Nail Art Basics - What are Rhinestones and how to use them?

June 25, 2013 Setu 8 Comments

Hi Fellas,

I am going to take you through another cute nail art accessory today. They are called Rhinestones. They are small, colorful and blingy nail art accessory that beautify your nails instantly. They come in various shapes (round, hearts, drops, diamond, stars, bow knot etc) ,sizes (1 mm on wards) and finishes (blingy , pearl etc). Basically there is a vast variety of choices that you can exercise as per your taste and nail size. There is also 'Studs' that I see getting very popular these days. I have a few studs that I won in the Nail Art remake challenge. I have used them in a nail art I did for my sister's friend. I am yet to post it and then you can check for yourself :) These are great for creating 3D Nail Art.

This is the Bride's Veil in Blue Nail Art I did using Flower rhinestone ( I got them from Thailand).

The Bride's Veil in Blue Nail Art

I have a huge pack of round rhinestones (mix of pearl and blingy finish) and I love them. Whenever you feel you nail art is looking dull or not as exciting as it should be please take help of a rhinestone. They will never disappoint you. Following are few pictures of rhinestones that I used from the Bornprettystore website. I thought of putting up my own stocks click but they did not picture as brilliant as these. And when I am trying to give an idea, I better go with the best!!

What is Rhinestone Rhinestones in Pearl Finish

But his is not fare!!! As I am writing about them and collating brilliant pictures for you guys, I am getting a strong urge to purchase them :grin: . I have a good collection of round, blingy, pearl finish, studs, drops, flowers, stars, butterfly etc. And I have not used them even 5% and still these pictures are tempting me :(. I think, I may place an order for the bow one in a couple of days!!!

Rhinestone Bow Shape Rhinestone Studs

Moving on How to Use them : You need have something adhesive to stick them to your nails. Now some people use clear nail paint for the purpose. The rhinestone is dropped on the wet paint and it automatically sticks when the paint dries up. While others (including me) use a nail glue to get them on. They are much stronger adhesive than clear nail polish so your rhinestones definitely stay longer. But the choice should depend on how long you want the rhinestones to be with you. If it just for a party or an occasion, just use a clear polish. But if you intend to wear them for longer I would suggest some nail art glue. I got my nail art glue(VOV) from the 'Beauty Centre' in Mumbai. For the rest you could head to local online stores or bornprettystore. But as I said, if its just for a day use do not bother much, glue is needed if you them to stay longer.

But be careful, they are strong adhesive so try not touching them with hands. And also do not drop them on your clothes. Yes! I did that, I dropped few big drops on my pants and they never came off!!!! Me, my maid and the washing machine all gave up!! So careful girls (I wish someone gave me this advice before I started using them!)

Rhinestone Wax Pencil

Wax Pencil : Another tool you may need to help you with rhinestones is wax pencil. I do not have them yet but I am buying them very soon. They are pencils with wax instead of lead. They help you pick up rhinestones with ease and place them on your nails. You could also use a tweezers but it isn't helping me much. So I am onto buying some wax pencils. I am not sure if its available online in India, so I will looking towards bornpretty store or look for some other store which does free international shipping . This is what a wax pencil looks like and you could buy it here (this is the only place I know about now).

Where to buy them: Some common kind of rhinestones like round or stars (both blingy and pearl) are easier to find around. I got few from a general store :). But if you want variety like studs, bow, heart etc and if you do not ebay, only BornPretty Store can save you :) . I shall be buying the bow ones (which are missing in my collection) next week may be. You could enjoy a 10% discount on all orders if you use my discount code HQBQ10.

With all that, I think I covered pretty much on all I know about rhinestones and where to get them and how to use them. If you still have any questions or some information that I missed here, please let me know. I hope this post was helpful for you guys. I had been postponing this post along with other nail art basics posts waiting for me to use the tools or accessory I am posting about and then upload my nail pictures in the posts. But that has not been happening since I may not use the same accessory or method my post is on for some or the other reason. So I chose a easier method where I am just going to use Google images or bornpretty images to show you what they are. This should make things quick.

Also let me know if you want me cover any specific nail art tool/accessory or method. I will try my best to elaborate them for you :)


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  2. I am really interested in the wax pencils. To me they just look like normal pencils. So, when you purchase them, let me know if and how it works!!!


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