Nail Art Basics - What are Nail Art Stickers and how to use them?

August 09, 2013 Setu 13 Comments

Hi All, the nail art accessory that I have for your help today is extremely simple to use and affordable also. They are 'Nail Art Stickers' . To be frank, I always route to them when I am out of ideas and out of time. I hate carrying bare nails so I need to have something or the other on them. And if my nails are just plain painted before I leave home, I throw in a sticker pack in my purse and simply peel them off to beautify my nails while traveling to work in my car. Don't worry, my husband is on the driving seat. :P

What is a Nail Art Sticker and How to use them?

One doesn't have to be a pro to enjoy a  Nail Art Sticker. They are pretty small designs on a sheet All you need to do is chose a design, peel it off the sheet and apply it on your nail. Press it firmly so that it sticks well to your nails. And finish it with a top coat. Viola!! you have a pretty design on your nails in seconds.

This is one of the nail arts where I used these stickers. Forgive me for picture quality :(

The Flowered Juicy Pink Nail Art 1

They come in form of small cut designs ,long  laces, and whole nail sticker. And I have all three (Yuppiee :) ). The laces are longer and you gotto cut them as per your nail size. The whole nail stickers cover the entire nails and are usually 16-18 in a pack. You have to chose  the correct size to fit your nails. You can file off the extra length of the sticker. I am yet to use mine full nail sticker :(. But the instruction says one should wash hands and nails properly to wipe off all oil and dust. Then peel off the correct sized nail sticker and lay them on the real nails (with no creme or base coat). Press it and smooth it on your nails.

Nail Art Stickers  Nail Art Stickers   Nail Art Stickers

Where to buy Nail Art Stickers?

If you are in Mumbai, you could head towards beauty centre to get your nail art stickers. The designs are almost repetitive but I am sure you would find few to suit your taste. I bought all three types of stickers there. As far as I remember, the cut flowers and laces were approx Rs 30 while the full nail sticker was Rs 50. Again, you would mostly find floral designs,ordinary laces and few patterns for full nails but they are good to begin with. So for first time it is good but if you want variety and choice for the second time, you may be disappointed!

Or if you could easily procure one from flipkart or other online stores. The cut designs should be priced around Rs 70-80 and full nails would be expensive (not sure about the exact price) .But you will get choices like flowers, hello kitty, angry birds etc. I have never purchased one from there because after purchasing my cheap ones from beauty center at Rs 30, Rs 70 was expensive.

The other option to get both variety and pay less is our own Born Pretty Store. They have more variety of nail art stickers than I have seen anywhere else. To be frank I can spend hours browsing their nail art collection. I am going to order some soon (although I have not even used half of my existing stock :( ). You could use the code HQBQ10 to avail 10% additional discount.


  1. Have you ever had problems with the nail stickers curling after the topcoat has dried? I have a terrible time with that, I know allot of people use them and don't seem to have any problems, I'm wondering what it is that I am doing wrong? Any suggestions?? :)

  2. Well, I have never had this problem dear.their may be a prob with the sticker or the top coat itself. I am not sure though!
    DO you press ur sticker on nails after u put it (before application of top coat)??It may b possible that the sticker edges are not stuck well to the nails and the top coat seeps through loose edges. And the polish which has seeped inside dries they make sticker shrink.
    Try this and let me know if it worked.

  3. I love nail stickers, sometimes I just find that they don't last long enough on my's such a pity cause I always get those with lace designs, or flowers, or little butterflies and sparkles.I mean, really cute..but it's so annoying when they come off so easily :/

  4. Very true darling. I have quite a collection of dese stickers but they come off easily which is damn annoying, esp if u wash ur hair .
    Thats why I still hav so many unused.
    Dey r good for a day or two only.

  5. Yes.. Such a pity! But they are still very beautiful :)

  6. Thank you! I think the problem is one: not letting the polish completely dry before I'm putting on the sticker, and two: not pressing the sticker down onto the nail with slight pressure.. I finally got a sucker to not curl on me! Thanks!!

  7. I am glad it helped! I have another option I am willing to try....stick nail art sticker with nail art glue :P What say!! I am gonna try it.

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  9. I have used stickers for its easy to use and when u r in hurry, it helps for last minute nail art. my nail stickers last easily one week after top coat. Setu, if u try nail glue it will be difficult to remove it. It would be rather better to seal the stickers between 2 layers of top coats.

  10. You are correct, i already burnt my finger here, so last i survived smoothly without glue.

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