Easy at Home Nail Art 28 -Royal Purple Glitters

July 19, 2013 Setu 7 Comments

Hi All,

I am back with another Easy at Home Nail art which means yet another nail art which any beginner can do without any tools. You could just lay hands on whatever you already have or stuff lying around at house :)

The Dazzling Purple Nail Art

This is a very simple nail art, I used another cheap nail paint (I guess VOV) from my first time ever cheap/non branded nail paints haul. You remember how positive the pink nail paint and chunky silver glitter nail paint turned out?? They were like Rs 17 each but look at this and tell me had I revealed there is no chance you would have guessed the price!!

The Dazzling Purple Nail Art

So with that my poor opinion on non branded nail paints changed and I have a few in my collection now :) Well, back to this one. For this I used a simple sheer purple nail and loose glitter that I got in The Nail Art Remake Challenge.

The Dazzling Purple Nail Art

Some glitters had spilled on transit from Netherland to my home and they were kind of mixed colors now. I did not want to waste them so came up with this. You could easily find such glitters in a stationary or craft shop as well.  I had so many people (even guys) who complemented this look (I guess because it was simple!! :P)

The Dazzling Purple Nail Art

Did you find them equally exciting and royal? The glitters behaved so well in light, I tell you each time I looked at them, my eyes sparkled. Do you feel the same? Isn't it clever that I did not waste the spilled glitter and used it on a super cheap nail paint and convert it to a super royal look ???

The Dazzling Purple Nail Art

The Dazzling Purple Nail Art 2

Please share your thoughts and pardon me for so many pictures but this happens whenever I use glitters. No amount of pictures seem to capture the dazzle and sparkle correctly :(. Does that happen with you too?