Cookie Monster Nail Art :) :). And now I am here to celebrate and share another win :) :)

I won

Few days back I participated in a Nail Art Giveaway which not a raffle copter entry (Thank God) but a nail art remake entry :). This was hosted by Margriet from 365 Days of Nail Art.  I guess my hard work favors me much more than my luck. I have participated in quite a few giveaways but never ever won :( :( :(. I only won where criteria was nail art :) :). So with this hope I did send a couple of nail art remakes to enter the Giveaway :). And guess what, I WON!!!

Margriet wanted to make sure the give away to go to a person who is serious or passionate about nail art. Through out our communication, this was very evident. How sweet!! I wish all the giveaways are in form of some competition (I don't think luck will ever make me win-- I hate you raffle copter). Anyways, I think a combination of both is good, some luck and some hard work :)

She had a lotssss of nail art designs to chose from her gallery and all were equally great.And every time I doubted my self, I would visit her Giveaway page to re-read the prize list and it would be a spark of energy :) :). I thank Margriet for giving me opportunity :)

So here is what I won. Read my winning post here.

NAil Art GiveAway

  • Fabric bows

  • 4 Nail piercings+naildrill

  • Colored rhinestones in different shapes

  • Rhinestones in different shapes en sizes

  • Gold chain, golden studs and silver+golden inlays

  • Fimo flowers

  • Fimo cakepiece+fimo flipflop

  • Laser strands (multicolor)

  • Sally Hansen Diamond Shine base- & topcoat

  • 6 different colours velvet

  • Nail art brush+dottingtool+magnetic pen

  • Essence nail colour 3-ticket to the show (nail polish)

  • Essence Vintage District topcoat gel look

  • Miss Sporty Disco tech topcoat (Lights up in blacklight)

  • 1x Nail stickers

  • 10 Tips for practicing

  • Nail art wheel with glitter/flitter and spangles

  • Nail art wheel with 12 different colours beads/billions/caviar

  • Stamping set

  • Make-up sponge

Isn't it exciting?? I am so much looking forward to the package reaching my home. The status in tracking shows "today" since yesterday and I am getting restless :P :P :P. Although this is my second win, this will be the first prize I would be receiving (the first competitions  prize has not yet reached). I will update you guys and share a click as soon as I receive them :)


PSBefore I miss saying this the most important part, I sincerely want to thank all my readers who spare time to read my scribbling, browse through my imperfect nail arts, like my posts, comment on them, follow me and email me. I cannot ever explain how much that means. They boost my confidence and make me believe in my work. They give me the push to do more and want more. I would never have imagined participating in a nail art competition let alone winning it, if you guys did not shower your love and attention to me. Heartfelt thanks to all :)


  1. Congratulations! What a cool contest! I'm not a fan of raffle copter either.

  2. Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to see what you do with all your winnings! You're very talented, and I love following your blog!

  3. Congrats! That's so exciting, can't wait to see all the new nail art you do with the prize!

  4. Thanks a lot for your good wishes!!!

  5. Thanks.
    He he, same here. I am just waiting to get that parcel and pounce on it :)

  6. Thanks so much dear for those lovely words. So happy to know that you like my work.

  7. Thanks dear. ha ha good to know I have people on my side.

  8. Loads of congratulations, Setu :)

  9. Firstly: CONGRATS!!!!
    Secondly: best prize EVER!!! You're guaranteed fun times!

  10. Hey, thanks so much. I am so I will jump off when I see them :). My first prize to receive :D :D

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