The "Myself" Nail Art

July 16, 2013 Setu 4 Comments

Hi All,

I have a pretty nail art with weird name today. But there is a thought behind it and since I am very vocal about what I think (esp after starting to blog) I am sharing it (you can run, you can hide but you can't escape my words!! :P :P ). Jokes apart, this nail art feels very "me" and has all elements I love. This is also entry for the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge under the theme "Half Moon". Its not like a completely half moon nail art because I have added a lot of other elements I love :)

The Myself Nail Art

First of all its "Pink" which till date makes me go "Awww" :). I have added some small roses which I love a lot, I feel so chirpy and merry when I am around flowers. They tend to ooze out love in form of their seductive fragrance. The velvet nail on the ring finger gives a soft and warm feeling to the entire thing which I love so much. And the 'Heart' on the thumb denoted the love I have for all these and how much love I am surrounded by in my life. So all together, when I have these things around me it makes me happy and myself, so I named it so!

The Myself Nail Art

The Myself Nail Art

Coming back to the nail art here is what and how of it (in the order I used it):

  • Pink Nail Paint : To Paint as base color

  • Pink/Purple Pearl Rhinestone : To make the Half moons (even if you leave the nail art here and draw anything further, they looked stunning).

  • Darker Pink Shade : To make patch for rose (read how to make these vintage rose)

  • White Acrylic Paint : To Draw stripes  and outline the roses

  • Red Acrylic Paint : To draw heart

  • Black Acrylic Paint : To outline the Heart and draw that line within

  • A cute Bow: To tag over the heart to increase the cute effect

  • Pink Flocking Powder : To cover the ring finger (do you notice the glittery flocking powder?? It from the nail art remake challenge Prize I won)

  • Top Coat : To preserve the nail art (except on the ring finger)

Please Note : I used transparent nail paint to stick the rhinestones and flocking powder. I am sure nail glue will help it last much longer.

So, did you like the "Myself" nail art? I am sure there must be things and elements that describes each of us, so which element or nail art would you pick if you were asked to describe yourself??


  1. Its very very pretty.... and I liked that Lady Bug nail art too ..keep going girl..!! :D

  2. Thanks new bride 😊
    Meet soon i will make one for you too.

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