Floral French Nail Art

October 05, 2013 Setu 7 Comments

Hi Polish lovers, I feel I am interacting with you after longggg. I have been very busy and I am afraid I am just going to be as busy :(. Thankgod! I have something which keeps my imagination motor running and takes my minds off from all the chaos! I could not thank God enough to chose me and give the knack of nail art. And also giving me direction and hints and cues at all times which let me learn nail art, take nail art seriously and start a blog :)Aaah! sheer pleasure!!!

Floral French Nail Art

Well, back to Nail Art...I am all over french these days..I do not know why I am all of a sudden so pulled towards it?? I keep on imagining loads of designs in french. This is one of those. I wanted to try out the China Glaze Texture Toe-Tally Textured (which I happen to have in twos) . So I came up with a combo idea of french and textures :)

Floral French Nail Art

Items Used

  • China Glaze Toe-Tally Textured Polish

  • Acrylic Paints for flower and outline of flower

  • Transparent Rhinestone

  • Flat Brush

  • Fine Brush

  • Dotting Tool or Toothpick

Floral French Nail Art

Method :

  • Prep your nails and apply a transparent base coat.

  • With China Glaze Toe-Tally Textured cover your dead nail area. You can either do it free hand or take help of french stickers to guide your polish movement.

  • Using a black acrylic paint on toothpick or dotting tool, just outlines your frenchs except the ring and middle finger.

  • Using a flat brush (pick up half pink and half white on it, in short one stroke method) and do a rough hand flower. Start from a place where you the flower center to be stationed.

  • Using similar brush and technique(one stroke) draw leaves to flower using green and yellow.

  • Now, outline the flower, petals and leaves to see the real picture of how they turned out to be.

  • Add the bling by picking up the rhinestone and placing over the wet paint/nail glue at the centre of flower.

  • Just preserve it with a top coat and when you are done just let me see a pic :)

Do you think you gonna nail this? Well, I am sure you will. And did you like my work? What say? Please share your love in form of comments :)


  1. loved the way u did those flowers!!!
    do u mind doing a tut????

  2. What a cute design! i love the flowers!

  3. Thanks Rajni. Although i think I am not the correct source to learn one stroke. I will try to do one on false nails. Try you tube videos first, the designs perfect der while mine is far away from it.
    But still if u think i can be of any help, why not??

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