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October 04, 2013 Setu 26 Comments

Hi Fellas, I am here today with my First "Blog Sale". Well, it was never a plan to do so. I mean who would want to part with our cosmetics and nail paints that we have hand picked after browsing zillion online stores or running between counters and shops!!! Literally, all the stuff I am putting on sale today have been hand picked and put in my kitty after lots of difficulty. After spending lot of money and lots of effort of selecting them and purchasing them, I see that I never needed them....I just wanted them :(

Also, to add to the embarrassment some of the nail polish that I have put up here were present in my polish box in doubles!!! Yes, exact same shade have been ordered by me twice like China Glaze Textures or the Indies I have put.

My confession list does not end here. Lets face it, I am not a lipstick person...still when I went with my friend to assist her in her shopping; I over assisted her by impulsively buying 2 Faces Ultimate Pro lipsticks while she bought only one!! On my way home, in the cab itself I realized that maybe those lipsticks (I spent Rs 1200for both) were never going to touch my lips. And so true was I. I got carried away by fab reviews on their pigmentation and staying. I have just swatched them once on my hand and that's it!!

Then, I got the whole array of Kryolan gel liners only to realize that I have never used the purple pencil and 'Purple is not my color'. Time passed and I forgot my failure with purple here and got another expensive and creamy Revlon plum colored gel eyeliner pot after reading the irresistible reviews.I swatched it once and re-established the fact that 'Purple is not my color".

The story is similar with almost all products put up here. If you see the brand name faded or some stain on the bottle, its not because they are old or used but because they were packed in my makeup bag for a month or so, in the hope that if I carry them, I may use them...But, all in vain.

Some abbreviations that will help you understand the status of the products are

BN : Brand New (Nope, the seal isn't broken even and never swatched even)
SO : They are products that I have just used to swatch on my hands so that I could review them on my blog, but bad me..I didn't even post review)

MP: Market Price

SP : Selling Price

Blog Sale 2

Rules :

  1. Open for India only.

  2. Shipping Charges approx 100 (vary from Rs 50 to Rs120 based on location and weight). Girls, understand I can mention a flat Rs 100 and ease my headache of getting quotes based on weight and location but I am not in favor of a possibility of overcharging or undercharging someone.

  3. You need to mail me your choice at with subject " BLOG SALE " .Please ask any questions you feel like or you can request for more details or pictures. Click on the pictures to view bigger images.You can also leave in comment but email is quick and preferred. If you see someone has already mentioned your favorite product in comment section, do not stop from still asking. Order is only confirmed when I receive money in my account.

  4. So, keep ordering till I strike off the product from blog sale.

  5. You must confirm your order within 48 hours by mode of NEFT transfer to my account (SBI or ICICI). You can also make a cash deposit in my ICICI bank account but you will have to send across Rs 100 extra (charged by bank).

  6. You will be rewarded if you buy more. If you see most of the items have been grouped and are discounted if bought together.If you really really like something (I hope you like everything) and want to discuss about clubbing items other than groups I have made and getting discounts, just ask!!!

  7. I will take 4-5 days to ship you the product. I am working 6 days a week so please spare me some time.


Indie Polish Trio

Miessha Tile

Innisfree Eco Nail Color Shade Blue, Pink (has not come very well in picture but is like sweet pink) and Mint Green ( cucumber fresh pastel green) (10 ml each, base is beautiful pastel shade with lots of colorful glitters)

Condition : Blue and Pink are BN. Mint Green : SO

MP : Rs 430, SP : Rs 319 each. If all three bought together SP : Rs 889

China Glaze Texttured Nail Polish Set

Texture Pack Swatches

China Glaze Textures : Bump and Grind & Toe-Tally Textured

Condition : BN

MP: 600-700 not sure; SP : 399 Each and if purchased together then SP :Rs 750

Mattifying Top Coat

Mattifying Nail Paint (12ml) : I bought 2 of these from Thailand,(amazing quality). I am using one of these.

Condition : BN

SP : Rs 199

Sparkle Nail Polish Set

All Three Glitter Nail Polish Swatch

SH Strobe LightSally H-Strobe Light-3

Party of Five Glitter(Its a dupe of Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday)

Wet N Wild's Fergie nail polish in Hollywood Walk of Fame ( multicolored glitter (red, light blue, silver, gold, lavender) with some sort holographic bar glitters in two widths in a clear base.

