I 'Heart' Party Nails

July 15, 2013 Setu 5 Comments

Hi Fellas,

I did this nail art for my sister's friend 'Hemali'. She happens to love nail art and was at my mom's place last Saturday. So I planned on doing some nail art for her. She told that her favorite color is ''Red". So I tried my best to get something around 'red'. I was not carrying my entire nail polish box so juggled with whatever options I had.

Heart in Red and Gold

She liked the nail art and I do hope that you too feel the same. Since 'Red' and 'Golden' naturally go very well together, I had to put in a very little effort to make the nail art look bright and party :) :) :)

Heart in Red and Gold

This is also my entry for "Heart" theme for the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge . I tried my best to capture the nail art best on my camera but due to some or the other reason I was not satisfied with the results. When we (me and my sis) were not able to figure out any sane reason we zeroed to teasing Hemali that her hands are defective. May the small and curved nails were not taken very well by camera :( :(

Heart in Red and Gold

Anyways, this is the tutorial of what I did and How I did:

Base Coat : Apply a base coat to avoid the bright red staining your nails

Red Nail Paint : To paint all finger nails except ring and index fingers

Golden Nail Paint : To paint ring and index finger nails and draw dot on red painted nails

Red Acrylic Paint : To paint hearts on the golden nails (I used a brush to paint them but you could also use a dotting tool as explained here)

Black Acrylic Paint : To outline the hearts.

Golden Round Studs : To stick on the red painted nails. (I used the ones I won in the nail art remake challenge). I used Nail Art glue to stick them so that they stay long.

Top Coat : To finish the nail art.

Heart in Red and Gold

So you see it was not that difficult yet very bright and catchy. I hope you liked the nail art. Do you like red and golden combination? They are valued by most Indians as traditional wedding outfits have mostly of with red and golden elements. They exude royal and rich look. Red being the color of love and golden denoting prosperity, they are considered a good omen for a brides dress :) :)


  1. This is a really bright and cheerful manicure! :)

  2. Thanks honey. The colors used makes them look so 😊

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