Easy At Home Nail Art 29- Nails for My Freinds Wedding

September 01, 2013 Setu 0 Comments

Hii girls, I am so much behind schedule these days that I did this nail art on 3rd August and am posting after a month. Anyways this nail art is special because I did it to attend wedding of a close friend of mine. Her wedding was special for 2 reasons, first of course was that my friend found her life partner and second she got me China Glaze set of textured nail paints from US :D

I will cover that in my next post. For now I will share a simple yet colorful and festive nail art. I had to wear a red and blue dress so the nail art definitely had to be in sync.

Nails for my Freinds Wedding

This was quite simple but I had to rack my brains to zero down to this one. I was super busy and running late. My new office has Saturday working and you can't imagine how my heart bleeds out saying that. So it was a half day Saturday which extended upto like full day :( . Then I went to parlor to get myself a bit presentable. And then finally reached home when it was only an hour left which included me getting dressed and all.

Nails for my Freinds Wedding

So with all limited time and limited energy I came up with this. I did a base coat and painted the tips of my nails red. I sprinkled some red glitter on it to set the mood for party :P Then using acrylic paints I did the polka dot work (my husband insisted on getting polka dots) .You could either use a dotting tool or a toothpick.

Nails for my Freinds Wedding

I know, probably this nail art is not out of the world but with the dress it looked so exclusive and complete. But I had a tragedy towards the end. The dress was new and I had never tried it before. So when I put it on the D Day it didn't fit me well :(. But I was already ready with the nail art and it just made sense with that particular dress. I hope you girls would agree how we put together every little thing to make the attire complete. So I took help of some safety pins and managed to get a acceptable fitting.

I guess we girls are so determined at times that we take so many extra miles to just see the picture we have in our mind :). Anyways, that's girl power I guess and I hope you all like the nail art.