Simple Dot over Stripe Nail Art

July 11, 2013 Setu 9 Comments

Hi Dearies,

I am sharing a nail art that I did long back but missed on posting. When I saw the theme for OMD Challenge was "Stripes" for Day 11, I exactly new this one found a date to reveal to the world.

Dots over Stripe Nail Art

I do not claim this is a wonderful nail art but it is not bad either. I was skeptical about this one so I was hiding it for long. But instead of making the judgement I leave the choice of liking it or hating it to you.!!

Dots over Stripe Nail Art

Another disaster did strike, I don't know how while transferring pictures the photograph of this and a few nail arts 'shrunk'!!! I am not kidding something must  have happened while the transfer but I do not have the originals now :( :(

Dots over Stripe Nail Art

So you need to adjust to this size of picture and yet make a judgement if it is good enough to share. The nail paint I used is Avon Simply Pretty Serene and painted the rest with acrylic paints.The stripes are free hand while the dots are used making dotting tool.

I hope this is not as bad as I think. Actually, they were not very bad but the pictures shrinking added to the negative feeling :( :(. Let me know what you feel about this nail art.