Maybelline ColorShow 'Buried Treasure' Nail Polish Review

October 29, 2013 Setu 12 Comments

I have always maintained some distance from sheer, glossy or glittery shades. Somehow, they always seemed ordinary to me. I would always buy matte shades only. But as I mentioned my taste these days are changing. I bought a lot of glitter nail polish and now I am slowly moving towards the sheer and glossy shades. I always used matte finishes since they make a perfect base for nail art. You know the acrylic paints are not glossy and they would then make a mismatch.
But off late I happened to find some 'Pearl Finish' Acrylic Paints which made me a step closer to pearl finish glossy nail paints due to the possible harmony between them. To add to it , I also deeply indulged in stamping plates and paints , I never stamped earlier. So now I have all the more reason to go sheer and pearly and glossy.

About Maybelline Color Show : Stay right on trend from your tips to your toes with new Maybelline Color Show. Our gel based formula with color popping pigments, comes in 40 bold, super stylish shades that look great on nails. So go on, mix, match and make the most of color.

Maybelline Colorshow 'Buried Treasure' Review
Quantity and Price: 6 ml for Rs 75


Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art

October 25, 2013 Setu 6 Comments

I know I am late but at least I made it :). This for the October months 'Breast Cancer Awareness".

Breast Cancer Awareness

I thought I will begin with some points on AWARENESS.Here is a bit know how about Breast Cancer that we should know, because to solve a problem you should first acknowledge the problem.

Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art 7

What are the signs and symptoms of breast cancer?


Curvy and Curly Stamped Nail Art in Gold

October 21, 2013 Setu 16 Comments

Girls, I am just getting into the stamping phase now. I got lots of stamping polish and plates. A few more than I needed, so maybe a few konad stamping will make way to my next blog sale coming very soon.

Anyways, I am practicing stamping these days and I will giving you an eye sore holding the exhibition of my entire practice session here. You know it always nice to look back from where you started. I still see my first nail art "The Royal Red" and smile at my self, for the kind of nail art I did, neatlessness and the kind of weird pictures I clicked. I was such a kid, not that I have learnt all now but I am definitely better. Maybe few days or months down the line (I don't know how long I am going to take to get good at it). Or I am ever going to master this at all? I don't know, I will let you and the time decide.

Curvy and Curly Stamped Gold Nail Art

Anyways, I used Maybelline Colorshow polishes to get this and of course a Konad Stamping Plate. The base color is ColorShow 'Burried Treasure' and I did stamp it with ColorShow 'Bold Gold'.

Curvy and Curly Stamped

I used Konad Stamping Plate 51, which is one of my favs. I liked the design finally which I got after wasting a lot of polish and time. I hope they are worth. I also like the gorgeous shade of Maybelline ColorShow "Burned Treasure" which I used a base color.

Curvy and Curly Stamped Gold Nail Art

What do you guys say??


The Entire Maybelline Colorshow Nail Paints Collection as Karva Chauth Gift

October 18, 2013 Setu 26 Comments

Hi Girls, I am so exhilarated as I write this post today. Few of you must be aware that I went to Jaipur for a wedding. Ohh My, what a grand Indian wedding it was!!! I had an amazing time with my sister there. I didn't go with my hubby but with my sis :) :)

So, my husband went off to Pune to enjoy his "Guy Time" with his friends while I was away. I did shop a lot in Jaipur and thoroughly enjoyed the bargains as well :). Anyhow, I was back on Sunday and so was my husband. We shared stories what we did while we were away (mainly it was me who kept yapping, he was just listening) :) :). And then my husband gave me bag in Shoppers Stop gift Wrap.

My husband loves me a lot but he is not very good at surprise gifts (esp after marriage). He would rather take to me to mall and ask what I wanted to buy but he would not get it, gift wrap it and give it (even when he knows what I want) :( :( That's a sad story anyways, today I am in mood for a happy one.

So he gave me the gift and I was so anxious that I didn't even bothered unwrapping it in a classy way, I was literally tearing off the gift wrap :P :P (Greedy Me!!) . After literally raping the gift wrap, I saw a beautiful orange bag with frills and flowers.

The First Bag in Orange


Soft Stripes in Lavender French Nail Art

October 16, 2013 Setu 10 Comments

I am quite FOR french nail art these days and so you should be seeing many of them in the coming days. I have got an amazing nail paint to be used as base for frenchs; which is 2% milk from Wet and Wild. Its an excellent base for french. I guess I will be swatching it soon.

Soft Stripes on Lavender French

I wanted a different end result, something even better but this isn't very bad either.

Soft Stripes on Lavender French


China on my Mind Nail Art

October 11, 2013 Setu 12 Comments

I have been wanting to do some china flavour nail art, but have been unsuccessful :(. I don't claim to be successful today even but I atleast I brought 'the flavor'.  I wanted to do a bright red color and some Chinese sign stamped in golden..but I neither have a stamp nor a stamping polish :( :(

My Mind In China Nail Art

So with all I had in hand I went ahead with this. I am wearing 'red' after LONG. Actually may be third or fourth time in my life!!! I love red but I don't like wearing it :(

My Mind In China Nail Art


Floral French Nail Art

October 05, 2013 Setu 7 Comments

Hi Polish lovers, I feel I am interacting with you after longggg. I have been very busy and I am afraid I am just going to be as busy :(. Thankgod! I have something which keeps my imagination motor running and takes my minds off from all the chaos! I could not thank God enough to chose me and give the knack of nail art. And also giving me direction and hints and cues at all times which let me learn nail art, take nail art seriously and start a blog :)Aaah! sheer pleasure!!!

Floral French Nail Art


Blog Sale!!

October 04, 2013 Setu 26 Comments

Hi Fellas, I am here today with my First "Blog Sale". Well, it was never a plan to do so. I mean who would want to part with our cosmetics and nail paints that we have hand picked after browsing zillion online stores or running between counters and shops!!! Literally, all the stuff I am putting on sale today have been hand picked and put in my kitty after lots of difficulty. After spending lot of money and lots of effort of selecting them and purchasing them, I see that I never needed them....I just wanted them :(

Also, to add to the embarrassment some of the nail polish that I have put up here were present in my polish box in doubles!!! Yes, exact same shade have been ordered by me twice like China Glaze Textures or the Indies I have put.

My confession list does not end here. Lets face it, I am not a lipstick person...still when I went with my friend to assist her in her shopping; I over assisted her by impulsively buying 2 Faces Ultimate Pro lipsticks while she bought only one!! On my way home, in the cab itself I realized that maybe those lipsticks (I spent Rs 1200for both) were never going to touch my lips. And so true was I. I got carried away by fab reviews on their pigmentation and staying. I have just swatched them once on my hand and that's it!!

Then, I got the whole array of Kryolan gel liners only to realize that I have never used the purple pencil and 'Purple is not my color'. Time passed and I forgot my failure with purple here and got another expensive and creamy Revlon plum colored gel eyeliner pot after reading the irresistible reviews.I swatched it once and re-established the fact that 'Purple is not my color".

The story is similar with almost all products put up here. If you see the brand name faded or some stain on the bottle, its not because they are old or used