Tip Top Fairy Dust Nail Polish Review

August 13, 2013 Setu 5 Comments

Hi, this is the second polish out of the Tip Top lot that I am going to review today. The Creamy Orange from Tip Top totally blew my mind. And then this week I moved to the Fairy Dust.After wearing the bright color to work last week, I felt the need to tone down :P. So I turned towards this.  I have changed job so I am playing safe on nail polish these days. I am avoiding nail art or a loud color as this is my first week (I had written this post 2 weeks back and now I am a month old in my office). I will unfold my cards as time passes LOL. I am little careful to not go over the top in the very beginning (as If I can help it LOL). Anyways not only did I wear this polish but I also did a simple butterfly nail art on this the next day. I have already shared this with you, but for revisions sake, I will share a pic once again.

Simple Butterfly Stamping Nail Art

About Tip Top :The Tip Top brand was established in 1981.  The philosophy behind Tip Top was to develop a brand of  nail colour & treatments that comprised of the following attributes & characteristics:  Durability, Innovation, Toxin & Cruelty Free. Visit their website here. It is a South African based Company.

Quantity and Price: The quantity is 10 ml (I am not sure of the price since it was sent for review) .It comes in a round bottle with a long cap and just right brush.This was just as per my linking.

Tip Top -Fairy Dust Nail Polish Review

Color: This shade is very pretty and girly with a touch of lavender. I am not able to put it completely in purple/lavender bucket since I see undertones of pink in it too. It looks like a mix of both the colors. It’s a perfect color for work and gives a delicate look to hands.

Tip Top Fairy Dust Nail Paint Review 2

Consistency and Pigmentation:The consistency of this paint differs from the previous one (Orange Cream) for some reason. I found them on the thicker side which is not very good. I am not sure of the reason but may be the cap was not tightened properly or this is an old piece, I am not sure. It is not a problem though but when compared to the previous one (Creamy Orange) consistency was a bit let down. This also resulted in mild bubbles and streaks on application. But you will only realize that in a detailed look. Otherwise they are just as fine.

Pigmentation is good and this is two coater. The finish is creamy again and it gives a rich shine to the nail paint even without top coat.

Tip Top Fairy Dust Nail Paint Review 2

Overall :The nail paint stays chip free for 4 days at least, which is great. One would definitely love the color and the creamy finish. You are good to go even without top coat. I am just not very happy with the thick consistency. The bristles of the brush kind of stuck together, making the application not pleasurable.But once you have applied and the polish has dried, you will forget the application experience.I liked everything else about the polish.

Rating: 4/5

* I received the polish for my honest review.


  1. It is indeed a nice workingday shade. And what where the reactions at the working space?

  2. Fairy dust has always been a fav for me but it's not one you can easily find so I had to get a dupe (Essence Hello Marshmallow). The colour is so dreamy though

  3. Yes and thank god for that since I loved the shade.
    Reactions are very positive till now, a couple of guys also asked me 😉😉
    I m yet to see my bosses reaction..

  4. Ohh thats bad..i wish u were here , I could share some with you then 😊😊
    Lucky to hav access to this lovely brand though.

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