Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art

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I know I am late but at least I made it :). This for the October months 'Breast Cancer Awareness".

Breast Cancer Awareness

I thought I will begin with some points on AWARENESS.Here is a bit know how about Breast Cancer that we should know, because to solve a problem you should first acknowledge the problem.

Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art 7

What are the signs and symptoms of breast cancer?

Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art

The first symptoms of breast cancer are usually an area of thickened tissue in the woman's breast, or a lump. The majority of lumps are not cancerous; however, women should get them checked by a health care professional.
According to the National Health Service, UK, women who detect any of the following signs or symptoms should tell their doctor:

  • A lump in a breast

  • A pain in the armpits or breast that does not seem to be related to the woman's menstrual period

  • Pitting or redness of the skin of the breast; like the skin of an orange

  • A rash around (or on) one of the nipples

  • A swelling (lump) in one of the armpits

  • An area of thickened tissue in a breast

  • One of the nipples has a discharge; sometimes it may contain blood

  • The nipple changes in appearance; it may become sunken or inverted

  • The size or the shape of the breast changes

  • The nipple-skin or breast-skin may have started to peel, scale or flake

Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art

To the Nail Art, I used a beautiful and rich Tip Top Nail Polish and Born Pretty Nail Art Pen to get the look.I also used some black studs. I will writing a review post of both the nail polish and nail art pen soon.

Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art

Me and my hubby did a long photo shoot for this nail art. The color and shine of the nail paint was so gorgeous that we did went an extra mile to capture it.

Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art

What do you guys say about the nail art? But most importantly please pay heed girls to all the symptoms. Please take good care of yourselves.