Laces in Neon Pink

August 05, 2013 Setu 0 Comments

Hi, I am sharing a quick but very old nail art with you today. I was about to put it for the neon theme of OMD Challenge but was too busy. So without much ado I am sharing the old imperfect nail art.

Laces In Neon Pink

It was one of other nail arts whose image got shrunk while transfer from my old cell phone. But whatever it is, it reminds of old memories when I went for Thailand trip. This was the nail art I wore particularly so that they pop out in my pics :)

Laces In Neon PinkLaces In Neon Pink

Anyways, the base color is a lovely neony pink from the colorbar cocktail collection. And I used white nail art pen to draw the laces. They simple but edgy. I hope you like them.