How To Store Your Nail Polish

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Hi Fellas, few days back I got an email from Mithra who has similar passion for nail art and beauty :). She asked me if I could have her guest posts on my blog on nail art, DIY stuff? Why would I say no to that? We could have more posts on the topics we love :D. Plus you will get a fresh writing style in case you have got bored with mine :( :( So ladies and ladies, here is a brief introduction about Mithra. Please give her as much love, this is first time here. She is not a blogger but has lots of craziness for nail art and beauty like us :P. She is from South part of India (which is my country) but has been settled in Denmark for long.

Here is what Mithra has to say about her : My name is Mithra and I live in Denmark. In my spare time I like to do nail art and be creative.  I would like to share DIY nail art designs and beauty tips with girls who have the same passion as me.

How To Store Your Nail Polish

Hi everyone!
Today I'm going to show you how to store your nail polish. I have a big collection of nail polishes. The last time I counted them all was last Christmas and I had 120 nail polishes. I've got a lot more since and I know for sure that this collection won't stop growing!

How to Store How to Store your Nail Paints 4

I used to display my collection on my vanity table which is placed close to my window, so I can do nail art in natural lighting,  but I noticed that the polishes I had put in the front row started to get dry and when I painted my nails the nail polish had a creamy consistency. My polishes were drying out and I didn't know why until one of my friends told me it was because of the direct sun light and heat.

We need to store our nail polishes in the right way if we want them to last for a longer time.

How to Store your Nail Paints 3Store your nail polishes in a cool, dark and dry place
When your polishes are exposed to direct sunlight and heat the polish will thicken and the color will start changing. The best place to keep your nail polish is under your bed or in drawers.

How to Store your Nail Paints 3Keep your nail polishes in an upright position
- If it doesn't stand in the right position the polish will slowly leak into the cap making the bottle hard to close. This will definitely dry out the polish and create air bubbles.

I store my nail polishes in a box were my laptop was in when I bought it. I painted the box red and decorated it with pictures of my favorite actresses, singers, nail designs and other things that I like and inspire me. I keep the box under my bed.

How to Store your Nail Paints 1

How to Store your Nail Paints 1

I would suggest getting transparent storage boxes or shelves/racks. Even a shoe box will do the job. I found this cute idea where you can store your nail polishes in a little suitcase. I love that!

How to Store your Nail Paints 1How to Store your Nail Paints 1

How to Store your Nail Paints 1 How to Store your Nail Paints 1
If your nail polishes are stored in drawers or in boxes it can be difficult to see what nail polish color it is so here's a quick tip:
Take a pieces of paper and cut small circles and tape them on top of each of your nail polish' lid. Paint the paper piece with the nail polish and now you know what color polish it is.

I've also heard that keeping your nail polish in the fridge will extend its shelf life by slowing down the discoloration that happens when nail polish gets older, but personally I haven't tried that and I don't think I ever will. It doesn't sound like a great idea storing polish and food together. Besides that I don't have enough space to store them in the fridge.
Everyone has their own opinion on this if it's right or wrong so you might as well do some research and decide it.

I hope you found these tips useful! ;-)

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  1. I am glad to read that I am storing them in the right way! ;-)

  2. I bet you could not go wrong here honey 😊😊

  3. Hey those are some usefull tips ..My nail polish is usually stored anyhow in a box :P need to do some organizing :)

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  5. Ha ha, good luck with that. Its always fun to do anything related to nail paints.
    Glad the post was useful to you.

  6. Thanks for the advice! Now I know I've been doing it wrong!

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  8. Loved the post. You really explained everything so well and I loved the ideas of storing nail paints :) I store my nail paints in a transparent bangle box :)

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