Sally Hansen Strobe Light 200 (light pink almost clear polish with pink, silver and light blue glitter)

Condition : BN

MP : Rs 275 , Rs 350 and Rs 250 respectively

SP : Rs 199, Rs 275 and Rs 199 respectively. If purchased together SP is 625

TTips and Toes Pastel Shade

Tips and Toes Pastel Shades in Pink (Tulip), Lavender(Colinsia) and Nude (Lilac). Quantity :5 ml

Condition : BN

MP : Rs 50 Each; SP : 39 Each . If bought together SP : 99

Faces, Rimmel and Colorbar

Some Mint Love and RosesThe simple Girly Plaid Nail Art

Faces Atomic Orange, Rimmel Its Mintilicious and Colobar Mauve.

Condition : SO

MP : Rs 100 , Rs 240 and Rs 110 respectively.

SP : Rs 69, Rs 175 and Rs 75 respectively. If purchased together SP : 300

Beauty Buffet Bright Set

Beauty Buffet (A very well known brand from Thailand)

Condition : Neon Coral (BN) and Yellow (SO)

SP : Rs 129 and Rs 149 respectively. Combined SP : 269

Sun Care Set

VLCC Matte Look Sun Screen Lotion ( 60 ml ) and Lakme Skin Lightening and De-Tanning  After Sun Gel ( 50 ml )

This is a perfect round the year sun protection combo.

Condition : BN

MP : Rs 175 and 145 respectively.

SP : Rs 110 and Rs 99 respectively. If purchased together SP : Rs 199

Faces Ultimate Pro Lipstick Swatch Combined

Faces Ultimate Pro Longwear Matte Lipstick Shade Fig (brownish nude) and Read My Lips ( gorgeous pink color). Since never tried it so no review from my end.Read quality of lipstick Review here

Condition : SO (on hands to check color)

MP : 600 Each

SP : Rs 469 Each. If Purchased together then SP : 889

Revlon Colorstay Créme Gel Eyeliner in 003 PlumPrune-Tile


Revlon Colorstay Gel Eyeliner in Plum

Condition : BN (Swatched a bit on hand to check the color) Again never used so nevr reviewed but you can read another review here

MP : Rs 700 and SP : Rs 499

Faces Cosmetic Travel Kit

Faces Travel Brush Set contains 5 different brushes.

Condition : BN

MP : 215 ; SP : 175

Faces self curl rollers pack

Faces Soft Hold Rollers Pack of 6

Condition : BN

MP : Rs 135; SP : Rs 99

NYX Long Pencil WhiteIkonic Gel Eyeliner Pencil Violet Gem Tip

NYX Long Pencil in Silver (Good for highlighting) and Ikonic Gel Eyeliner in Purple from Kryolon

Condition : BN and Sharped once respectively

MP : Rs 130 and Rs 180 respectively.

SP : Rs 75 and Rs 99 respectively . Combined Purchase SO : 159

Set of 2 Striping TapesNYX

Set of Glitters for Nail ARt

Set of two Striping Tapes (Random Colors, you can ask for specific color and I may be able to provide), Set of 5 bottles of good quality Nail Art Glitters and Set of 8 pieces of Fimo Clay Stick (One stick produces closed to 60 fimo stickers)

Condition : BN

SP : Rs 75, Rs 125 and Rs 149 respectively. When bought together SP : 299


1. Kryolon Ikonic Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Black above Purchase of Rs 1499 (Two lucky girls to get this).I have two of these.Yes, they are the same kryolan gel liner pencils that the whole world is raving about but is only available in Mumbai . So this is your chance!! They are out of the world, you can read all reviews on internet.

Freebie - Ikonic Krylon Black Gel Pencil

2. Satya Paul Gift Voucher of Rs 1000 on purchases above Rs 1199 (valid till 31st Dec 2013 (Offer valid on : Clutches,stoles/scarves,men's Tie Combo Sets, Cotton Suit Sets ). I got them from ICICI and I am already plateful with shopping so I thought of passing it on to someone whom it makes a difference to.

Satya Paul GV 1000

3. Satya Paul Gift Voucher of Rs 2000 on Purchases above Rs 1399. (Valid till 31st Dec 2013 (Offer Valid on : Sarees, Handbags, Bridal Wear, Silk Suit Sets, Tunics, Kurtis, Kaftans). I got them from ICICI and I am already plateful with shopping so I thought of passing it on to someone whom it makes a difference to.

