Soft Evenings for Vacation Nail Art

July 27, 2013 Setu 2 Comments

Hi beauties, I am here to share with you an evening inspired nail art. I looovvvvee evenings, esp when I meet it in open. Due to our work life we often miss evenings behind our office walls. I see them sometimes through our office glass walls :(. And then on weekends one is busy running errands or sleeping or watching television.

Soft Evenings for Vacation

So frankly, I embrace evenings with open arms mostly only on vacations. Both are corollary terms for me. So I did a grey orange evening nail art. I mean I just chose the colors as I perceive evenings. It might be different for others. I have tried to picture my thought. I did this for Day 26 of the OMD Nail Art Challenge.

Soft Evenings for Vacation Nail Art

I used Envy Plum for base color and sponged over it with orange and Envy Plum. Then I used black acrylic paint (with fine brush) to draw birds and silver color to draw clouds (with dotting tool). I outlined the cloud with grey color to make it look more real. On my thumb, I drew sun with multi-shades of orange,yellow and red using a flat brush.

Soft Evenings for Vacation Nail Art
I used a matt top coat to kind of give a frozen look.I think it looks like an old wall painting of evening. I hope you feel the same and like it.

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