My first Holo Nail Polish from Born Pretty

July 11, 2013 Setu 10 Comments

Hi Friends, I feel so happy as I write this post because I feel it ages that I have connected with you or written something. The posts that were published in past few weeks were all scheduled posts which I had written prior to shifting and joining my new job.

Anyways, this post is for the OMD Challenge theme “Holo”. Now, when I first saw this theme in June end, I was wondering what would I do since I do not have any Holos!!! . And just before the day of this theme I received the “Born Pretty Holo" nail paint as a part of 200 Holo Paints Giveaway:) :) .The only sad part is I was charged a sum of INR 240 by postal department  I have got stuff (read nail paints) from abroad but this never happened :( :(. I have received order from Buyincoins as well but was never charged. I do not know if this was a fault or a change in rule of postal services!!

My First Holo Nail Paint from BornPretty

Anyways, I gladly applied the nail paint but did not get a chance to post this until now.Quickly to the review and more swatches.

Review of Born Pretty Holo Nail Paint


Quantity: 6ml.

Price: The MRP on site is $12.88 but right now they are running a discount. The discounted price is$5.59.

The bottle is smaller than what I expected. They seemed bigger on the website. It contains 6ml of nail paint. But that’s not less either considering how easily we get bored of the same colors. Honestly, I do not remembering finishing any bottle!!. I have always thrown them for drying up for being unused for so long :P :P

Pretty Holo Nail Paint Brush

Bottle and Brush: The bottle is squarish in shape which is welcome. What I did not like is the brush. The brush has thick applicator and is small, so if you want to reach corners of nails without dirtying your side walls, it’s difficult (read impossible for me). Since the cap is also a thick square so that adds to inconvenience in holding the brush and applying. I prefer smaller brush applicator and thin round cap for holding. It gives precision to my work. The big square cap (in proportion to the length of the brush) kind of makes it difficult to see where your brush is landing :(


Color: This one is bright purple shade on the darker side. It is what I expected after seeing the product online. Of course, along with the purple comes the Holo effect which gives a royal look to the paint on application.

My First Holo Nail Paint from BornPretty

Consistency and Pigmentation: The consistency of the polish is just apt. It is neither too thick nor too runny. Just ideal for a two coat application

The pigmentation is rich and you get a beautiful royal purple holo nail color on application. I found it shiny on its own so I did not apply any top coat. And you can see from the pictures that my nails did not miss it

My First Holo Nail Paint from BornPretty


I am not a ‘holo’ nail paint fan. But I wanted to have one holo at least and this one took the place. As mentioned the cap and the brush let me down as soon as I started application. But as soon as I finished two coats, I fell in love with it. It is very ‘holo’ indeed. I loved the rich look. The color looks even more stunning in bright light and exceptionally great in sunlight. Whenever in bright light, I never missed a chance to glance on this beauty. I kept on clicking pictures of my nails whenever I looked at them under bright light. I was so pleased with them!!

My First Holo Nail Paint from BornPretty

Overall, Born Pretty has yet another feather in their cap keeping themselves updated with the nail polish trend across globe. I am going to get couple of more colors from this range. They have a wide variety of choices.Even for people like me who are not into ‘Holo’ nail paints, this one is worth a try. You will not repent :). Check these cuties here.

And you get them at 10% lower rate if you use my coupon code HQBQ10 to place your order.

Anyways, I hope you liked the product and enjoyed the review. Let me know your thoughts and also experiences on any other Holo nail paint from Born Pretty. Did you manage to enter the ‘200 BornPretty Holo Nail Paints Giveaway’??


  1. Aren't they beautifull? I love'm all! I got number 12 true the 200 Holo give-away. To bad you didn't like the brush. It worked good for me dough. I always have a 'sidewall problem' that's why I always do a clean-up with a bit of remover and a eyeliner brush. ;-)

  2. Yes they are great 😊
    And about clean up job I need to take classes. I manage to clean sidewalls somehow with acetone dipped cotton bud. But I struggle with cleaning know the fine clean line from where u begin nail paint application.😞😞😞

  3. That I also always do with the eyeliner brush. There is a tut of it on my blog.. Somewhere ;-)

  4. Here's the tut I mentioned earlier

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  6. That holo looks fantastic. I love the color!

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  8. O My !! I too am a sucker for a nice holo !!
    I love the polish and the color is pretty flattering !!

  9. I am having a crush on holos these days, need to get more of these. Thanks fr d compliment dear and all the lovely comments :)