Satya Paul GV 2000

4. Cute Box Carviar beads of mixed Colors if you purchase above Rs 799.I have only one so hurry.

Carviar Beads

5. No free shipping business here, because frankly speaking saving that Rs 100 never enticed me as much as goodies. But still, if you like none of my freebies :( :( :( and you have shopped for more than Rs 1299; ask me for free shipping (the weight of your order should not exceed 150 grams or you will have to share the price for difference).

6. You can make a choice between the freebies for which your purchase qualifies but it is first come first serve basis.

Aaaahhh! I hope you are happy with the collection, prices and freebies. But still if something is bothering you, just ask!!!

PS : This is my first Blog Sale so be nice to me and pardon me for misses if any :(

Image Credit : China Glaze Swatches from (remember I said absolutely unused, so I didn't have swatches)

Swatch of Party of Five Glitter Below.Its a dupe of Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday. Image Source :

Swatch of Wet N Wild's Fergie nail polish in Hollywood Walk of Fame. Image Source

Swatch of Sally Hansen Strobe Light 200. Image Source : and and

Swatch of Revlon Creme eyeliner gel in Plum :


Based on your interest and order of interest; this is the list of reserved product. They are not confirmed till you make payment. In case you fail to make payment within 48 hrs, it will go to the next person in queue. I have already emailed you the bank details. Kindly revert at the earliest.

  1. China Glaze Toe - Tally Textured : Reserved for Kejal Shah

  2. China Glaze Bump and Grind Textured Polish + Mattifying Nail Polish: Reserved for Divya Pandey

  3.  Hollywood Fame + Party of 5 Glitter + Beauty Buffet Set :Sold to Puja Malhotra

  4. Tips and Toes Pastel Shades in Pink (Tulip), Lavender(Colinsia) + Nude (Lilac) and NYX Long Pencil in Silver (Good for highlighting) + Ikonic Gel Eyeliner in Purple from Kryolon : Sold to Mansi

  5. Glitter set for nail art + Innisfree Eco Nail Color Shade Pink, Blue and Pastel Green + Carviar Beads (Freebie) : Sold to  Rajni

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  1. Ok i want those china glaze textured polishes both.......
    i will mail you asap......

  2. Want the Nyx and other pencil combo and Tips and Toes set.

  3. Plz book china glaze texture nail paints( both) for me and party of five glitters too

  4. Setu...
    those glitter bottles each 125?????

  5. both china glaze texture nail paints for me.....

  6. i couldnt send an email to the adress provided above.
    Kindly book for me :
    -Innisfree Eco Nail Color Shade Blue, Pink :Rs 889
    -Set of two Striping Tapes :Rs 75
    -Set of 5 bottles of good quality Nail Art Glitters :Rs 125

    hoping to get the kryolan gel eyeliner or the caviar beads :)

  7. emailed back all of you...kindly confirm by way of payment

  8. Want those textured polishes by China glaze....nd all three glitters please let me know the status

  9. U can have the sally Hansen strobe light.
    For rest u r in waiting.
    Would u want to take it? Just chk other stuffs u want n mail me asap to reserve Dem fr u.

  10. Set of two Striping Tapes
    Set of 5 bottles of good quality Nail Art Glitters
    Set of 8 pieces of Fimo Clay Stick
    Tips and Toes Pastel Shades in Pink (Tulip), Lavender(Colinsia) and Nude (Lilac)

  11. Divya, you can have set of striping tape and fimo canes. Glitter set of 5 is sold.
    Kindly let me know.

  12. very tempting Setu :) but I m saving for something :(

  13. You have really awesome collection, I love the china glaze pink and orange nail paints..

  14. Oh those innisfree nail paints looked so good ...

  15. Loved you polish collection... its awesome :)

  16. I want to buy Innisfree Eco Nail Color Shade Blue and Mattifying Nail Paint ....But seems it is sold :(

  17. Yes, manasi . I will be hosting another blog sale soon, u can try den:(

  18. My collection wodlun't fit on this plate, I guess... ;-) I've once seen another way of arranging nail polish: a multiple-layer cake stand, now that would be something that fits my collection, I guess.